engine noise

  1. D

    Help identifying ting ting noise

    Greetings! Recently I’ve had a ting ting ting noise while in drive sitting idle when the truck is cold. Once I’m driving or the truck is warmed up the noise goes away. I have an 04 LC with 184k. The noise sounds kind of like the fan hitting metal. That’s the only to describe it. Any help...
  2. S

    Fluid flowing/gurgling or rod knock noise from the engine - 1FZ FE

    So my buddy finished cleaning up and doing a whole bunch of maintenance in the engine bay ('97 LX450) including fixing an oil pump leak (with kit from Wits End), new pump, new thermostat, heater control valve, filters, replacing all the coolant hoses including bypassing the rear heater core, new...
  3. Drogon

    Engine noise level

    So i noticed after i installed 285/75 16 tires the engine seems a little louder when accelerating. Is this normal based on the increased tire weight?
  4. tyschiltz

    **HELP!!** 1997 80 in serious need of some engine help (possible swap or rebuild?!)

    So Friday night on my weekly trip home (a 350 mile journey that I've been doing for the past ~6 months and will continue to do until I can sell my house) I had just topped a large hill when I swear i heard a clunk (was listening to some talk radio via headphones so it's hard to say where it came...
  5. Snickklefrittz

    Funky Engine noise in my 1FZ-FE. Help?

    I thought the culprit was leaky flange gaskets. After getting those replaced, the sound is still there. Any ideas? It's in a 1996 LC80 with 184k miles. > Thanks!
  6. Geosfj60

    1985 fj60 engine hard knocking - help

    '85 Land Cruiser fj60 2F engine Parked for 8 years This Cruiser was given to me from a friend who couldn't let it go, but his wife was done with it parked in the drive for the past 8 years. I have done some minor work on it, changed the fluids, dropped and attempted to clean the rusted fuel...
  7. T

    Did I just damage my motor?

    Hey guys, I am new here but I am on my second FJ60m which I just bought. I was driving last night in the heavy rain and hit a deep puddle at the same time a big truck hit that puddle going the other way. The whole front of my truck was hit with a lot of water and the engine about 20 yards...
  8. hamishpotter

    what is this noise? ideo / audio of my engine this morning, not quite purring

    Apologies I've been really busy lately and have not had time to really dig into this. Since temps dropped below freezing last night I started my 80 a few minutes early and came back in for a coffee. Came out and heard a slightly uneven chatter from the engine. My first hunch is a not quite...
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