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  1. cstav86

    1974 FJ40 disc brake drag with front FJ60 conversion

    I have an 11/1974 FJ40 with an FJ60 disc brake conversion up front and I’m experiencing some intermittent brake drag on the front discs. The booster is a city racer for a 40 with a 40 series disc/drum master. Master is an O’reilly I believe. I didn’t do the conversion so I don’t know it as well...
  2. WandatheTroopy

    70 Series Drum Brake to Disc Conversion

    Hi there, I would love to convert my front and rear drum brakes to disk. Who has done it, what do I need? Thank you!
  3. Drake2

    SOLD WI - 1968 FJ40 w/ 1976 Drive Train & Correct 68 Hardtop - Price Drop

    I will try to list all the meaningful details below: 1968 FJ40 runs and drives, clear 1968 title. (located in zip code 53406) 1976 FJ40 drive train (factory disc brake front end and the 4-speed). Not sure if the rear axle assy is 68 or 76. I could take a look at the rear drive shaft flange to...
  4. jhyatt1271

    SOLD New FJ40 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

    I have the front and rear JT Outfitters kits with stainless steel braided hoses for sale. Part #'s TLCFDB870975 & RDBKITTLCE80 $500 shipped.
  5. Dirtgypsy

    Wanted Roached out disc brake FJ55

    Looking for mostly complete or complete FJ55. I am after the 4spd and transfer case along with all associated parts and fine spline axles disc front and drum rear. Would also like a few bits from engine. Figured best bet would be to find a roached out complete or mostly complete parts truck...
  6. T

    Front disc brake trouble shooting

    I have owned "uglina" for several years (see 27 page build thread on this site). She has front discs and rear drums. Until about 2 months ago, the brakes were great. Recently, the car has started pulling to the left. It has gotten to the point where it pulls pretty hard when you apply the...
  7. tstepp920

    Replacement Disc Brake Components

    My 40 has front disc brakes. Who's components did/would you use to rebuild the assembly?
  8. 1973Guppie

    Wanted Front Disc Brake Conversion Parts (Knuckle Out)

    Looking for someone whom can provide the knuckles outer for a disc brake conversion on a 1969 FJ40. FJ60, Minitruck parts etc.
  9. Dpcruiser

    Disc Brake Backing Shield Elimination

    Anyone used the SOR disc brake backing shield elimination kit? Second full brake job in 3 years, one caliper piston seized. Same three years ago. I drive on a lot of dirt roads (VT) and surely this contributes to all the wear. I also did not use OEM calipers and discs but the best NAPA...
  10. joekatana

    For Sale Front disc brake axle and rear sf axle with ebrake

    Front axle is sold. I have a front and rear axle from a BJ73 with 4.11 gears in it,these axles are the same with as any 40 series and the only difference is the with of the spring perch mounts. Cleaning up the shop so they are priced cheap to get them out of my way,shipping can be done with...
  11. ukaviator

    For Sale NEW JT outfitters FJ40 Disc brake conversion

    BRAND NEW in box FJ40/45 front disc conversion kit. Opened to realize this wasn't going to work for me. If I send it back JT Outfitters I'll have to pay shipping and a 20% restocking fee. Before I do that, wanted to offer it up to mud members and make it a win win for everyone This is the...
  12. 65swb45

    For Sale Section 143- Disc Brake dust shields, CA

    5 sets to choose from, all 76-80, bolt-on junction block type. All are west coast rust-free. $175/pr plus the ride. No PMs. Junction blocks available separately.
  13. Cleg

    Front Disc Brake Dust Cover Help

    I'm finally getting around to rebuilding the knuckles to replace the leaky seals and find I need some help. The truck is a '72 FJ40 with a disc brake front axle, reportedly off of a '78 FJ40. There are no dust cover back plates behind the rotors. I expect they belong there but are missing. The...
  14. C

    Help me identify this disc brake conversion

    This is a 1976 General Market (non-U.S.) FJ43. It would have come with drum brakes all around. Someone somewhere along the way converted it to disc brakes up front. Can anyone help me identify which disc brake conversion this is based on these pictures? Looks like Toyota parts to me. I'd like...
  15. cruiserfien

    Rear Disc Brake Conversion, issues getting E brake to engage

    I just completed the rear disc conversion. I got the Redline kit and I am having trouble getting the E brake to engage. I have a 74 FJ40. When I pull the E brake lever it I am not getting tension in the line and it will not release. Almost like I am missing a spring tensioner....Any ideas? Help...
  16. C

    For Sale 68 fj40 frame, new lift kit, disc brake axles

    putting rolling chassis up for sale. its a 68 frame. If it doesnt sell as a roller I will start selling individual things. has brand new rough country 4" lift kit just installed. HD tri shackles. Saginaw steering box installed. axles are in beautiful shape with disc brakes on both...
  17. F

    Does anyone other than Toyota make brand new, non-remanufactured calipers for the FJ60 ?

    Does anyone know of any caliper manufacturer that makes brand new, as in NOT remanufactured, calipers for an fj60 other than Toyota ?
  18. 85x

    Bay Area CA- Front Disc Brake and Wheel Bearing: Need a Hand

    Reaching out to the good folks of Mud in the Bay Area: I'm gearing up to replace my front rotors and repack my bearings but my back has been preventing me from getting down to it. Have all the parts from Beno and tools needed but I don't think I can do it alone given my bad discs are acting up...
  19. Levi Ely

    For Sale FJ40-FJ60 Parts Garage Sale

    These parts were going to be used on my '77 FJ40, but never got around to using them. PAYPAL ONLY. I will sell all of these items together for $175 plus shipping. Original ambulance door Hinge - 1x Lower Left side - 1x Upper right side - $50 for both. **photo in comments** Rear Lower Shock...
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