1. Alexh85

    Catastrophic 9.5" Diff failure - What happened?

    I took the truck out on the farm for a drive this afternoon, and the rear diff s*** the bed. Im trying to work out what caused it, Its a 1985 bj73 with a semi floating rear axle, 2 ARB air lockers and 34" tyres. I drove down a quite steep bumpy hill in 1st letting the engine do all the braking...
  2. Bambusiero

    Front Differential Oil Capacity

    FYI - Documenting what I couldn't exactly find a number for. Just changed the front diff oil after 6 1/2 years and 35k miles of mostly low stress road use. Measured the drain out - right at 4 quarts of nice thick dark gray/green iridescent diff soup. I'd say it was about like a melted...
  3. L

    Front Differential Issues

    The diff on my 100 series (2003) is making noise - a serious whining noise. I'm trying to evaluate if I should rebuild it or just find a junk yard replacement. The truck has 148K miles on it.
  4. ArmyFJ

    SOLD 80 stock unlocked front diff (GA, USA)

    Front diff out of a 95 FZJ80 unlocked with stock 4.10 gears still in good working order. $100 + shipping or local pick up. (Columbus GA) Matt
  5. Surf n Turf

    Leak out of rear diff head

    Hey guys on my last outing to the sand dunes here in NZ i noticed a noise reversing up a slight inclination in the sand, had a check under the truck and sure enough the rear diff has a leak at the head where the shaft goes in, will add pictures in hopes that may show what i'm trying to explain...
  6. bigredmachine

    For Sale locked third for sale in nj

    I have a locked third that was taken out of an 07 fj cruiser due to a bad pinion bearing with 170,xxx miles on it. toyots p/n is 41110-35b61, p/n shows that it is a 4.11 gearing and will fit a 07-09 fj cruiser and 08-09 4runner. it should also fit a third gen Tacoma as it is the 8 inch rear...
  7. Das Shtig

    Wanted 100 front diff

    Hiiiii I’m searching for a front differential for my 2001 LX470 — shipped to 32701. If you have one, pretty please hit me up.
  8. Bardiya

    Got diff vibration and whine? Spoiler: it’s your pinion gear

    01’ FZJ100 4.30 Ratio Rear Diff 320,000Km Shop says it’s happened because of an outer axle bearing ‍failure
  9. Das Shtig

    Wanted Front Diff LX470

    Hello, I’m located in Orlando and I am in need of a Front Diff for an LX470. Have one? Sell me one!
  10. bulldog8934

    Wanted Need rear locker/axle (factory/ARB/any) for 95 FZJ

    Looking for something that will fit my FZJ80. PO installed a non-locker on a factory locker and ripped out the wiring harness. So if it is factory looking for the harness too. Located in Chicago.
  11. J

    40 Series Breather Locations

    Hello i plan on extending my breather lines on my 1980 FJ40 up to my engine bay and need to locate where the following breather points are; Front Axle- Already Found- Pretty starightforward Rear axle- Found. But have no clue on how to fit a 1/8 BSP fitting there as it appears to be connected...
  12. 94lc80series

    Front Axle Rebuild

    Noticed some sludge coming from the wheel nuts a few days ago. Thinking I have a bad inner axle seal. Here's the writeup from a local shop: "Your front diff fluid is contaminated with knuckle grease due to the bad inner axle seals and has turned into a nasty mud. It is going to require...
  13. mydogsmonkey

    For Sale FZJ80 FF Locked Axles/Diff Front and Rear, 4.1, Southern California

    I'm looking to sell off my set of locked front and rear diff/axle. Please read the full ad to understand what is included. I am trying to sell together but may be interested in selling off pieces of the front diff and rear complete axle separately. Full floater axles. This set is a little...
  14. TLink FJ60

    Help with 3rd member/diff condition

    As part of an effort to make my daily driver HJ61, 12-HT, H55F cruiser more comfortably at highway speeds and suitable for long interstate drives, I am replacing the stock 4.10 gears with 3.70 gears. I bought complete axles out of an FJ60 for $400. Apparently the axles had been sitting on the...
  15. Mario12345

    80s Front Diff Removal

    can someone walk me through a font diff removal because i took out both axles disconnected driveshaft removed crush nut on pinion also removed all of the boths that hold it on and even tried jacking it uo to break it off yet it still wont come off..... does anyone have a video or know of a video...
  16. suxel 450

    eBay 97 40th with diff locks 188k SoCal

    This is my rig. I was planning on a mild build on this one and enjoying for a while. But my wife is really enjoying our 100 series and prefers it for now over an 80. I have a 62 as well and currently that's been a blast to have around. Here's the link: eBay - Page Not Found Reserve is fairly...
  17. BullElk

    Extended front diff breather.....and then this!

    I just replaced hose and extended as far up as I could next to brake fluid reservoir. I had the typical fuel filter on it then took it off. right about same time the DS knuckle begins to leak. Could there be some correlation there regarding a vacuum or a reason this would be caused by...
  18. Leandro

    Diff plugs torque

    Hi all I have a 99 LX and this weekend I'm embarking on the TX & diff oil change. My truck has LSD in the back and the plugs are not allen, they are Hex. The FSM i have is for 2004 LC, which doesn't have the same diffs I do (cover is probably the same, but i prefer to err on the safe side). I've...
  19. sailor95

    Diff Fluid Change

    So I just recently got my bearings redone on the hundy and feel that a diff fluid change is a smart next move as I haven't done it in a very long time. What fluid is the best fluid to go back with and does anyone have any suggestions to make this easier? I know its pretty straightforward already...
  20. Awk338

    Help with diff

    Any idea the origin of this diff?? Anything would help.
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