1. Arabian Cruiser

    Fzj80 Front Heater Core Delete

    hi guys, have been searching this topic for a couple of days now and I'm either using the wrong terminology or there is no write up on it but I need some help. Heater hoses have started to leak and deteriorate and its time to change them. Living in the middle east don't really need the heater...
  2. CaptainAussum

    Delete Power Steering Pump on 1KZ-TE?

    Hello everyone quick question, has anyone done or heard of deleting the power steering pump on the 1KZ-TE engine? I have a ‘94 engine living in a FJ40 that will be getting electric power steering so no need for the pump. Im just unsure of gear driven pumps and what effect the lack of one may...
  3. F

    77 FJ40 De smog questions

    Ok fellow land cruiser owners. I live in Ohio & have removed the air pump which didn't work anyways. Is there a way I can delete the EGR valve? Also how many of the vacuum lines can I cap off? Any help is appreciated!!
  4. W

    O2 sensor sim question

    Anyone have experience with this product. Toyota Land Cruiser O2 Sensor Eliminator MAGNUM EZ CEL FIX Oxygen Sensor Simulator

    Wanted  1983 Radio Delete Plate (Wider one for revised late model grey Dash)

    Probably like a Unicorn- but you guys come through all the time. I need a 1983/84 Radio Delete Plate for the newer dash on the 83/84.
  6. Placemotorsports

    Fog light delete piece

    Anyone have a part number for pieces that would fill the fog light holes if you didn't have fog lights?
  7. jpsfj60

    ACSD Delete Question

    Can't seem to even see where my thero wax is. ANY pics of what I am looking for to delete would be great!!!!! I have searched and have not found the info that I want to make this delete happen.. Where is everyone getting the delete kits for this problem.. IS Radd Cruisers still selling this...
  8. L

    Advice on Build/AHC Delete

    After searching for almost year, I pulled the trigger on an '00 LX 470. It's all stock, 225k miles and is my DD. I plan on running 295/75/16s. Need advice on the following: What set up is recommended for continued comfortable on road driving while also offering ability to off road (I won't...
  9. S

    How to delete 12-24v solenoid

    hi im trying to convert my 24 volt sytem on my hdj81 and make it 12 volt because ive been dong research and there is alot more 12 volt staters and there cheaper and last longer (we bough a starter and it broke after 6 months) thats why i want to convert. some guy suggested it to me to convert...
  10. 10ga

    Exhaust question / muffler delete or Flowmaster

    I'm wanting a little rumble exhaust sound and don't want to spend the money for a DT exhaust system. Has anyone done a muffler delete? any problems with this? Also thinking about a Flomaster muffler but not sure the route I want to go. My 100 is not my DD so not worried about getting tired of...
  11. Indygbd

    For Sale  Sold....Radio delete plate

    This is a radio delete plate. Great condition. Asking $100.00
  12. P

    Heater pipe delete or not?

    Wondering if I should stick with this metal pipe/rubber hoses combo on the heater tap, or fit the single piece hose, (pipe delete) I am a bit concerned that the 1 piece hose might be a weak point given the extreme bends in it, and also wondering if they look as neat as the pipes?80 heater pipes...
  13. J

    Where to buy FJ80 EGR delete parts?

    I did the Google searches and found the results, but I'm hoping to have a bit of a broader conversation on this. Where did you buy your EGR delete parts (plug, plate, bolts and gasket)? Do you regret buying the parts you did? Is there a best EGR delete kit for sale out there?
  14. J

    BJ40 With Heater Delete - Options

    Gent, I'll be looking at possibly purchasing a 77 BJ40 diesel that has a factory heater delete. Probably because it was a Central America vehicle. I have not inspected the vehicle yet and was wondering if the B engine has any provisions for heater hoses so I can add an aftermarket heater. I...
  15. MisipLC

    EGR Pair Delete Question

    My son and I are in the throws of installing his rebuilt engine. We are trying the EGR and Pair delete. He now has a question. After reading all the post and threads we have hit a wall. We have pulled everything from under the intake manifold. Looking at the fuel pressure regulator, there is a...
  16. Seth_O

    Delete ABS but not LSPV?

    I have read many threads about deleting the ABS and am preparing myself to do it. HOWEVER, I am not really wanting to delete the LSPV. Every thread ive read removes both. Can the ABS be removed without deleting the LSPV?
  17. thecrushinator

    Removed rs3000 alarm now truck won't start

    Hi all, I removed the rs3000 from my 93 fzj80. I traced the harness to the six and eight pin connectors un hooked them and re plugged the stock connectors together, unplugged the 11 pin connector and re plugged the factory ends together. Then I traced the harness to the 8 pin light relay...
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