1. Boxer

    FRANK THE TANK - Landcruiser panel van build

    Hey all, Bit late to the party posting this as it’s getting closer to completion, but I figured some people might be interested. I’ve been on here a while, I’ve just been more of a reader than a poster. Will try harder :) I’ve had my 80 since 2010 and I’m the second owner. The first owner and...
  2. J

    For Sale  Bellingham, WA - SCS Ray 10

    x4 Ray 10 17x9 3.5" BS 6x139 2 mounted to the front just to check the fit but never driven. 0 km on the rims. Brand new 275/85R17 Cooper Discoverer A/WT with 0 km on them. $2000 obo or trade for SCS F5. Local sale only. Location: Bellingham, Wa (I live in Vancouver, Canada but I can...
  3. Shooner

    When a fj cruiser mates with a fj40

    This is a custom build that I am working on. I am new to this forum and could use a lot of help. I bought this machine from a local guy that took a 67 fj40 body and threw it on a 2007 fj cruiser chassis. I loved the idea of having the look of the fj40 but the durability and comfort of a newer...
  4. sunrk

    Rivnuts for mounting custom stainless snorkel to a-pillar

    What are the right sort of rivnuts to use in the a-pillar to fix a custom stainless snorkel to the body with? There isn't really any way to easily create a 'nutplate' to fit inside the complex curved a-pillar, and last time I checked I figured it would be difficult to use regular nut and bolt...
  5. P

    Custom Made Land Cruiser Hats

    I've been looking for a nice modern style hat with not much luck, so I made a few. These are high quality Richardson 112 hats. (You will not find a nicer hat in my opinion.) Heather Grey in color with a black mesh back. Leather patch is 5oz craftsman leather, treated in a custom mix of mink oil...
  6. D

    For Sale  100 series custom dog bed

    Hey Guys, I am selling a custom 4 inch foam sunbrella fabric dog bed that has been perfectly fitted for the rear of a 100 series LC. txt me for pictures asking $120 310-529-0463
  7. RFB

    Grab handles for LC

    Does any offer a custom iteration of the A pillar grab handles, Ie searched to no avail.
  8. Huk

    FJ-60 Custom fenders

    Hey guys! Has anyone done custom fenders on an fj60? Don't get me wrong, I love the classic land cruiser look but people are seeming to charge an arm and a leg for replacement fenders. XD Being a college student, my project e30(my daily) is really reaching more of a finished product for me and...
  9. E

    For Sale  ARB Fridge Freezer 63 qt with custom slide, bag and straps

    Just bought a very nice partially built 100 from a fellow mudder that included, among many other things, what is for sale here. Everything works great and is in excellent condition but the fridge doesn't leave enough room for the pooches (plus the Cruiser was a bit out of our price range so I...
  10. harrydunn

    Custom Switch Label Supplier?

    I've installed a couple of 00550-35976 fog light switches and really like them. I've gone the cheapo label maker route for now. Does anyone know of an online retailer than can bang out some custom switch labels? Thanks.
  11. Grampys100

    For Sale  SoCal - 100 Series Custom Fold Out Queen Bed

    SOLD I hope this is in the right section. I apologize in advance if it isn't. $300 incl brand new memory foam mattress (bed and mattress used 3 times) I had this bed made for my LX 470 to sleep myself, my wife, and kid (450 lbs). Paid $425 total, used it 3 times, and now i'm selling the truck...
  12. dnp

    For Sale  FJ62 "custom" front bumper

    When I assume that, since something isn't really my style, it also won't be for anyone else......I'm often proven wrong. Therefore, I thought it might be worthwhile to post this on MUD. I recently acquired an FJ62 with a "custom," but well made, front bumper that was bolted, not welded, to the...
  13. Beej

    Which exhaust resonator should I choose?

    Hey folks, I'm shopping for the last piece of exhaust; did the magnaflow 23120 and a magnaflow muffler. Other Mud members have used the same setup successfully and I like what I've experienced so far. However, I've got highway drone. The way I understand it, muffler quiets, resonator...
  14. RicksAdventures

    Custom Built Winch Bumper-LX470

    Have any of you built your own front end/winch bumper? I cant justify(read: 'afford') the price tag of a Slee or an ARB. Materials to build and bedline one for myself would come in under $400. A guy on Expedition Portal did it on a GX 470( Front bumper build. Step by step guide... - Expedition...

    Builds  Trail Tailor- Custom Armor Build plus a few things

    @TonyP has commissioned me to build some custom bumpers and sliders for him and graciously allowed me to use the rig for a few other R&D items. Parts have been rolling in over the past two weeks and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. Going to happen: Front and rear bumpers...
  16. Alaska ADV

    For Sale  1988 BJ75 Custom Camper

    No Affiliation. But it looks like an awesome rig that has seen the world. Totoyaya Back Up For Sale $13000 USD
  17. toymaker

    For Sale  71 FJ40 Like new, spring over, Buick V8 SM420 and much more

    Extra Clean 71 FJ! This thing is NICE!!! Super strong BUICK 350 V8 with accel distributor and K&N air cleaner SM420 granny 4 speed tranny mated to a 3spd transfer case Excellent soft top and doors. Hard doors available! Power disc brakes on all 4 corners SOA done right with front shackle...
  18. CRZR45

    For Sale  Custom RTT Like Campteq for 80

    I have made a poormans Campteq but with wife and 2 kids am going a different direction.. It works as is but needs 1 vw bracket fixed(cracked). It is based on a fiberglass camper shell that I cut to follow the contours of the 80 roof( that took hours!!). Then aluminum lid with plywood under for...
  19. T

    Custom FJ40 bumper

    After years of dragging around a piece of 4" X 3" tube steel I finally got started on my rear bumper.
  20. mstrsltr

    For Sale  FJ Cruiser Custom Covercraft Sunshade - California

    I paid $55 on Amazon for this lightly used GOLD Covercraft sunshade. Price is $30 firm. Willing to ship at your expense. I discovered Covercraft's Custom Fit Sunshades over 10 years ago. Since I sold my FJ Cruiser, I want to pass on the joy of the best sunshade out there. Why deal with...
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