1. Alpine4X4

    LJ77 worth it?

    Looking at a LJ77 European Spec with the 2.4L Turbo. I live at 8700-ft elevation, and Winters are cold and long up here. So a small turbo diesel is not ideal climate for me, nor would it work well on the steep mountain passes. Is it worth getting it and dropping a 1FZ engine into it, and is...
  2. cruisinusa35976

    SOLD  Decided to keep 2016 Onyx Blue Terra, Exterior heritage conversion

    Hey guys, Is any one interested? I'm thinking of picking up a newer heritage.. Mine has 105k miles, serviced by toyota locally. Great shape, has bud built sliders and BD fog lights. I have the OEM steps and fog lights retained as well. Michelin AT2's approx 15-20k miles on them. Has third...
  3. S

    Lx300 to Lc300

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but is there a supplier of oem LC300 parts to convert the grill, headlights, and rear hatch lights to convert a LX to a LC? Thanks in advance.
  4. youngmanchego

    Clarification about factory PS on 78’

    I am about 50% into a 60 series conversion and realize I’m going to tank the value of the truck (1978 US-spec) if I keep going. I found an epic deal on a full factory PS set up. I’ll probably use the sag pump I already have because I have an untapped 78’ 2F and I’m anxious to sell the truck...
  5. ofer bruhis

    For Sale  Clean FJ80 190K miles - Palo Alto, CA

    A friend asked me to post this. It’s a FJ80 very clean. No rust. Runs great but… 3FE engine. Would be an ideal project for a 1Hx conversion. $5000.
  6. Green Bean

    Another 4-Speed Conversion Project

    The vehicle is a 19700 40 series with the original F motor, floor shift 3-speed and vacuum operated T-Case. All were working fine BEFORE starting this project. A huge shoutout to Georg (@orangefj45) and his fantastic crew at Valley Hybrids for their patience in answering all of my questions...
  7. B

    SOLD  [Aus/USA] Quad Headlight Conversion - 80 Series

    Hi all, I usually sell through the Toyota 80 Series USA FB page, however have had many people suggest I post on mud too. I sell quad headlight conversions and other international market parts to USA customers, and am based in Australia. I have two sets as pictured below currently for sale...
  8. doodz

    2004 GX470(Nav) upgrade speakers

    Is there any considerations to be made when upgrading the speakers after the nav to non-nav conversion? I would like to fully update the sound system with minimal hacks that need to be done. thanks!
  9. cruiserkreutz

    3FE Power Steering Pump On A 1F

    I'm planning out my FJ60 power steering conversion on my 1974 FJ40. It has a 1969 1F engine that was swapped in at some point by a previous owner. I'm considering putting in a 3FE pump and bracket from an 80 series. This will mount it on the right side of the engine getting it away from the...
  10. Bama4door

    Builds  FZJ80 to HDJ80: 1HD-FT Diesel Swap

    We are doing a diesel conversion for a customer’s ‘96 FZJ80. We decided on a 1HD-FT out of a ‘96 HDJ81 with a A442 and HF2A. We will document the build and progress here.
  11. B

    HDJ105 Conversion

    I’m in the process of converting a HZJ105 Auto to a 1HD-FTE Manual. I’m using a crashed HDJ100 as the donor vehicle so I have all of the “bits”, I’ve stripped both drive lines and interiors and am about to start on the wiring. My intention is to take lots of photos and tag and label everything...
  12. B

    Rear disc conversion brake pad clip

    I am in the process of doing the rear disc conversion with the Monte Carlo Calipers. Do I need to use the clips that came with the pads for the outside brake pad? I have not seen anything about the clip in any of the write ups I have read, so I am guessing I do not use them, just want to make...
  13. BeeLikeWater

    Heim joints on a 100 series, has anyone done this?

    Has anyone converted their outer tie rod ball joints to heim joints on their 100 series or have any experience with this? Im prepping my 2005 100 series to run a portal kit that has custom built knuckles. Shops that have installed these kits on other vehicles have recomended the heim joint...
  14. 01dakar650

    Manual window conversion

    Has anyone converted manual windows to electric windows for a 24 volt system?
  15. B

    1HD-FTE 1HD-t Conversion HZJ105

    I’m considering options for converting my HZJ105 auto to a 1HD-T or FTE. I have three options. 1/1HD-T from a manual vehicle, can/how hard is it to move the TPS over to a manual pump? 2/ A pranged 1HD-FTE manual complete car. I’ve heard cross members and hole in floor pan don’t line up. How...
  16. et3surge

    Diesel to EV conversion?

    So, it looks like my 2H may have seen better days. I know where to find a few and I’m pretty sure I understand how much it’s going to cost to swap etc. If any good threads exist about HJ Troopy to EV conversions, please share links. I’m interested but not fully invested. Thanks
  17. C

    Head unit conversion.

    Hey guys has anyone managed to upgrade their radio/head unit to these new Android Auto/Carplay versions? For context I have a 2001 LC100 with the LX470 type head units, the one where the touchscreen radio also controls the aircon. What about converting it to the head unit where the aircon...
  18. PradoLJ78

    Auto rebuild or manual conversion?

    I've got an 1993 Lj78 with that a343f that needs rebuilding/replacing, torque converter also probably needs replacing/rebuilding. Prado/landcruiser a343f are incredibly hard to find here in Ireland and I would estimate a rebuild of the box would cost me €2k excluding the torque converter. With...
  19. bikersmurf

    Scout II Saginaw conversion, '81 mini truck TRE, SBC, 60 series damper

    I've decided to compile information from my steering swap into a thread rather than just pictures in my build thread. I'm not going to claim to have the best way, but this is what I've done. This swap is basically the same as a 60, 70, or 80 steering box swap. I'll start by saying the...
  20. vbvagearhead

    For Sale  Virginia Beach-Holley 350 2bbl and 2f adapter and all associated parts for a conversion

    I have a Holley 350 2bbl w/chimney kit installed that was recently factory refurbished from Holley. It also comes with a 2F adapter and all hardware for the conversion. I bought it from a friend to run on my FJ40 when he pulled it off of his FJ40. It ran well and did well off road, but he went...
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