1. T

    New here! Introduction and Headlight Conversion Question.

    Hello All! Cannot decide if graduating college (10 years ago) or owning a vehicle that allows me to be on this forum is a greater accomplishment but either way I am thrilled to be here. I recently bought a '04 LX 470 with 193k miles and I am one proud Dad. I love it. I am in North Louisiana and...
  2. J

    New here - 3 LC’s in my garage :)

    2 2017 Land Cruisers - black on black 1 2004 Land Cruiser - matte black & tan exterior I’ll post a bunch of pics tomorrow. Biggest question I have right now is - and yes, I searched the forum extensively lol - is understanding how to do a 2nd row bench seat to bucket seat conversion in one...
  3. bdsmitty88

    FJ75 JDM Fire Truck Conversion. Anyone Successful?

    Hey, all. New to the forum. I've been searching for an FJ43 LC for a while, but happened across a really minty FJ75 JDM fire truck. I found a few threads of similar attempts, but most didn't have final pictures or consensus thoughts. Crusher's thread was a bit disheartening. I was wondering if...
  4. Rhyno80

    LPG issues and tank repurpose

    G’day guys When I bought my 1994 1fz-fe 80 series it had been LPG converted. What I mean by that is the original auxiliary petrol tank had been ripped off and an LPG tank was fitted with all the parts that make the car run on both petrol and LPG. I know this was a common thing to do back in...
  5. J1000

    1996 Land Cruiser EV Conversion - EVJ80 Project

    For about the last year I have been working on converting my 1996 Land Cruiser to battery electric power. I'm getting close to it driving under its own power for the first time so I thought I'd start a thread here. It'll take a couple posts to bring it up to speed. The basics of the plan and...
  6. F

    Land cruiser 80 / HDJ80 body left hand conversion

    This question relates to the feasibility and effort to convert a right hand land cruiser 80 body to fit a left hand car. To avoid confusion, lets say you have a left hand land cruiser 80 and need to change the main body only. What would it take to adopt a right hand body? I guess the front...
  7. T

    HJ47 Troopy rear seat Conversion Question

    Hey guys, I have a 1981 HJ47 Troop Carrier and have been looking for some time to find a way to put jump seats in the rear of the car. My vehicle is only registered currently as a 3-seater however, the seatbelt system for the rear jump seats was installed by the previous owner. In my search for...
  8. L

    2h conversion

    Hi recently ripped the 3f out of my fj73 and picked up a 2h to swap in. Just wondering on things i should know I know wiring bellhousing, radiator fuel lines engine mounts have to be changed and thing else i should know? The other question is to do with the 2 vac line routing, i know they run...
  9. M

    Airbag Conversion Kits

    Hey guys! New GX owner here. Just ordered a Dobinsons 3” kit with Freedom Offroad UCAs for my GX and realized I forgot to add an airbag delete kit to the package. Any suggestions for cost/value? Anything that won’t work with my kit that I should know about? Thanks!
  10. Vee

    Fix as RHD or convert to LHD

    So basically I bought an 1995 land cruiser RHD from auction with fire damage in dash. Thought it was going to be a quick wiring harness patch and plastics but unfortunately there was a lot more heat than what it looked like. Cowl harness is toast and everything to the left of the radio is pretty...
  11. samreilly

    1hz a440f conversion

    Hey guys I’m the process of engine swapping my fj73 to a 1hz-t and I know I have to shorten and length the shafts in the gear box but not sure the exact amount I’ve read on another page that it was 100mm both ways any help would be appreciated and any other bits and pieces of info needed would...
  12. T

    302 Cleveland into a fj73 3F 5 speed landcruiser.

    I’ve got a rebuilt 302 Cleveland and I want to put it into my 1985 fj73 landcruiser. It already had a 3f engine with a standard 5 speed. Does anyone know of a kit or has anyone done this before?
  13. Big Daddy 69

    Fj 12ht Conversion

    G’day, I’ve got a 1967 Fj with a Holden 253 in it and I would like to swap out the 253 for a 12ht. I was just wondering what could be involved thanks!
  14. TNFZJ

    Land Cruiser Panel Van Conversion

    If you guys enjoy Youtube vlogs, check out these guys converting an 80 series into a panel van.
  15. JPClx470

    Lexus LX 03-07 suspension conversion leveling issue

    Hi all. I thought that before I bite the bullet I reach out to see if anyone can confirm that this isn’t a lapse in my [multiple] mechanics expertise. I had my suspension conversion. Got some decent springs put in my 2004 LX470. Side note: was pressured into the conversion because I needed new...
  16. houstonfj40

    SBC Kick down cable help, th350

    Reinstalling a sbc and the kick down cable went missing. Tried two so far, anyone have a part number or idea on length needed. Going to TH350. Late 70’s sbc. Thanks in advance, Marc
  17. B

    For Sale 1HDFTE manual conversion package

    I have for sale a complete 1HDFTE with 5 speed manual conversion package removed from a HDJ100. The manuals are quite hard to come by with most being auto. Package is complete from FMIC to tail shafts. Also included if required are engine mount brackets to suit 80 series, 1HZ oil sump and pickup...
  18. T

    Rear Suspension Conversion Spring question 81081 vs 81045 HELP

    I've got an air leak somewhere and don't feel like band aiding the air ride system, so I have my order on the way for the conversion. I need to do it this weekend, and it seems like all the manufactured kits are 2-3 week run time before I could get them, so I have decided to make my own. I...
  19. AC BJ73

    BJ73 3b to 1HZ conversion

    Im getting conflicting info from different sources if this conversion would help me get up hills without slowing down. Currently with a 3B and thinking to make the upgrade. Some say definitely, some say not so much. Wondering if the extra cost will be worth it. Thoughts? The 3B has a blown out...
  20. Ali M

    FJ60 to 140 Conversion question

    I have an opportunity to consider a 84 FJ60 and swap guts with FJ80. IMO nothing beats the classic look of an FJ60/62 in the land of LC. It is the iconic look for this legendary wagon,. Are there any benefits if I start with FJ60 vs FJ62 body if I want to go the full 140/142 conversion?
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