1. houstonfj40

    SBC Kick down cable help, th350

    Reinstalling a sbc and the kick down cable went missing. Tried two so far, anyone have a part number or idea on length needed. Going to TH350. Late 70’s sbc. Thanks in advance, Marc
  2. B

    For Sale 1HDFTE manual conversion package

    I have for sale a complete 1HDFTE with 5 speed manual conversion package removed from a HDJ100. The manuals are quite hard to come by with most being auto. Package is complete from FMIC to tail shafts. Also included if required are engine mount brackets to suit 80 series, 1HZ oil sump and pickup...
  3. T

    Rear Suspension Conversion Spring question 81081 vs 81045 HELP

    I've got an air leak somewhere and don't feel like band aiding the air ride system, so I have my order on the way for the conversion. I need to do it this weekend, and it seems like all the manufactured kits are 2-3 week run time before I could get them, so I have decided to make my own. I...
  4. AC BJ73

    BJ73 3b to 1HZ conversion

    Im getting conflicting info from different sources if this conversion would help me get up hills without slowing down. Currently with a 3B and thinking to make the upgrade. Some say definitely, some say not so much. Wondering if the extra cost will be worth it. Thoughts? The 3B has a blown out...
  5. Ali M

    FJ60 to 140 Conversion question

    I have an opportunity to consider a 84 FJ60 and swap guts with FJ80. IMO nothing beats the classic look of an FJ60/62 in the land of LC. It is the iconic look for this legendary wagon,. Are there any benefits if I start with FJ60 vs FJ62 body if I want to go the full 140/142 conversion?
  6. D

    For Sale Front Disc Brake Kit (FJ40,FJ45,FJ55) jtoutfitters NEW

    Brand new (boxes opened only to verify all parts arrived - parts never mounted). Found a salvage FJ60 and went that route for my front disc conversion. This is the jtoutfitters kit shown here: Front Disc Brake Kit Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 - JTOutfitters $500, free shipping within...
  7. T

    HDJ81: 24v to 12v starter conversion

    I'm trying to convert from 24v starter to 12v using @FlyAddiction 's 1HDT 24v to 12v conversion step by step He says to connect the passengers side positive through the 5511e and a fuse to the aux fuse box. His diagram indicates its on the right hand side of the engine bay I'm trying to...
  8. Aussiecruiser82

    For Sale Marks Adapter - 6L80E to LandCruiser 4-speed auto HF2A transfer case

    $1000 OBO Got a brand new Marks Adapter to convert the 6L80e to 80 Series transfer case. This does not include the engine mounts. I didn't get them since they don't work in the US trucks. I was going to do a conversion on my 96 but I ended up buying Bloc's already converted. Already in the US...
  9. AirheadNut

    For Sale Complete 2.4 Turbo Diesel w/ 70k

    Cross posted from the diesel section. For Sale - Complete, Low Mileage 2L-TE in NW Montana
  10. morganism

    HHO gas conversions - anybody that has desmogged?

    Was looking at these a couple years ago, and the tech is advancing pretty well, but these guys seem to have nailed it. This company may have solved one of the hardest problems in clean energy If someone up in Washington state has a desmogged, and not daily driver, we should go talk to these...
  11. ElectricGT

    Builds Electric TLC FJ-40 Build

    This is going to be a neat project :rofl: This 1970 FJ-40 is being converted to 100% electric drive. This thread will document the details of the build (also linked to here via ElectricGT). The new power plant will be Twin HPEVS AC-50 electric motors. The twins will be assembled end-to-end...
  12. RodrigzCrzr

    For Sale H55 conversion parts!

    I have all the pieces to convert your FJ62 from Automatic to a H55 5speed. I have them posted individually on here and I decided to bundle it all so you can see what I have. Asking $300/plus shipping.
  13. K

    Advance Adapters Saginaw Installation Problem

    Hey guys, I am currently trying to install the advance adapters power steering conversion kit and a J20 Saginaw box onto my 1976 FJ40. I am having problem lining the adapter plate and box up that also leaves clearance between the box and the OME shackle and shackle bolts. There seems to be no...
  14. F

    Wanted Wanted - FJ80 - Atlanta, GA

    Live in Atlanta, GA. Looking for a FJ80, FZJ80 or the Lexus versions anywhere close by. Own a '88 FJ62 right now and am looking for something with more power. That being said I would prefer a rig with an upgraded engine. However, would absolutely still consider anything that looks nice with low...
  15. Alf Pacino

    Keep the rear bench seat in 78 camper

    Gentlemen, I was wondering does someone have an idea how to keep rear bench in 78 during the camper conversion? The problem is that 2 front seats are not enough, cause I need a place for 3 passengers aside from me, but I also want to have an opportunity to put everything inside the car + roof...
  16. G

    What to look for in V8 FJ62 for sale

    Hey everybody, been in the 80 series tech forum a bit trying to get opinions on a few 80's for sale and joining the Land Cruiser club. I've been scrolling for months and just haven't seemed to find the perfect match yet so I've broadened my horizons into the 60's series. (I'm a bigger fan of the...
  17. Beastiethe70

    Is a Land Cruiser still a Cruiser if it doesn't have a Toyota heart?

    I first fell in love in a dune tan FJ40 listed on Craigslist. Upon discovering this wonderful thing called a Land Cruiser I did what I always do, research it. In my research and subsequent Craigslist searches to feed my growing addiction I kept finding 40s with Chevy swaps. Every time I saw...
  18. C

    For Sale Howell TBI EFI Conversion Kit

    I have a Howell EFI conversion kit (part number K247T) complete minus fuel filter for sale. It is brand new and has never been installed. They go for $1400 on their website. I am offering my whole kit for $1100 shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. PM me if interested.
  19. S

    79 series full time 4wd conversion

    Over the last number of weeks I have been gathering information to convert my fzj79 from part time 4wd to full time 4wd, I have good reason to do this conversion as I travel a lot of dirt roads in between stretches of bitumen and also on and off the road driving around the farm. I could find 0...
  20. 62LostInMn

    H55 Conversion or Extreme A440F from Wholesale Automatics???

    Looking for your Pros and Cons for both. I want to be as efficient timewise as I can, plus I'm not a welder or fab expert. I've seen plenty of advocates for the 5-speed but have not seen much on the Extreme A440F. Cost-wise the new auto looks to be a little more expensive...? Oh - I have...
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