1. MauricioR

    H151F 12 PIN connector map???

    Hey experts, I need some help troubleshooting my wiring, I swapped my 1HDT to a 6BT a year ago, and during the process when the transmission was taken down, the same smashed the plastic connector of the transmission harness, specifically this one: For some reason, this is the diagram of a 1HZ...
  2. Riviera

    Help!! Need part # for cooling fan relay connector

    I work at a new car dealership, but not a Toyota one. I've called 2 Toyota dealers trying to get the part number for the cooling fan relay electrical connector as mine is disintegrating. I've already got the relay. I guess it's a real pain to look up this connector and was hoping someone here...
  3. sunrk

    Trying to find mating connector that plugs onto AC high-temp thermoswitch for 1hz motor

    This is the AC high-temp thermoswitch that fits to my 80's 1hz motor. The AC has never worked since I got the 80 in 2011. I replaced this switch a while back as the original one has been damaged. Wiring harness to it is also damaged and has no mating connector. Can anyone tell me what the...
  4. J

    FJ40 Wiring Help

    Help! Can someone please tell me what/where the green connector circled in red goes to? It comes off the wire harness located on the passenger fender near the igniter/coil on a 5/1977 FJ40. Thanks! Jeff
  5. ptrsn

    What sensor is this? We broke the 1 way/wire connector

    So when doing the inner manifold gaskets up top mechanic unplugged a connector which he called the VVT Cam sensor bank1. But I have called every place imaginable and I think he is mistaken on what sensor it is. It is a 1 way/wire pigtail in which he has stuck in the hole with out the clip until...
  6. F

    Wanted  1995-97 lexus R/F fender flare and connector to running board, Fred, WI

    Wanted, R/F fender flare and connector to running board for a 1997 lexus 450. Fred, WI
  7. R

    Wanted  Newer style EDIC motor round connector & pigtail

    I'm slowly converting from an H to a 3B in my HJ45. The donor 3B's EDIC has the newer round type connector on it and my wiring harness is the older square type. Anyone have a harness available that they can clip about 6 inches off of with the plug on it? Thanks.
  8. SuperDuperCruizer

    Single Connector EDIC Motor Interchangeability 2H & 3B; 24 & 12 volt

    Using a 24 volt 3B EDIC motor and a 12 volt 2H EDIC motor, I wanted to see if I could make a 12 volt 3B EDIC motor. Seemed physically the same with the exception of the arm orientation. So, I decided to perform a partial tear down to investigate. Here's what I've discovered so far:
  9. ncavi10

    Found a yellow hose connector

    Was giving my 100 a bath today and found what I think is a yellow hose connector above my skid plate? The arrow is pointing to where I found it. Caught me off guard and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary? Anyone have some insight? or suggestions?
  10. enriquelaija

    What is this connector for?

    Any ideas of the purpose of this connector?
  11. fj40toycruiser

    Connector Teminal Repair

    For details on why I need this take a look at my other thread. 93 80. Anyone Ever See the A/C System Amplifier? I need to replace some terminal that somehow have broken. Specifically the female spring like portion that pinches the male pin has been damaged. I am not sure if there is some type...
  12. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  82-84 FJ40 / BJ42 Factory Radio W/ Connector / Leeds & EWD Diagram

    - Late Model Size 82-84 Fj40 / BJ42 Factory Radio / Stereo - 176mm Wide x 49mm Tall - Optional AM/FM 4 Speaker - Fujitsu TEN Brand - Tested Prior to Listing Ad - will also work / fit / look nice period correct fj62 / Single Din set up - EWD diagram for pin out wires...
  13. Onur

    1995-1997 1FZ-FE FZJ80 OBD2 Main Engine Wiring Harness Connector Information
    Electronics/Gadgets: 80 series engine electrical harness information

    The following posts are to document the 1FZ-FE US market 80 series 1995-1997 OBD2 main engine wiring harness connectors. While this is not exhaustive in the sense that it covers every single connector, it does cover about 95% of them. The remaining 5% or so are not sourceable outside of the...
  14. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  Early Style Top Terminals Connector Rehostat Dimmer Headlight Switch Kit

    - This Is My Shops Newest Addition To my Various Unique Vintage Toyota Parts Inventory Line Up , Just Received My First Initial Minimum QTY. Japan Order - This is a 100 % ALL New JDM OEM / Made in Japan With ALL Japanese OEM Parts - This New Modern Option Dimmer Equipped...
  15. RE2RO

    rear wiring harness connector trouble

    Anyone have any experience fixing a melted / corroded wiring harness connector? I was chasing down some trouble with my rear taillights on my FJ60 and fixed some problems then found more. The blue connector from the main harness to the rear harness has a corroded / melted pin and I need to...
  16. ccslider

    Wanted  Wanted - Locker harness 5 wire connector / pigtail fjz80

    I'm looking for the female side of the plug for the rear locker. This will be the connector that the rear locker harness plugs into. It's located on the drivers side rear by the frame. I believe all 96,97 lx450's have this even if it is not equipped with lockers. Thank you!! I have paypal...
  17. buddysharp

    FJ62 starts with B+ and FP diagnostic connector jumped but dies without

    Hiddy ho, my faithful 88 FJ62 has been sitting under cover waiting for my kid to become licensed. First time in her history (250k) that she didn't fire up today. Checked tank (full), changed fuel filter since I had a spare, jumped pins, heard fuel pump and gas hissing in fuel rail. Fires...
  18. Jetlander

    Wire Connector

    Curious if anyone can tell me where this wire connector goes? The other end connects to the oil filter base. It seems to be the perfect length to connect to the distributor but I cannot seem to find where it actually goes.
  19. sean2202

    looking for a test connector

    I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I am looking for a test connector similar to pic#4 that will connect to the soloneid in pic #1-3. This is a lift arm solenoid for a toro fairway mower. It is in a very difficult place to test ohms on a potentially failed unit so I was...
  20. 1973Guppie

    Knock sensor connector and ? connector

    Hi folks, working on an 80 series, I believe the black connector is the knock sensor connector, correct? what about the green one? If anyone has any of these used or has proper part #s for a 95 I would appreciate it. I need the 2 knock sensor connectors and the green one but not sure on what...
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