cold start

  1. M

    No cold start high idle

    Hi Mud, Recently I cleaned my throttle body and associated components on my ‘94 LC after my idle was all over the place. I also did the plugs/wires/etc. as they had not been done in sometime. After putting it all together, my high idle on a cold start (currently 15-20 degrees F in the morning...
  2. Victor LaPorte

    Choke Cable trouble

    I have a 1973 FJ40. I've had this rig for only about a week. I set out to lubricate the clutch cable. Now I can't figure out how to reattach the cable to the linkage. Part of my trouble is I can't see what I'm doing. I have the wire lubricated now and it slides nicely. I have secure the...
  3. JessPurviance

    Starter or Secondary Air Intake? Problems cold starting.

    Hi all. Having some symptoms of something. It's a 2006. Here's a video cold starting this morning. A couple days ago I got a check engine light when I started it in the morning. Pulled the code P1445 that had to do with the Secondary Air Intake. I cleared the code and hasn't returned, but...
  4. morganism

    Cold start and rough run on all older toys ?

    Ok, i have started having problems now that it is finally getting cold out here in the desert, but the weird thing is my folks 2001 Corolla is having loss of power and stalling at lights problem too. We had it running great thru the summer after lots of O2 sensor problems last winter. Mine is 83...
  5. Classic85

    Wanted  Webasto Thermotop C

    Anyone seen any deals or local add's for the Webasto Thermo Top C, 12V Diesel. Sometimes they come up locally up North that we don't see down here, Chicago. Looking for the complete kit and preferably new or newer. It's time to think about the cold weather starts, again...
  6. Hurleyburly

    Intermittent Start Issue... stumped

    Hi all! Searched and searched but couldn't find this same issue exactly, ran through emergency checklist procedures twice, throwing up the white flag before I have to take it to a shop and pay someone to figure it out, but it's my DD, and I can't keep going without a truck at really inopportune...
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