Wanted Webasto Thermotop C

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Jun 12, 2010
United States
Anyone seen any deals or local add's for the Webasto Thermo Top C, 12V Diesel. Sometimes they come up locally up North that we don't see down here, Chicago.

Looking for the complete kit and preferably new or newer.

It's time to think about the cold weather starts, again...
I bought a new Webasto from Eskimo Refrigeration in Calgary (authorized dealer) to change out a used Espar. Think I paid ~$700 CAD for just the kit new with warranty.

I would not recommend buying used. They need service every 2 years which will cancel any savings. I found out the hard way. Find a local dealer and shell out. Not something you want to cheap out on because you either wont be able to start or the pump will start leaking coolant.

The timers are expensive but you can use a simple on off switch for the time being. That's where I would look at saving money.
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Bought a brand new one (complete with installation stuff) on Ebay about 8 months ago for about $500. I live in Chicago.
Ebay, best seen is 750 plus, that's why I reached out. Maybe just the timming (season). Efjay6tee great to hear. You can help set it up, lol.
Yes. Took me a few months to find one at that price. $600 is about the most id pay. I’d be glad to help you with the install.

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