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  1. theeconomist

    1KZTE - mysterious jingling knocking sound and check engine

    Hey guys, We've been travelling the world in our old but gold (kind of) Land Cruiser Prado for the past 2.5 years and never had any problems with the engine (had lots of others to compensate). Until recently, unfortunately. So it goes like this: We're driving and everything's fine. Engine...
  2. archie

    Check engine P0051 and possible culprits.

    I have just changed both Oxygen sensors on my 2004 LC with 92k after getting a check engine light. I am still getting a Check engine light P0051 (Bank2, sensor 1) after putting in new Denso sensors and disconnecting the battery. I don't have any dashboard lights out (as suggested as possible...
  3. L

    Check engine light intermittently on off

    The check engine light (typically along with VSC and the other stability light I forget) has been intermittently on for days and weeks at time then sometimes off for days with no notable sound or engine behavior or smell. Car performs normal as before. Had it scanned couple times and code points...
  4. torpedo51

    Wanted  FJ62 "check engine" lens

    Looks like someone stuck a pencil through the check engine lens on my dashboard. Its badly cracked. Looking for a replacement please.
  5. D

    2lte check engine light please help

    I literally just got this thing ran fun when I bought it but barely made her home 1991 Hilux surf. The problem is when you try to accelerate to quickly or the truck is under load. I.e. going up a hill. Feels like e brake is on. Turbo light goes out and check engine light comes on. If you let...
  6. L

    Random check engine light on

    I've posted a few months ago regarding my 2005 LC CEL on and code indicating bad CATS, upon replacing the O2 sensors (OEM) and resetting the unit, everything was fine until a month ago the light came on again. One day accidentally I had the key turned in "on" position without starting the...
  7. usnick1982

    4lo trac off check engine

    Jumped in the car this morning to head to work and drove off then i see 4lo is flashing and solid trac off check engine is on. Car drives with high rpm so i think its stuck in 4lo... i didnt switch 4l for couple years... Read somewhere on tundra forum that people had it at low temps upon...
  8. 2KCruiser

    FZJ80 & LX450 Code PO420 CEL O2 Sensor Extension Check Engine Eliminator

    Thought I would post here to see if there is any interest in these. Mounts on the secondary O2 sensor. Asking $45 shipped anywhere in the US.
  9. 40thSagePearl

    EGR CEL light.. new EGR valve and Modulator installed ?..

    I just bought this 1996 LX450 about a month ago and received receipts with the truck stating it had the EGR valve , modulator, and hoses replaced less than a year ago. I recently received a check engine light and my mechanic told me its throwing a EGR code.. Told me to just drive it and see if...
  10. Ali M

    CEL question @ 215,000?

    What could be the likely reasons for CEL @ 215,000 miles on a stock '97 LX-450?
  11. DeeRex

    Abrupt RPM drop while driving/coasting - 3FE

    Sorry for the long post. I really believe in providing as much info up front. I appreciate you taking the time to help. I drive a 91 FJ80 with the 3FE. I am desmogged completely (no EGR/Cats/Air Pump). I started having a trifecta of issues last weekend while on my club's annual ride. 1) Belt...
  12. rainbow94

    Check engine light...what 'manifold' parts do i need?

    I just finished a big driving trip up to Newfoundland and Labrador Canada a few weeks ago. The 80 performed almost flawlessly (only problem i had was the sunroof now refuses to close). After living in the truck and pushing it pretty hard for those few weeks, the check engine light came on as...
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