1. jkdowty

    Post up your bumpers front and/or rear or both.

    **********SO I WAS INFORMED THAT THERE IS A PLACE FOR THIS ALREADY... CHAPTER 7 OF THE FAQ.... LET THIS THREAD DIE AND POST YOUR "FURNITURE" IN THE THREADS LINKED IN THE FAQ************** Hey guys doing a general LS swap/build in my 80 and looking for bumper ideas. I don't want to go with...
  2. Toyote

    Wanted  FJ62 Stock Front + Rear Bumpers

    In search of front and rear bumpers, stock OEM chrome, in very good to excellent condition—no rust, dents, etc. I can probably re-use my end caps and hardware, but if you have those items, I would be interested too! Thanks much— I'm located in Portland, OR.
  3. I

    For Sale  1988 FJ62 - Check This One Out

    I've got this posted on Cragslist locally. I really want it to go to someone here. 199 Pics available. Old Man EMU lift, Man-A-Fre swing away bumper, 33 inch new tires and rims. Snorkel. 1988 FJ62 Land Cruiser 100+ Pictures
  4. H E A V Y M E T A L

    100 SERIES DOCUMENTED BUILD; step by step

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am new to MUD so go easy on me. I have always wanted a 100 series and I have finally bought one and intend on turning it into a wheeling SLEE machine. I am going to document the entire process good or bad I will upload my progress. I have searched the forums...
  5. U

    For Sale  Series 100 - Bumpers, Roof Rack, 3rd Row Seats, Factory Hitch

    I am getting ready to send my 2006 Landcruiser to Slee for mods. I plan to remove the bumpers, roof racks, factory Reese hitch and third row seats before it is shipped. The bumpers are silver and the seats are black. All in very good condition The vehicle is located in Charleston, SC and will...
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