1. CBeckFJ

    100 series with Dissent rear bumper and ARB front

    Has anyone ever done this setup on their truck? I'm wondering how it would look for when I end up building my future rig. I have seen ARB and slee, ARB and BIOR, Dissent and Dissent, but never ARB and Dissent.
  2. Chachi254

    For Sale 1979-1983 Pickup/Hilux F/R Bumpers, cab visor, bed liner, running boards

    Hey mudders, I just bought a 1983 Toyota Pickup and I’m taking it back to bone stock. As such, I’m getting rid of some body parts that aren’t OEM, but they were installed by the selling dealer in Canada to the original owner in Alaska. 1 front bumper, Smittybuilt with Warn winch tray - 3”...
  3. M

    3 months to drive around the US-Build Questions

    Hi all, I am preparing to drive my '99 LC around the US for the next 3 months or so. This LC is currently stock, save for some . I am trying to find good bumpers that do not weigh too much more than what they'd be replacing. I am conscious about gas mileage for this trip, and while I'd like...
  4. M

    Builds 2007 GX470 Overland Build

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been looking around the forum for the past 6 weeks after the purchase of my build vehicle (07 GX470 non-kdss). Vehicle was purchased in Ohio with 115k for a good price, only serviced at Lexus and driven by an older lady. Standard rust belt wear on the...
  5. TX100

    Different Brands of Replacement Bumpers for LX?

    Besides ARB I've only seen a couple of other bumpers. I've searched the forum and seen a few but was curious if anyone is head over heels about another brand. Pics would be sweet, and appreciated. *The majority of use will be for taking the kids to school and going to work so practicality...
  6. MPG LOL

    For Sale 100 Series front and rear bumpers

    Selling my front and rear bumpers plus brackets and supports from a 98 LC. They are in pretty good shape and include fog lights. They came off a dark green LC and are gray in color. I havent looked up the exact Toyota color name. Make me an offer and you'll pay shipping. I can post pics if...
  7. onetruth1130

    questions on DIY bumpers and seat covers...96 LX450

    ok first question. im considering fabricating my own rear bumper with swing out, maybe 2 swingouts. no small feat by any means. i have made my own swing out carrier for a subaru that went into the hitch and so far its holding up. i was just recently looking at another thread about diy...
  8. Vernon

    eBay Tailgate bumpers

    last one! Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Tailgate Rubber Bumpers - Set of 2
  9. MRT Motorsports

    Up to $300 Back from WARN - Hands down best price on Winches & Bumpers from MRT

    Its almost summer which means its time to break out the rig for some epic adventures. Those who like to get off the beaten path know how important having the right winch & recovery gear is. What better time to upgrade your rig with the most dependable, quality made winch out there. WARN...
  10. AggiePE

    Wanted Fj60 OEM Bumpers and Tow Package

    Installed my Trail Tailor rear bumper today abs I have a factory rear bumper and a factory front bumper with tabs for my 8" hella lights to get he off the grille for sale. I also have a draw tite 2" receiver hitch that was blasted and painted a few years back. I have the factory 60 rear tow bar...
  11. Mountain Pig

    Can anyone ID these bumpers for me?

    I just picked up this 2011 tundra, the bumpers are very heavy duty and well-made, but I've never seen them before.I am betting that they are custom built, but I thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone recognizes them. There is some sort of LineX like coating on them ( which is...
  12. OlyWaFJ

    It's 2017, are there any front bumpers left for the 80?

    All I'm finding available is the Slee short bus, ARB Bull Bar or some look-a-like variant and ugly (functional only) tube bumpers. Is that it? I've never learned to weld so build your own kit bumpers like what NWTI produces won't work. Any suggestions?
  13. georgebj60

    Wanted OEM bumpers

    Hi all. I'm looking for a set of OEM bumpers for a 60 series. No need to be show quality, but a decent looking set would be nice. I'm in Vancouver BC so the closer the better as I imagine shipping these things would not be cheap. What are these things worth anyway? I see most people take...
  14. F

    Parting Out Not Mine, crispy Fzj80 slee bumpers

    Saw this auction up and thought it might be worth it for someone closer. Looks pretty crispy but the bumpers may be salvageable. AUCTION: 1994 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER | CURRENT BID: 25
  15. S

    Wanted Looking for Front/Rear Stock bumpers 80 series

    I am looking for a rear and front bumper set for a friends '94 - 80 series. I am in the western suburbs of Chicago. Please pm or call if avl. Thanks! RD 312613416three
  16. J

    For Sale ARB Bumpers Land Cruiser 200 series

    ARB Front Bumper and rear bumper with tire carrier and jerry can holder NO winch NO lights included if you buy the set ill give for FREE the ARB side steps. Price Front Bumper $ 1450 ( NO lights, No Winch ) Rear Bumper $ 2150 ( tire carrier and jerry can holder included )
  17. CenTXFJ60

    For Sale Custom/aftermarket Bumpers in San Antonio are

    i had a post on this a while back but have no idea where it went. $500 for the pair or $300 per each. Front is aftermarket and rear is custom out of austin. These are tough as nails as they protected all the appropriate areas when the 60 they were on rolled several times. Unfortunately we can't...
  18. DirtScaresMe

    Traction sticker things for aftermarket bumpers

    I put a slee rear bumper on, really cool piece of gear. It's a little too smooth and shiny though especially the ladder rungs. Any long term / durable way to add some grip?
  19. sean2202

    Any DIY bumpers or sliders kits out there?

    Just exploring all options here. I know I have found some DIY bumpers (front and rear) and or sliders in the past but cannot find them now on a search so any help in the right direction would be appreciated. Just a little background I have taken a few welding classes over the years including...
  20. Fallon 40

    FREE 98 100 Series Front Rear Bumpers

    Free stock bumpers. No fog lights in front. Rear has been wrapped since it was taken off. Front, minor scratches. Pick up in Downey, CA 90241
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