1. Kavik

    Kavik 100 Series Front Bumper

    Thanks for taking a look. This bumper is designed for 1998 to 2007 Toyota UZJ100 and Lexus LX470’s. It is a 3 piece design (center section and 2 outer sections), individually welded and surface finished. It’s all aluminum, with the exception of Grade 8 hardware, and an optional steel winch...
  2. masonbarnard

    polishing chrome bumpers

    now that 95% of my truck is finished, i can worry about the very little details. does anybody have a trick or know of a product that's good for cleaning the OEM chrome bumpers. Mine shines nice but has light scratches and could be more reflective.
  3. Ramathorn15

    FREE 100 Series Stock Bumpers

    Before they go into the trash, I have the front and rear factory bumpers off of my white '06 LX470. They're in pretty good condition, but the rear has some rash. I also have the steps.
  4. Mattyboy

    Berliner and bumpers

    I bought a 80 back In September. I am getting ready with big box of parts and a long list of items to get after. I am pondering ripping my 3 remaining fender flares off and will Bedliner the fenders. I have a custom built double swing rear bumper and a ARB front deer magnet up front. I want...
  5. L

    For Sale fj62 bumpers clover sc

    Sold !!!1989 fj62 front and rear bumpers. $200 For both in really good shape. lol m in clover sc have sold bumpers if someone knows how to delete add please let me know. Thanks
  6. gmusic

    100 series bumpers

    Hey all, I was in here poking around some time back and ran across a conversation about rear bumpers for 100 series trucks (and of course I didn't bookmark it). In the piece there's a guy that's building them in his garage and has taken on a few customers. I'm now in the position to replace...
  7. effjay80

    Free 94 ZJ80 bumpers

    Hello Horsetoothers. My great condition stock bumper set is now down in Golden at Slee and heading for the recycle bin shortly. If you need stock front and rear bumpers give Christo a call. They're free to a good or bad home.
  8. effjay80

    FREE 94 FZJ80 Front and Rear Bumpers

    Replacing my front and rear stock bumpers with ARB/Slee this week. The stock front and rear are currently at Slee in Golden CO and free for pickup. Great shape. Give Christo a call before they get recycled if interested. You will need to pick them up.
  9. pkelly72

    For Sale 97 LX F/R bumpers and running boards

    1997 LX 450 Black front and rear bumpers and running boards. They are all in decent shape with some scratches. I'll post pictures later. $100 for all. Modesto, CA
  10. P

    Wanted Front bumpers (the metal and or the plastic cover)

    Located in Salt Lake City Utah For a series 100.. Cosmetically I don't care much but I will like to have a unbend core tube.. Thanks in advance.. Yea- for the first few weeks that truck was a mile wider than my outback..
  11. E

    GX470 Wheel/Tire/Lift Picture Combination Thread

    Another forum I am on has a thread like this and I found it extremely helpful in picking tires and lifts. For those who would like to contribute, post your combination of the tire size/brand/type including lift and any modification to fender, running boards, liners or bumpers. If you have...
  12. S

    Wanted Aftermarket bumpers (ARB, Slee, TJM, etc.) 98-07 LC

    Wanting to upgrade the current bumper to something much better armored.
  13. B

    For Sale 2010 Toyota Tundra Double Cab - Offroad Bumpers Beadlocks Winch King Coilovers

    2010 Toyota Tundra 4.6L w/ ~65,500 miles The Good: Low mileage at 65,500 - Regular synthetic oil changes every 4k miles since I bought it at 45k King Coilover Shocks w/ reservoir in front BFG AT 315/70r17 tires Hutchinson Rock Monster Beadlock Wheels - Real 2 piece beadlocks, not simulated or...
  14. WPSMVP

    Black wheels on 100

    Merry Christmas everyone. I'm a former razorback living in NE ARKANSAS and I just bought an 05'LC. It's my 1st one and I want to turn it into a sweet hunting vehicle. In that process I would like to put black wheels on it. This may be taboo on this forum? Sorry if it is. 1. Does anyone know...
  15. B

    HJ47 Mountain Farm truck Noob

    Been a lurker for a couple years. I'm building a Mountain farm truck specifically for our farm and family cattle business. Our horned cattle and Bulls tear up everything and I have to push them off the paths and off the vehicle with the cattle guard rails. We have to drive over branches and...
  16. C

    For Sale 1978 FJ40 Parts on the Jersey Shore

    I've got some left over parts from my 1978 FJ40 project I'm finishing. These are prices without shipping. If you want to know shipping, it'll be from the 08755 zip code. I'm interested in trades for parts for mine as well (dash pads, steel bumpers, tire carrier, rear bench seat, windshield frame...
  17. JToobe

    Wanted Front/Rear bumpers & end caps for FJ62

    Daughter & Son in law just married and have caught the cruiser bug and buying a slightly worn 62 and need some parts to help pretty it up! Not looking for pristine...currently no bumper caps and front bumper is pretty sad.

    Trail Tailor and NEW OPENING

    Hello, Most are wondering where we are moving (I will announce this soon) and what will become of Trail Tailor. I have been a 60 guy for a majority of my cruiser addicted life. This is where my passions lie and where I will continue to commit most of my efforts. Focus will mainly stay on this...
  19. jkdowty

    Post up your bumpers front and/or rear or both.

    **********SO I WAS INFORMED THAT THERE IS A PLACE FOR THIS ALREADY... CHAPTER 7 OF THE FAQ.... LET THIS THREAD DIE AND POST YOUR "FURNITURE" IN THE THREADS LINKED IN THE FAQ************** Hey guys doing a general LS swap/build in my 80 and looking for bumper ideas. I don't want to go with...
  20. Toyote

    Wanted FJ62 Stock Front + Rear Bumpers

    In search of front and rear bumpers, stock OEM chrome, in very good to excellent condition—no rust, dents, etc. I can probably re-use my end caps and hardware, but if you have those items, I would be interested too! Thanks much— I'm located in Portland, OR.
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