1. C

    For Sale 73 fj40 5.7 TBI in AZ

    Having to sell (or trade for fj60) my 73. Need more room for the family. 1973 fj40, 5.7 TBI, sm420 Trans, siginaw power steering , tilt column, 4” HFS springs, late 40 front disk axle ,tire/cooler carrier built by me. No rear seats, center dash piece is covering a jacked up dash. All work was...
  2. Vexvader

    Builds 1977 FJ40 - USA Spec Restoration - Father & Son Project

    I am fairly new to MUD, but it is my new passion! I wanted a father and son project for me and my 12 year son. After posting a "Wanted" add on the Vehicle-Trailer Classifieds thread, I purchased a USA Spec FJ40 from another member. THE GOOD - USA Model - The price! It was totally in my...
  3. Borrego

    Dreaming - What Paint Color

    I know there have been threads on paint colors, but with all the new options out there, if you were to change colors completely, what color would you paint your 60? I'm really digging this new Toyota Calvary Blue. Especially if everything were blacked out.
  4. Out for adventure!

    Out for adventure!

  5. Drive-Thru Tree in northern California

    Drive-Thru Tree in northern California

  6. 2

    For Sale 1997 LX450 Repair Manual & New Blue Fan Clutch

    I have a used Lexus factory repair manual for a 1997 LX450. Front cover has a little tear that was fixed with tape, other than that, in perfect shape. $150 OBO plus shipping I have a brand new never installed blue fan clutch, part no 16210-66020. $100 OBO plus shipping I have a "115V"...
  7. T

    Wanted Looking for restored FJ60/62 Blue

    Looking for a rust free - OEM stock preserves or restored Blue FJ60 or 62 manual trans. Seeking to add to collection that only has a 78 40 rebuilt in Rustic Green. Any leads would be awesome! Thanks all and Merry Christmas.
  8. L

    For Sale 1979 fj40 for sale in Colorado. V8 hard top

    Hey everyone. New here and looking to part with my 1979 fj40 land cruiser. Original blue paint interior has everything (dash pad rear heater jump seats in great condition.) front seats are pretty torn and there's rust In the usual, late 70s early 80s 40 series, places. Drives floor pan rust is...
  9. Utah62

    For Sale 1988 fj62 Blue

    Clean & Solid. Blue 1988 fj62 in Utah. This is an excellent rig with a trail ready set up that cruisers safe and stable down the highway. List of repairs/upgrades in the last 2k: - New Radiator and hoses - New starter - New distributor and plugs - New brake master cylinder - Replaced drivers...
  10. apron


    finally get to put the apron bling on...
  11. MicahMan

    For Sale 1984 Toyota FJ60

    I sold this truck last year and it is back on the market. Great rig wish I could buy it back. Dave is a good dude!
  12. Krow

    For Sale 1988 FJ62

    Hey guys, I am currently selling my FJ62 to make room for my newly acquired FJ55 (priorities....). I was lucky enough to have my rig accepted and posted on Bring a Trailer for auction. I will attach a photo or two, but if interested, please follow the link to the ad. If you have any questions at...
  13. Neils4him

    FJ62 Big Blue stuck shifter

    Hi all- my 1989 FJ62 drove fine yesterday, parked it in the driveway and this morning I can't get it into gear. The shifter will move out of park but not into gear. I haven't driven it in a week, apparently my wife noticed it being more difficult to keep the shifter into the park position. I am...
  14. SpamEggsandRice

    Blue Hub Fan Clutch

    I bought an Aisin FCT-004 from Amazon and what I receive was the one on the right. Everything bolted up except when it was time to mount it on the water pump. The one on the left is what I purchased from which is the correct one.
  15. M

    Blue 200? Any pics?

    I know...It's just cosmetics. However, does anyone have a pic of their Blue 200 Series? The color is kind of growing on me...Thanks.
  16. frankenyoter


    Been collecting parts for about 6 weeks and I'm only a couple spring perches away from a being knee deep in an 94 SAS with a 5vz (3.4) with intake work and some headers and beefy stock dual cases. Axles will be 5.29 FJ60 front with lock right and 5.29s and original big spline Longs on some All...
  17. geologic

    For Sale MS warehouse Find 73 PTO Capri blue

  18. geologic

    For Sale MS warehouse Find 76 blue

  19. T

    For Sale 1973 Toyota fj40 capri blue Restored

    1973 Toyota Land Cruiser classic Restored with new quarter panels floors and aprons oem , Numbers matching engine frame body , rebuilt motor all information on eBay 28K firm located south Florida my name is Daniel 9544392576 thank you
  20. Wes

    SOLD (TX) 24V Inspection Lamp w/ Blue Bag

    I have two 24V inspection lamps with blue bags for sale. These are the later ones with black chord and yellow cad plated hardware. One bag has a bluer tint to it than the other (I don't believe this is the heavily tinted blue bag found with earlier brown chord lamps) and has a small tear along...
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