1. B

    80 series wheel bearing

    hey everyone, so yesterday i found a bit of play in my front right wheel bearing. today i took them out and repacked them, when i took it for a test drive (15 mins down the road) the hub seemed to be a bit warmer then the other sides , not hot to touch just warm . there is no play at all in the...
  2. bigredmachine

    For Sale 100 series/lx470 front hub and bearing

    I have a used set of front hub and bearings that a customer wanted to have replaced. hubs and bearings have 200k miles on them, there were no issues with the wheel bearings when they were removed. hubs are in good condition as is the abs ring. p/n is 43503-69035 asking 100 for both, they are...
  3. E

    For Sale 80 Series Front Spindles South Carolina, USA

    Used spindles off my 1994 80 Series. Worked fine and took off at around 220k miles when my OCD required that I do a complete end to end axle rebuild with all new everything... So i replaced with newer needle bearing style. These are brass bushing style. Been sitting on shelf since then. Would...
  4. I

    Pinion bearing failure?

    So I bought a fj60 at the start of the summer and as expected it had been previously neglected and a laundry list of repairs needed, after replacing master cylinder, front calipers and pads, wheel bearings, rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders, rebuilding knuckles and birfield, thoroughly...
  5. melmwood

    My ZUK Story: Rear Diff Rebuild Stops the Whine

    About five months of ownership under my belt now, and the number one concern and issue I had with my 97 FZJ80 w/ 171k is finally resolved: the whine is gone. Let me explain... I've spent the last five months trying to internet-diagnose all the possible sources of my LC's whine on acceleration...
  6. morganism

    Pillow block and pressed bearing removal tool

    This is a pretty cool tool, and looks like it could be fabbed up pretty easily. Is def nice for evap cooler and HVAC work. BEARING BUSTERS Blower wheel stuck on shaft Removing Difficult Bearings - Knowledge Base (Wiki) The Fastest Bearings In Racing-Built For Racers...
  7. C

    Lost oil pressure.

    Hello everybody, I am a new member to this forum, but have been reading here for some years and have found lots of helpful info here. I have a 96 LC that I have owned for a few years. 212k on the odometer. A couple of weeks ago I started intermediately losing power steering when turning into...
  8. DailyTLC

    Wanted FZJ80 Birfields, etc PORTLAND, OR

    Newbie FZJ80 owner gearing up for a Birfield job. If you've got any bearing race drivers, seal pullers, extra OEM birfields, or other extras you don't need any more, let me know. I recognize this stuff is standard maintenance equipment that committed FJ owners keep on hand....just throwing out...
  9. Geneyus

    "How-to" for inspecting bearings/hub/axle?

    Is there a YouTube Video or write-up on how to take apart the hub and inspect the bearings? I found one video where the guy already has the hub taken apart. I'm not even sure how to get to that point. In the picture below, the nuts labeled "A" and "B" that I un-tighten are just spinning freely...
  10. H

    Front and full-float Rear wheel bearings - are they the same?

    Hi, Mine is a '95 HZJ80 (Australian). Rear axle is full-float with discs. I was all set to do my rear wheel bearings on Tuesday (Anzac day holiday here), but got worried that I've been supplied front wheel kits instead of rear. Any one able to offer some advice before I start trying to force...
  11. Tapered bearing spindle

    Tapered bearing spindle

  12. 619TOY

    Stock Rings, Pinions and Bearings FZJ80

    FREE or they go in the dumpster in the next few days. Local pick up San Diego only... These all had about 100K on them when removed and had no issues whatsoever. EDIT: Gears are gone...
  13. Guu

    Trunnion Bearings stuck

    Hi guys. Rebuilding my axle and upon stripping the left hand side down both the upper and lower trunnion bearings are stuck to the spindles which they sit on. The right side stayed in there races but the leftside is giving me grief. I've broken the upper one trying to get it out. Any suggestions???
  14. Guu

    Kingpin bearings

    Can kingpin bearings cause negative castor? I have my front axle of the fj73 at the moment trying to track down a problem which causes the vehicle to pull quite hard to the right (towards on coming traffic) I put her in for a vehicle alignment and and the report they gave me said she as...
  15. pistonslaps

    12h-t big end bearings

    can anyone tell me what the numbers on these big end bearings mean ..also I think theres life left in these bearings ?' I was told this engine is from a jap import 24volt hj62... its done 296-000 klicks..I can see cross hatch visible in the bore ..wasn't gunna rebuild ..just new seals and...
  16. tampacruiser95

    1995 FZJ80 Transfer case bearings

    Anyone know where to get them in a pinch? I think @beno is on vacation and moving. I need: 36221G 36221F 36231H 36231C My t case is ripped apart and truck undriveable until I get them. Any help would be appreciated.
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