1. S

    Ptman arm puller for Upper and Lower Ball Joints

    Ive read a couple threads where there was discussion about some fitting and some not fitting. Any pointers on what to look for one or even a link would be great. I am replacing ball joints this weekend and taking the whole knuckle assembly off. I have to reboot the CVs and figured it made...
  2. Ramathorn15

    Brakes, bearings, and ball joint dust boots

    I find myself in a bit of a pickle and am looking for advice. I know these topics have been beat to death, but I cant seem to figure out what I'm looking for. My '06 with 138k miles needs new brakes as the pads have worn pretty thin. It also needs new lower ball joint dust boots (ball joints...
  3. Hayes

    Lower ball joint squeak - mitigate/refurb/replace

    Hey everyone. I've read through several threads on lower ball joint replacement, and it looks like I will be replacing at least one of mine in the near future. In the meantime I had some specific questions I'd appreciate feedback on: Lower ball joint, 140,000 miles on the rig. No play...
  4. KY Longhunter

    For Sale  3-Speed Clutch Fork, Pivot ball and Hub

    3-Speed Clutch Fork, Pivot ball and Hub $60 + shipping
  5. mtkreitz

    Mirror Ball Bearing Size

    Does anyone know the size/diameter of the (3) ball bearings that are used in the base of the side view mirrors? Mine came apart while driving and all (3) ball bearings went with it. I want to avoid taking apart my passenger side mirror to find out what size they are. If anyone knows the size...
  6. J

    Worn Lower Ball Joint

    Hi There Started hearing a squeaking noise.... Noticed the ball joint is worn. See pics. I am assuming due to milage and a lot of potholes we have here. Can the ball joint be bought alone ? Was looking on e bay could not find the correct one.... Pls advise. Jay
  7. cruiserjunktion

    Ball behind Reverse light switch 1978 fj40 ?

    Is there a ball that mounts behind the reverse light switch, in the transmission, on a 1978 fj40?
  8. alexchoksm

    TREs (inner and outer), steering rack and ball joints

    Has anyone replaced their TREs (inner and outer), steering rack (the whole rack or just the bush) or ball joints? Would be interested to know but couldn't find any write-ups after doing a search. My tyres have some 3 to 9 o'clock play ..just a small movement..and my steering has a rattle (clunk...
  9. S

    Tie rod ball joint

    So I'm attempting to rebuild my knuckles for the first time. I'm trying to separate the tie rod ROM the knuckle arm by pressing up in the tie rod and knocking the knuckle free. It wasn't working. So I used a ball joint seperater. As soon as I whacked it one time, a bunch of grease came out. I'm...
  10. A

    Ball Stud For Hood Lift Strut

    Just bought aftermarket struts for the hood on my '92 model. These struts require that the OEM ball studs that screw into the hood be re-used and inserted into the new lift strut. The problem is that the old ball studs will not come out of the sockets of the old lift struts. Has anyone else...
  11. 71FJnick

    For Sale  Ball and Claw Axle Shafts

    Sold - Complete set of Ball and Claw axle shafts for a Pre 1968 FJ40 The shafts are in excellent condition, no abnormal wear, burrs, or scoring, they are coarse spline. These were in the truck when I got it and were either recently replaced or are in great OEM condition. $100 plus shipping...
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