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  1. C

    2nd Gen Ball Joint spacers and rear suspension

    Hello everyone, I am new to this website I was sent here to ask some questions about coil spring upgrades to a 94' 4Runner. I plan on doing Ball Joint spacers on my rig 1.5" in the front, the problem I am running into is what to do for the back end of the vehicle. I have heard many options...
  2. BMThiker

    Installation - Icon Delta Joint for Total Chaos UCAs

    I recently installed the new Delta Joints in my front UCAs. These replace the typical uniballs that Total Chaos designed for their control arms. This new joint is similar to the stock sealed ball joint, but offers more articulation. It has a small grease zerk on the top. You can use the low...
  3. Connorham

    Bad Lower Ball Joints???

    I am hoping you all could help me diagnose this. For the record I am a converted Land Rover guy. I heard durability and capability and came running to here. Been great ever since. I have a 2002 LC with 212,XXX miles with brand new 33 in. BFG KO2s. I am hearing a creak/rattle coming from my...

    Ball Joint Question

    I have to replace the upper ball joints on my 04 GX 470. I found that MOOG sells one that is greasible. My questions is what kit, cup, do I need to press these in. I have access to a press but I am not sure that we have the right cup to press them and I don't want to tear or damage the balls...
  5. SteveY

    Front End Refresh Parts List

    Any other suggestions? I have the F-N-R / R-N-F clunk and my original axles are starting to sling a bit of grease. Figured I would nip it in the bud with new axles, flanges, and bearings all in one shot. Also, I have two torn ball joint gaskets and the freeway wander is starting to get...
  6. Hayes

    Lower ball joint squeak - mitigate/refurb/replace

    Hey everyone. I've read through several threads on lower ball joint replacement, and it looks like I will be replacing at least one of mine in the near future. In the meantime I had some specific questions I'd appreciate feedback on: Lower ball joint, 140,000 miles on the rig. No play...
  7. J

    Worn Lower Ball Joint

    Hi There Started hearing a squeaking noise.... Noticed the ball joint is worn. See pics. I am assuming due to milage and a lot of potholes we have here. Can the ball joint be bought alone ? Was looking on e bay could not find the correct one.... Pls advise. Jay
  8. S

    Tie rod ball joint

    So I'm attempting to rebuild my knuckles for the first time. I'm trying to separate the tie rod ROM the knuckle arm by pressing up in the tie rod and knocking the knuckle free. It wasn't working. So I used a ball joint seperater. As soon as I whacked it one time, a bunch of grease came out. I'm...
  9. S

    Cruiser looks tilted when standing on flat road

    Just noticed today that the cruiser looks tilted towards the driver side when standing on a flat road. Any guesses on what might be the issue? I checked with a flashlight on the shocks but nothing seems off. I also measured the distance between the top of the front tire and the bottom of the...
  10. Dave 2000

    Ball joint breakage?

    See a thread on a UK forum about a guy who had the ball joint next to the steering pitman arm sheer. Then along comes another guy who had exactly the same problem. It seems the ball joint dries out and under certain conditions the joint fails. Both failures happened at low speed manoeuvring...
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