Installation - Icon Delta Joint for Total Chaos UCAs

Discussion in 'FJ Cruiser' started by BMThiker, Aug 7, 2018.

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    I recently installed the new Delta Joints in my front UCAs. These replace the typical uniballs that Total Chaos designed for their control arms. This new joint is similar to the stock sealed ball joint, but offers more articulation. It has a small grease zerk on the top. You can use the low profile zerk or install a normal bulb zerk - they provide these in the kit. I was impressed with the low profile when they first launched earlier this year, but it was only later that they engineered them to fit the Total Chaos UCAs.

    The unboxing. They look pretty amazing. Kit comes with two joints with low profile zerks preinstalled, two nylock nuts, two standard bulb zerks, small tube of grease.
    Spindles (19).JPG
    My previous setup included the uniballs, a longer bolt with the offset spacers (notice how beat up these spacers are) and employed two nuts - one to jam against the other.
    Spindles (18).JPG

    Installation is basically the same as the uniballs - remove the retaining clip from the underside, press the old joint out, and press the new joints in. Since the stud sticks out of the joint, you will need to stack a DOM tube spacer in your press in so that the pressure is not on the stud but the body of the joint. Icon sells a $32 special service tool to aid in this process, if you don't have any scrap tube laying around. Then put the snap ring back in to secure the joint.
    Spindles (24).JPG

    Pictured below is the low profile zerk and the loose standard zerk for comparison.
    Spindles (25).JPG

    Icon says they have a limited 5 year warranty on these things, but the fine print reveals that it is only valid if you use Icon suspension systems in conjunction with the joint. This specific kit is marketed for use in "other manufacturer UCAs with 1" uniballs", so it doesn't fully qualify for the 5 year warranty.

    That being said, I am hoping they last longer than uniballs which I was changing about every 12-18 months. These have a sealed construction and will resist debris contamination much longer than the exposed uniballs with Teflon linings. Uniballs kits run about $155 a pair (more if you replace all the hardware too) and this Icon Delta Joint kit was $280, so if they last for 3 years, then that's a little bit of savings. If they last for 5 then that's a huge savings.
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    I am interested in how well this is going to hold up and long term usage compared to the uni-balls. How many miles, or trips did you get out of your uni-balls before change out? I do like the fact the Delta joint has a zerk fitting.
    Hopefully a report on short term and long term useage.
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