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  1. Haloview Wireless Monitor Camera System Review - Welker Farms Inc - YouTube

    Haloview Wireless Monitor Camera System Review - Welker Farms Inc - YouTube

    *I was given this wireless camera in exchange for a video review* Thanks to Haloview for sending me a sample system to test out on the farm. I believe I can ...
  2. Yeni Tır'a Kablosuz Kamera Bagladim! | Haloview MC7101 - YouTube

    Yeni Tır'a Kablosuz Kamera Bagladim! | Haloview MC7101 - YouTube

    Herkese selamlar dostlar yine yeni bir video ile karsinizdayim. Bu sefer ki video yine bir urun tanitim ve montaji ile gecti. Urunu'dan satin aldi...
  3. G

    Installing backup camera 1989 FJ62

    I have a Pioneer head unit with a backup camera to replace the stock radio. Question #1: How do you tap into the backup lights and where? Question #2: Where do you install/tap the emergency break cable from the Pioneer unit? Thanks for your help!
  4. LostAfrican

    Back-up camera with intelligent tracks

    I found this on AliExpress and ordered one ... I am pleased with the fitment and results. It works with a gyro in the camera assembly to detect the yaw and predict where the vehicle will track in reverse. The unit replaces one of your license plate lights and has a slot to insert your...
  5. W

    Backup camera install help

    Clear this up real quick... I am terrible with electronics/electrical work. It's just something I've never been able to grasp in the smallest amount. If it's not plug and play, I struggle with it. I hate to be "that guy" asking this question... So my problem is I have a Pioneer Sph-da120 head...
  6. Chris FJ80

    Custom Mounting Bracket for Backup Camera on Slee Rear Bumper

    For a few years now I have had my backup camera mounted inside the CB antenna bracket on my Slee rear bumper. While it has been a secure location, I've had two major issues. First, the right side of the video frame has been dominated by the bumper catch handle (not a showstopper, but it takes...
  7. cwmoser

    Install Backup Camera ...

    I'm wanting to install a Backup Camera in my 2002 LX470. The dash display does not have video inputs - so I've been looking at those inexpensive backup cameras on Ebay that use a small 7 or 9" monitor. I have some questions: 1- anyone have experience with this? 2- better to run a video wire...
  8. O

    05 UJZ100 backup camera ...bummer

    My back up camera worked fine for the last 10 years and then started working intermittently, now is DOA 99% of the time. Anyone got any fixes? Is it the camera, the reverse sensor???
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