1. A

    Help identifying FJ45 Headlight bezel

    Can someone please shed some light on which is the correct Headlight Bezel for my 08/1978, FJ45 (Australian market) - Round or Square?
  2. B

    For Sale  Fj40 Aussie floormats cool cruisers 280 dollars

    New unused one piece Aussie fj40 front floormat. Originally purchased from Cool Cruisers i never got a chance to install because i sold my truck before the weather warmed up enough for me to install.
  3. rghouse

    Aussie OEM steel rims paint colors

    anybody know what the paint code is for the grayish Aussie steel wheels? I’ve seen what looks like a gray-green tint, as well as white and a light gray. Looking to paint some steelies soon and want to copy the Aussie look (I believe on their split rims). Open to ideas. Also, curious if Toyota...
  4. NewbieMcNewster

    For Sale  1988 FJ62, 192xxx miles, Dallas TX

    SOLD EDIT for price drop - $15,499 or reasonable offer. Hey guys, I thought I'd post this up here since this is obviously where the enthusiasts and knowledgeable folk hang out... No point in reposting everything, especially since y'all already know what it is, so I'll just post the link to...
  5. AdlerGSD

    For Sale  1982 HJ60 12v 5-speed RHD only 125k miles

    **MORE PICS BELOW** Ran into financial troubles and have to sell this beauty. Have yourself a rare piece of LC history with a right hand drive 12-volt diesel HJ. It turns heads and gets all kinds of smiles and has been very reliable. Starts every time and purrs like a kitten. I only drive it on...
  6. shay

    'Aussie' 60 Series Fit Out

    G'day guys, Came across a mob called The Bush Company on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. They did mechanical and electrical work on my HJ61RG a while back that was outstanding and it looks like they are well into a project on another Jap import 60 series. Check out their vids on the builds...
  7. 4WD Swagman

    Aussie Military Trailer

    This is an Australian military No. 5 1/2 ton trailer. Over here in Australia you see people making all types of modifications to these - adding RTTs, installing slide-out kitchens and such. Sadly mine is pretty standard. I was after a 4WD trailer which I could simply use to extend the cargo...
  8. tglaser

    Wanted  Aussie Style FJ40 Brushguard

    Spoke to Man a Fre today - they discontinued these bumpers a couple of months ago. Does anyone have one or something similar they'd like to sell? Interested in fabricating one? I'm located in Austin, TX.
  9. AUStoUSA

    eBay  1981 Aussie Toyota Hilux Diesel Crew Cab

    I have this on ebay, you may have seen it, if not, here is the link 1981 Toyota Aussie Hilux Diesel Crew Cab Manual Crew Cab | eBay It is a very clean Aussie RHD Crew Cab Hilux. Located in Kelso, Washington
  10. guzzi

    Wanted  mirror Aussie fj62

    hi, i need mirror Aussie fj62
  11. stock

    Installers of Aussie lockers in Philadelphia are

    Hi All, I'm going to get an Aussie for the rear of my 1991 80, my first modification, and am trying to decide if I'm doing it myself or farming it out. Any installers in the area you recommend? I'm going to get some quotes and decide. I'm in Philadelphia.
  12. guzzi

    Wanted  Aussie FJ60 mirrors

    i want Aussie FJ60 mirrors
  13. G

    Aussie Locker Installation HELP !!! Rear differential spacer ?

    Help !!! My Costa Rican mechanic is trying to install an Aussie Locker on my 1997 LC. Neither the instructions, or this tutorial mentions the RDF (rear differential) spacer (part No. 14 in schematic below) which fits over the RDF shaft (part No. 13.) It is sort of a cylindrical collar with 2...
  14. 65swb45

    For Sale  NIB Aussie brake drums and shoes, CA

    Bought these when I owned my HJ, which has been gone for a while. $300 for 2 new drums and one full set of shoes. Shipping will probably be upwards of $75 because these suckers are heavy! @tlaporte has right of first refusal because I've worked on his rig...and because he's local.
  15. luke27617

    2016-17 LC200 Aussie Nudge Bar

    Today I have received the Aussie Nudge Bar for 2016+ LC. Since there are not many pictures of it beside Aussie Toyota web site, here are some pictures. Looks like a high quality product with Toyota serial #, etc.. As well ready for adding lights or a light bar. Looks really good when...
  16. A

    my hzj105

    Hi everybody. About 3 months ago I bought a 1998 hzj105 from my father. He was the third owner, the second owner was an old guy in eastern Australia, and the 1st was the Queensland government. I have the service manual with workshop stamps up until 150 000km, then my dad didn't do anything but...
  17. Twisty

    "Undertow" - Twisty's FJ45V Landcruiser Restomod

    So some may have followed my HJ45 build over the last few years. Link here Twistys Aussie HJ45 Buildup/Resto I was stoked with how the build turned out, but over that time we have had two kids, so it just isn't practical for us. I had always dreamt of owning a FJ45V, so we decided to try and...
  18. NewbieMcNewster

    Lokka Install Help in Dallas?

    So my 80 is unlocked, but I've got a Lokka auto locker (thanks to all who chimed in on my earlier thread about picking what type to buy!!) waiting to be installed in the rear and a TMS snorkel also awaiting installation (although I've already got that help lined up :) I figure with those two...
  19. YoungGuyOld40

    Right side windshield frame on a left side body?

    Hello y'all, I'm just now applying to the site after reading many forums that helped me with my tireless project of fixing up my 78'. So, I have been getting and ordering parts from other vendors and people of craigslist. And I found a windshield that is the same year as my vehicle. However, it...
  20. N

    For Sale  Rare Unique 1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser - One of a Kind- Extremely Clean! – (Tampa, FL)

    Rare Unique 1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser - One of a Kind- Extremely Clean! – (Tampa, FL) - - This rare and unique FJ started its life as a Chassis and Motor that were purchased at a DEA Auction. – This truck was originally used to run drugs across the desert, which is how it ended up as...
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