For Sale 1988 FJ62, 192xxx miles, Dallas TX

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United States

EDIT for price drop - $15,499 or reasonable offer.

Hey guys, I thought I'd post this up here since this is obviously where the enthusiasts and knowledgeable folk hang out...

No point in reposting everything, especially since y'all already know what it is, so I'll just post the link to the Craigslist listing.

Let me know if anyone's interested!

1988 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser - Amazing Condition

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I thibk I saw This at Dajda’s nice rig!
I thibk I saw This at Dajda’s nice rig!

You probably did - it was getting a new battery and having some other little things done to it. As noted in the sale listing, there are still a couple things to be done to it, but I figured anyone on Mud would rather do those things themselves than have me pay to do them and reflect even a portion of it in the asking price!

I appreciate the kind words on the sale listing ;)
Yeah it’s an awesome! I wish I jad Found it before i got Mine. The rig is completely sound. One of the best rigs I’ve seen. If i could Scoop it up now i would.
PSA - Price dropped by $500
Looks sharp I like the fact that there are no mods; but mines modded up! You sure you want to sell it? I'll pass information on to a buddy who is looking for his son.
Honestly, I'd love to keep it just to appreciate it and enjoy driving sometimes, but it's my third car and I don't want to keep it registered and insured, and I have a 96 LX450 that's more practical for me for most purposes. So yeah, it's time to part, sadly. Please do pass it along to anyone interested! Thanks!
Sale is pending - Thanks everyone for looking!

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