1. P

    After market radio

    I am planning to install a aftermarket stereo on my 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. I have a few questions. Would the easiest way to do this be using a harness that uses the oem amp? Also I have read that the stereo I am going to install has a built in amplifier that supplies 45 amps to each speaker...
  2. James Bentley

    Wanted  LabRak Passenger Side antenna mount - 100 series

    Looking for a LabRak Passenger Side antenna mount to fit a 100 series. Looks like this: I'm ok with new or used.
  3. Bardiya

    Power antenna issue after Head unit upgrade

    My power antenna works perfectly fine when the car is in ACC position and retracts completely when the head unit is switched off as it should, but when I start the car the antenna goes down to the lowest point without retracting completely and doesn’t go up when I press the button on the dash. I...
  4. Dmi

    Mobile Mark multi-band antennas feedback

    Hi, I wonder if anyone used multi-band antennas from MobileMark for WiFi,Cell,GPS. Bought an android head unit, it has gps and wifi built in, thought of mounting somethiing like this on the roof rack MGW-301 (Cellular, WiFi, GPS) - MobileMark
  5. utahisrad

    For Sale  80 series CB/FM Antenna Mount for stock location

    Made by Trail Taylor, sells for $65 new will sell for $50 shipped. Antenna Mounts Ended up going a different direction, going to mount my CB on the back and do a regular fm/am in the front. Missing the small rubber washer. Here are the install instructions: » Antenna Mount Info...
  6. Outsane

    Rotenna the rotating antenna mount

    There was interest for a mount I made for my rig. On the what did you do to your rig this weekend. So this is the journey on designing/making a couple more. The original design uses the rack mounting bracket for location , I don't think that will do for most people.
  7. SportsmanJake

    Looking for advice on antennas and mounting locations for CB and ham

    Hi CLCC, I am looking for advice on where to mount a CB antenna and a 2m/70cm antenna. I am asking on the club page because I've talked to a few club members who are very knowledgeable and would like to have some local support if I need to troubleshoot. Goal: Determine best place to mount ham...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  FJ80 Factory Electric Antenna - Works great

    SoCal Sold Complete as one complete unit only. $95 + shipping. Send Personal Message to me.
  9. EvoE2

    Antenna differences

    Hello Guys, I need to replace the power antenna on my LX450 but it seems to be discontinued The part number is 86300-60080 The antenna for the pre 97 Land Cruiser has another part number 86300-60050 and it seems to be available Does anyone know the difference between them? Would the Land...
  10. Spaceballs

    Wanted  Really need FJ62 Antennae grommit and beauty ring

    Hello, Looking for the Antennae grommit and beauty ring that attaches to the front fender. Willing to pay a little extra or buy the antennae if necessary. FJ62.
  11. GhostriderMW

    Antenna Recommendations?

    Hello- I have a 1990 FJ62 Land Cruiser and I'm looking for a burly, handle-anything antenna. I'll keep mine mounted off the hood where I currently have one, unless someone has a recommendation for one mounted elsewhere. Thanks for any recommendations you can offer! -Mike
  12. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FJ62 Power Antenna

    Broken or not, please let me know if you have a power antenna assembly. Thanks!
  13. Nevada470

    Manual antenna control w/ factory switch

    This was all in a 2001 LX470 without factory navigation. Yours might be slightly different but the concept should be similar. This involves poking around in the factory wiring, so be careful and double check before doing anything destructive, ultimately it's pretty simple and if done right...
  14. rc51kid

    late power antenna in early (94) FZJ80?

    I know the power antennas are different because the repairs of broken cables are different. But will the later style (95-97)bolt in to the earlier (94)trucks? Any issues with swapping them around?
  15. S

    Power Antenna Woes (LX)

    Recently replaced head unit and bypassed amplifier. My antenna was working flawlessly before replacing radio. Things are working pretty well now, my power antenna goes up when radio turns on, goes down when radio turns off.... BUT.... it doesn't always go up all the way, and if I try and...
  16. DirtScaresMe

    slee cb antenna mount - fixing the swr problems

    I'm dropping this thread in here just for anyone else who may have this problem. It's old news to anyone who's had this problem and it makes sense when you lay it out, but I spent a good couple of hours messing around with things before I figured out the obvious. I have a background in RF...
  17. Spaceballs

    Wanted  Antenna Beauty Ring and Grommet

    Hello, I am looking for the grommet and beauty ring that holds the antenna in place on the fender. I recently purchased the 2 in 1 cb antenna plus adapter kit that requires the OME grommet. PO had an aftermarket setup that will not work. Any leads would also be appreciated, this is the last...
  18. DirtScaresMe

    slee rear bumper cb antenna mount

    Curious about this one. There's a mount down the lower bumper (big piece) which would allow the spring to flex and bend the antenna back. The higher mount (pictured) doesn't really do much for front-to-back impacts (the typical problem). Any feedback or ideas on this? Probably will put the...
  19. jpsfj60

    Power Antenna Problems

    I bought my HDJ81 knowing that the mask was broken. PO told me that I could just buy a new mask with the white plastic strip with the gear teeth on it and just insert it down into the assembly. Well this power antenna assembly isn't like that. That is only for the 96 and new cruiser's and...
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