75 series

  1. P

    Moving front diff forward 4 inches (100mm)

    Hi, just an introduction, I bought a 1991 1HZ 75 Series Cab Chassis Ute last year, been loving it Then busted a front spring and the only cheap replacement I could find at a wrecker was a 60 series rear spring, so on it goes with a two inch extended shackle and all is bingo 👍 Except my...
  2. Streched 75

    1hz to 1hd fte conversion

    Hi all I have searched many of threads but can't find nothing solid.. I am the proud owner of a 92 hzj 75 with 1 Hz done 675,000 kms. I have just purchased a 1hd fte full conversion with wirring loom right back to key. Am half way through pulling old loom out will post many of pictures as...
  3. R

    H55f/H151 shifter locations with 1HDT in 70 series

    Hello, I am looking at a new FJ75 project that I would swap a 1HDT into (the vehicle has a good H55f in it behind the 3F.) I have been reading about the challenges with attaching the 1HDT to the H55f so I was looking at using an H151 but what I have not been able to find is the relative...
  4. C

    73 series lx landcruiser 87'

    Does anyone have any information on replacing the front inner wheel well on my 73 series lx landcruiser 87'? I heard wheel wells from 75 series are compatible? Attached images are of the damage.
  5. Walter Tulin

    75 series 1hz LC

    Good day All, My 1hz LC starts easily when I start the car after leaving it for more than 30mins. But when I turn the car off and start it after 2-3 mins it only cranks but does not start. Is there something wrong with my glow plugs. Maybe the glow plugs are wet? Please assist.
  6. Stevewalker5130

    H151 into a 75 series whats involved?

    Hey fellas im looking to but a h151 gearbox into my 75 series ute instead of a h55 just wondering if someone coukd tell me what that involves modification wise or will it just bolt straight in? Are the 79 series running this gearbox and if so can i just use a h151 from an 80 series and use 79...
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