75 series

  1. T

    1hz timing

    Ok so a bit of a confusing one but I’d better put it out there coz I feel like a numpty atm I have a 1990 hzj75 ute I blew the motor I bought a 1hz from a 1994 80 series I switched over the injector pumps because the one I bought was f***ed thinking they would be the same or at least the same...
  2. B

    75 engine conversion

    Hi all, So here’s an update on my 75 series conversion. As some of you know, I’m dropping a 2UZ into it. So far, it’s going well... basically it fits! The first issue, not thought about, is the radiator.. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what will fit, which would suit a 2UZ, that isnt...
  3. T

    SOLD  Los Angeles, 1990 Land Cruiser HZJ75 (G-turbo, poptop, LHD)

    Bring a Trailer didn't quite end up the way I was hoping. Bit of a wild goose chase with the Buyer so I'm here offering my beloved troopy, again. Here it is: This 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75 is a left-hand drive that was originally used as an ambulance in Colombia, where I purchased it from...
  4. Bing173rd

    Wanted  Grey floor mats for 75 series Troopy - behind front seat and cargo area

    Before I ordered the aftermarket version I will take one last shot at finding OEM versions of the vinyl. Looking for the second and third pieces in grey. Appreciate any leads or help in finding these. Thanks
  5. Bing173rd

    OEM door cards for 75 series troopy

    Does anyone have any idea on what grey door cards would work for a 1992 75 series troopy? I have found a few part numbers but not sure what actually works or if/when the front doors changed on these things. Edit: What other models work for this truck?
  6. T

    75 series ute motor swaps

    Hey I'm looking at building something unique in the next year or so in my 1990 hzj75 ute. Mainly looking at trying a 12v 6bt with a td42 box and transfer. Anyone done a successful 6bt conversion in a 75? looking at actually building the motor for big power so its not just stock. I know lots of...
  7. B

    75 Series engine swap

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. After years of wanting to own a beast, I finally have one. I’ve recently purchased a 1988, 75 series LWB. I want to upgrade the engine and had either diesel 1hd-fte or the petrol 2uz-fe in mind. I also plan to swap the gearbox for an auto ( sac religious I...
  8. Bing173rd

    1992 HZJ-75 Troopy: Going to need a bunch of advice on this build.....

    Whether it is a good or bad idea has yet to be seen, but I was able to purchase an old 1992 75 Series 1HZ troopy. Mechanically seems legit at first glance, body and interior are a bit rough but those should be easy fixes as the interior is pretty sparse to begin with. I am rookie with dealing...
  9. M

    75 series rear diff oil change

    Hi. Just looking for what diff oil i should be using for my 1995 75 series rear diff which has a diff lock in it. And also how much oil to use. Thanks
  10. D

    Need a little help and information

    I have just bought a ‘93 75 series 1HZ Troopcarrier. And I was in the process of flushing the brake fluid when my eyes shifted focus to this. Just need to know now, if this is a deal breaker for this vehicle, and I should cut my loses or what. I already have an appoint to get some rust cut out...
  11. MES

    For Sale  75 Series Troopy oem rear bumper parts + extras Portland, OR.

    Up for sale is an almost complete new rear oem bumper for a 75 series Troop Carrier. Look at the photo for part numbers. All the parts are new in box. Buy the whole lot for $250 NOW 100$. local in SW Portland. Also up for sale is the oem antenna. $35 obo. ( willing to ship this item...
  12. 7

    Hzj75 front coil conversion

    Just wondering if anyone could give me suggestions on how to coil the front end of my hzj75. Heard about using an 80 series axle but I was thinking maybe 79 series coil mounts could fit on my original axles with a bit of help (fabrications) . It’s my first car and maybe I’m a bit naive but I’d...
  13. BinduHJ75

    Tie rod change (1st timer)-HZJ75

    Hi Mud techs, Need a little help and assistance around the tie rods since it is my first time doing the change out. The manual says the tie rods should be screwed in equal lengths into the tube to give you ~1.267m total length. When I got to mine, they were all different lengths. I did the...
  14. 75rig

    H150f or H151f into a 2h or 12ht

    Has anyone done this conversion? Does toyota have a bellhousing that will fit the 2h block from the h150 or h151f? The old h55f just isnt up to scratch, never has been. Looking for a better box for a custom 75 series build.
  15. 75rig

    Hj75 body mount bolt lengths

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows the length of the body mount bolts as I am installing a body lift and need the bolts but do not have the vehicle with me at the moment.
  16. P

    Moving front diff forward 4 inches (100mm)

    Hi, just an introduction, I bought a 1991 1HZ 75 Series Cab Chassis Ute last year, been loving it Then busted a front spring and the only cheap replacement I could find at a wrecker was a 60 series rear spring, so on it goes with a two inch extended shackle and all is bingo 👍 Except my...
  17. Streched 75

    1hz to 1hd fte conversion

    Hi all I have searched many of threads but can't find nothing solid.. I am the proud owner of a 92 hzj 75 with 1 Hz done 675,000 kms. I have just purchased a 1hd fte full conversion with wirring loom right back to key. Am half way through pulling old loom out will post many of pictures as...
  18. R

    H55f/H151 shifter locations with 1HDT in 70 series

    Hello, I am looking at a new FJ75 project that I would swap a 1HDT into (the vehicle has a good H55f in it behind the 3F.) I have been reading about the challenges with attaching the 1HDT to the H55f so I was looking at using an H151 but what I have not been able to find is the relative...
  19. C

    73 series lx landcruiser 87'

    Does anyone have any information on replacing the front inner wheel well on my 73 series lx landcruiser 87'? I heard wheel wells from 75 series are compatible? Attached images are of the damage.
  20. Walter Tulin

    75 series 1hz LC

    Good day All, My 1hz LC starts easily when I start the car after leaving it for more than 30mins. But when I turn the car off and start it after 2-3 mins it only cranks but does not start. Is there something wrong with my glow plugs. Maybe the glow plugs are wet? Please assist.
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