70 series

  1. mel650

    70 series Transmission and Transfer

    Hi all, i just imported my 1991 70 series from Venezuela, i went and bought it over there and did some kind of restoration, but now that i have it here in the US i found that the transmission has some leaks by the upper plug, looks like was already welded, also on the transfer on the upper...
  2. seatosummit

    SOLD  Santa Barbara: 1987, LJ70

    For sale is my ‘87 LJ70 Land Cruiser with 332,197 kilometers (206k miles) on the clock. The truck is powered by a healthy 2L-T turbo diesel that generates plenty of power and low end torque. The truck was imported from Croatia in 2019 by the previous owner. It has since been properly titled...
  3. Elbee

    Toyota Land Cruiser Gearbox Options: A Comprehensive Guide To H15x Variations

    Good article on H15 series gearboxes from HDAutomotive, on 70 series and 100/105 series cruisers The Toyota Land Cruiser Gearbox Navigating the world of Toyota Land Cruiser gearboxes can be a confusing task with the amount of variations available. This guide is designed to demystify the options...
  4. Fireselector

    For Sale  70 Series Parts Lot - Chino, CA

    Free local pick up at Chino Hills, CA 91709 or $ +Shipping Please PM for detailed pics From Top Left to Bottom Right: 1. Brown Dash Cluster Surround (Used, broken corner) $50 2. Brown Dash Pad w/ Sub Tank Gauge Cut Out RHD (Used, few small holes) $50 3. Cluster Speedometer Glass Cover (Used...
  5. torqueluvr

    For Sale  70 Series Suspension Seats - BC, Canada

    70 series suspension seats. Seats and brackets. Been told can also fit 60 series, I'm not sure. All I know is they won't fit in a 75. Suspension dials, springs and lockouts work as they should. In Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. $500CDN. Local Pickup Only.
  6. polskawe

    HZJ77 Incoming

    Wassup, friends. I have a 1992 HZJ77 right hand steer inbound from Dubai and its expected in the next few months. I have a few things I would like to buy and I am having a tough ass time finding floor mats/carpet kit replacement. Any ideas?
  7. cruiseroutfit

    70's @ Cruise Moab

    It sounds like there will be 7-8 7x's at Cruise Moab this year based on registrations and vendors. I suspect a few more will be there too. Who's got a 70 headed to CM?
  8. T

    Engine fuse keeps blowing… I’m lost

    Hi there I have a BJ73 with the 3B motor, occasionally when I was driving the engine fuse would blow, and now the fuse blows every time I turn the key to the on position. I have tried disconnecting starter, starter relay, glow plugs glow plug relay, tail lights radio, fuse keeps blowing and...
  9. cruisermatt

    For Sale  70 Series steering arm New 45612-60091

    New. Please verify your fitment before inquiring. $50 + $20 shipping US
  10. cruisermatt

    SOLD  +90 70-Series Knuckles New L+R 43212-60090 43211-60090

    Parts were installed for mockup only and are otherwise new. Please confirm fitment for your application. $190/pair shipped
  11. desmocruiser

    SOLD  70 Series Steering wheel, turn signal lenses, armrest

    I have a few take off parts from my 1990 HZJ73 All are pretty well used but thought they might be of some use to someone before I tossed them in storage, likely never to be seen again or contributed to the landfill someday. The steering wheel has some age/sun cracking and you can feel the...
  12. P

    SOLD  Ventura County, CA - 70 series 16in OEM Steel wheels w/brand new Falken Wildpeak AT3W 235/85R16

    For trade for 17” TRD Pro grey wheels w/tires or For Sale…. $1,500…Just bought an FJ62 with these brand new 70 series 16in OEM Steel wheels (16x6) with brand new Falken Wildpeak AT3W 235/85R16. It includes matching spare wheel/tire, so five total wheels and tires. They were purchased in...
  13. davework

    Wanted  Used 70 series 16" steel rims 42601-60262-03

    Anyone have a decent used set of these? Planning to powder coat, so not too concerned about condition as long as they can be blasted and coated. I would take 1, or as many as you have up to 5. Shipping to 33774.
  14. greenbeast

    African 70 series porn

    On once in a lifetime safari in Africa with the wife. She was curious if we would be in any land cruisers and her curiosity was confirmed. Over the last week we have ridden in the RHD 70 series (don’t beat me up not knowing which model) chugging away for hundreds of miles. Once we got out of...
  15. overpaid slacker

    Wanted  70 series fender flares

    looking for fender flares that would fit my 85 BJ73. Preferably thin profile, but anything would be ok. Please give me a shout if anyone has a set of these sitting around.
  16. Ribz0

    HZJ75 Shop Truck Build

    Hi all. We recently purchased a very well used, and neglected 75 series ute. I knew it need some serious love, but as it always goes during a build, we certainly got a few surprises along the way. Saying that, it was purchased at the right price with the intent of putting some life back into...
  17. Chinookie

    SOLD  70 series - upper fender and turn signals

    I completed my rebuild and have a few things left over that might help someone else. Upper left fender - OEM - $200 plus shipping Front right turn signal black - $50 plus shipping Front left turn signal chrome - $50 plus shipping
  18. BAM6172

    New here and new to the J70

    I work for a medflight company with aircraft in Haiti. We have multiple J70 Cruisers and are having issues with one of them. The roads here are not favorable and one of our trucks got a battery light after hitting a large pothole. The alternator is putting out 7.7Vdc and 4.4Vac. Originally...
  19. ATL Cruiser

    For Sale  Atlanta: 70 / 80 Series - 4 Navy Blue Headrests

    Two front, two rear headrests. These will fit 70 or 80 series Land Cruisers. 10mm chrome posts 150mm post spacing Please take note of the notches on the sides of the headrests posts. If they do not match, you can swap the receivers side to side.. Dark, navy blue from a Hilux Surf. The...
  20. woytovich

    SOLD  NY: Rebuilt 70 series Full Floating disc brake (with parking brake) rear axle

    Perfect for an upgrade to a 40 series - especially if you swapped in a transfer case without a parking brake! I'm selling a 70 series FF, disc brake (with parking brake & cable) non-locked rear axle that was originally in a 90-97 HJZ73. It has been rebuilt with all OEM parts (rotors, calipers...
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