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  1. G

    Looking for Parts that are not typically available in the US

    Hey everyone, I am helping a friend get his 1hz back up and running, it is an imported 70 series. Unfortunately, the motor blew up due to an aftermarket turbo and now a new motor is ready to go back in after being worked on. It appears that the motor did not come with all of the necessary...
  2. rockwell421

    KZJ71 RHD-Spare Parts

    Hey folks, I just picked up this 1996 KZJ71 Prado SX RHD (light duty). The truck is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I'm looking for a supplier/distributor for parts like brake pads and kingpin components (the safety inspection was complaining about the ball joints even though this model...
  3. WandatheTroopy

    70 Series Drum Brake to Disc Conversion

    Hi there, I would love to convert my front and rear drum brakes to disk. Who has done it, what do I need? Thank you!
  4. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    For Sale Complete New Coastal Off Road armor set for 70 series- bumpers and sliders.

    With the BJ74 sold, it’s time to sell the armor set. I was so excited about this stuff but in the end it wasn’t meant to be. Front bumper includes hoop, rear bump includes rocker protection hoops and weld in hitch. No swing out. Sliders are 68”, perfect for a MWB Cruiser. All together this is...
  5. RhinoRig

    For Sale SCarolina: 70 tail lights and scuff guard

    Cleaning out the parts bin. Bought new tail lights as part of the refurb of my troopy. The left side is a little darker than the right (years of diesel smoke?). 81561-90K00 $100 for the pair plus the ride. Bought new door jamb covers to replace my plastic ones, but they are actually run-in...
  6. LevinBR

    For Sale OME Rear Leaf Spring - 60 series & 70 series

    I have one Old Man Emu CS017RA (+) rear leaf spring available for sale. It was purchased brand new in April 2021 from Cruiser Outfitters - only used for ~100 miles and then swapped for the shorter "B" version to fix a lean issue with my truck. $140 , pickup only in Erie, CO Fitment:
  7. Pulgasari

    Long-term, which 70-series do I want?

    Hi folks, Sometime within the next 5 years or so, I'm looking to buy (import) an LC70. I've drunk the Land Cruiser koolaid and I've been lurking various forums for ~6 months, but I still feel like I don't know much about the specific vehicles I'm most interested in, so I figured I'd make a...
  8. Vitaliy Yakub


    I am owner of JDM 1992 HZJ77 Toyota Land Cruiser. I am in Seattle. Never been satisfied with whatever lug nuts available on the market: not tall enough; not 21 hex, rusts; etc,... So, I have designed my own custom lug nut based on OEM part dimensions and placed my order with one small...
  9. L

    2h conversion

    Hi recently ripped the 3f out of my fj73 and picked up a 2h to swap in. Just wondering on things i should know I know wiring bellhousing, radiator fuel lines engine mounts have to be changed and thing else i should know? The other question is to do with the 2 vac line routing, i know they run...
  10. WandatheTroopy

    HJ75 Troopy air con compressor rubs on Radiator hose

    Hi there, I have a little bit of an issue. This troopy is new to me and after I drove it a little, the radiator hose had a huge leak. after inspection, I noticed the radiator hose was rubbing on the air con compressor. I thought, I'll just get an original 1988 HJ75 hoes kit and the problem would...
  11. N

    LJ79 with a 3UZFE Swap - Looking for past experiences and issues regarding reliability

    Hello mates! It's me again, I have decided not to tinker with my 3L-turbo that's giving me some small issues which I find annoying. Plus, rebuilding it costs quite a bomb here (Malaysia) - probably less than what I am going to embark on but still don't think it's worth it. So, I have found...
  12. ORCruiser

    SOLD $29,900 Oregon - 1994 KZJ77 Factory 1KZT 3.0 Turbo Diesel Left Hand Drive - 5 Speed - Locked - 2 Owner -108K Miles

    1994 KZJ77 77 Series Left Hand Drive Land Cruiser, 3.0 Turbo Diesel, 5 Speed Manual, 4x4, Locked (Locking Hubs), 108K Documented Miles /175K Km, Air Conditioning A/C, Power Windows and Locks, Imported Legally, Original Unmodified, Factory 3.0 Liter, Original LHD, 2 Owner with all the paperwork...
  13. KZJ78Sasebo

    KZJ78 Electrical Issues

    Hello everyone, I have a 1994 KZJ78 (1KZ-TE) that I imported from when I was living in Japan. The truck recently started acting up ever since I got it back from the shipper. When the truck is running, something causes the whole electric systems to shut down. I can't roll down any windows...
  14. JDMStanNTopSoft

    SOLD Dubai: Toyota Land Cruiser Oil Pressure Receiver Gauge Assembly 70 Series OEM Rare

    $200 shipped Slight fading of text/labels Internals 100% clean
  15. Bing173rd

    Wanted Grey floor mats for 75 series Troopy - behind front seat and cargo area

    Before I ordered the aftermarket version I will take one last shot at finding OEM versions of the vinyl. Looking for the second and third pieces in grey. Appreciate any leads or help in finding these. Thanks
  16. ardnez

    1HZ Coolant Over Flow Tank Boiling

    So I noticed that my coolant overflow tank was boiling after i went up an extremely steep hill, temp gauge was slightly below the red, do you think this can be due to a cracked head gasket, other causes or is this normal? Also pretty sure my radiator has a tiny leak since i noticed dried up...
  17. K

    For Sale 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4x4 NO RUST

    $16,500 Link to 80+ photos https://www.midatlanticautoinc.com/inventory/toyota/land%20cruiser/0806/ 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4x4. Right hand drive 3.0L 1KZ Diesel Automatic Third row seat No rust 4 new tires 200k miles Owners manuals Runs and shifts great No issues Hood and roof have...
  18. Bing173rd

    SOLD 70 Series landcruiser grey front seat belts

    Edit: Location is Japan but military, so shipping will be USPS so no issues. Shipping to US addresses is just like shipping from state to state. Is anyone looking for driver and passenger side seatbelts for 70 series trucks? I purchased these for a 75 series troopy, hoping they would work...
  19. stevejantz

    Wanted Visor Assembly RH - 70 Series

    Trying to track down the passenger side visor from the 70 Series to swap into my FJ62, as noted here: Sun Visors I was able to order the drivers side, but it seems like the RH is not available anywhere. Part: 74310-90K10-08 thanks! -Steve
  20. F

    The Geneveive Project - R151f for HZJ79 Question

    Hey everyone, long time reader and first time post-er. Love the site and I have a project I think I could contribute with but I'll need some help first. I've been searching the internet avidly for the past few months trying to figure out the most efficient way to swap my 2UZ into my FJ60, and...
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