70 series

  1. K

    Help locating fuse for indicators! LJ70

    Hi, I need help locating the right fuse for the indicators on my LJ70. I know the fuse box is located at the feet of the drivers side but unfortunately I’ve lost the cover! Which fuse coresponds to the indicators? Thanks guys :)
  2. DorianGQ78

    For Sale  1993 Land cruiser Prado (KZJ78) JDM Diesel

    $28,500 1993 Land Cruiser Prado (KZJ78) JDM import. -3.0L turbo diesel (1kz-te engine), 4 Spd A/T, 4x4 -actual fuel mileage is around 19-21mpg in the city) -E- locking hubs; E-Rear Diff lock -4 inch Rancho lift with 33x12.5” tires on super rare 6lug Centerline convo pros, 15” -240, 000km at the...
  3. seventyfour

    BJ74 Heater Control Assembly Replacement - Advice Needed!

    So I broke the internals of my temperature adjustment for the AC/heater when trying to adjust the heat - I'm guessing a combination of difficult operation and brittle old parts in the dash - and can't get the replacement fully installed. It's one of the first things I broke when I got the car...
  4. CahabaCruisers

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser Spare Tire Mount 70 Series

    $150 - 70 series rear door spare tire mount. In great shape. One stud has a slight bend in it. Flat rate shipping to US and Canada included. PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo accepted.
  5. CahabaCruisers

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser Mud Flap Set

    $150 Toyota Land Cruiser Mud flap set. Black in color. Good condition. Left rear has a “burned” spot . Part numbers can be seen in the pics to cross reference whether it will fit your rig.
  6. PDXadvokat

    LC-curious about a daily driver

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for a change to a more capable daily driver, cruising around various sites getting wild ideas and thought you lot seemed open and helpful for a newb with questions. Don't want to jump off a cliff before checking with the experts! Thanks for putting up with the...
  7. SHREDwagon

    For Sale  Vanner 12/24v Battery Equalizer / Converter

    Vanner VANN-Gaurd 70-100M 100 Amp Battery Equalizer & Converter. Has ~20k kms on it and Made in USA. Spec's here. Last converter you will ever need. Retails for $800 US. Asking $500 + shipping.
  8. P

    Container coming from Japan

    Hello everyone, I'm making a move from mainland Japan back to South Carolina at the end of February/beginning of March 2020. I'm going to be shipping a 20ft container of household goods that I won't be able fill. As such, is there anything (particularly heavy items) anyone wants from Japan...
  9. athensrep

    Parting Out  Atlanta: New take-off Wide Body 70 series front end

    Here's almost everything you need to convert a narrow into a wide. A few modifications to your inner fenders and radiator support, and you'll be off the races. These parts are new take-offs from a white 2018 HZJ79 and they're in great shape. The clip kit contains: • Snorkel upper and lower...
  10. wildling

    Wanted  AZ: 78/79 Series Front Coil Axle

    Looking for a 70 series coil front axle. Complete axle preferred but would also consider just the housing. Located in Tucson, AZ. Thanks, Joe
  11. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: LC 40/60/70 Series Parts - PAYPAL with Global Tracked Shipping! PRICE DROP!

    Hello! I'm selling JDM Spares for the 40, 60 & 70 Series Land Cruiser. These have been recently restored and serviced. 1) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT Condition! 86120-60040 #1 2) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT...
  12. N

    Square Nose/Round Headlights on a KZJ/LJ78?

    Hey all, New to MUD and to cruisers in general, I'd appreciate it if one of you could answer my question. I've got my heart set on a light duty 78 (engine doesn't matter, I'm swapping it out) but I would really, really, really prefer to have the more square and angular grill and nose of the...
  13. P

    Moving front diff forward 4 inches (100mm)

    Hi, just an introduction, I bought a 1991 1HZ 75 Series Cab Chassis Ute last year, been loving it Then busted a front spring and the only cheap replacement I could find at a wrecker was a 60 series rear spring, so on it goes with a two inch extended shackle and all is bingo 👍 Except my...
  14. Streched 75

    1hz to 1hd fte conversion

    Hi all I have searched many of threads but can't find nothing solid.. I am the proud owner of a 92 hzj 75 with 1 Hz done 675,000 kms. I have just purchased a 1hd fte full conversion with wirring loom right back to key. Am half way through pulling old loom out will post many of pictures as...
  15. just differentials

    Nitro Gear's 1987 Land Cruiser HDJ75 Troopy Trakka Bushman - Walkaround of "Cobby Bob"

    1st Walkaround: Nitro Gear's 1987 Land Cruiser HDJ75 Troopy Trakka Bushman - "Cobby Bob" - Completed with a 1HD-FT Toyota Diesel Engine // #DieselToyota We just it back from Goose Gear after handling the overland style interior build-out! Since we're in WA at Nitro Gear & Axle HQ again with it...
  16. dcruiser666

    Wanted  70 series grey suspension seats w/bases (California)

    Looking for a set of these in decent condition within a reasonable distance. Preferably with the grey cross hatched cloth upholstery. A couple others on here had them in Canada but even using my commercial shipping account the international charges were way too high. Fingers crossed for someone...
  17. P

    Builds  1995 HZJ77 wagon build - Japan sourced

    This build is about my recently (November 2018) purchased HZJ77 70 Series Wagon and the modifications I'm working on. I bought it nearly sight unseen (other than 4-5 photos) off of Yahoo Auctions here in Japan (I'm currently located in Nagoya) for 1,100,000yen (about $9500) and had it shipped...
  18. dcruiser666

    SOLD  H41 4 Speed (3B compatible) PRICE DROP - $200

    I just swapped in a new H55F into my 89 BJ70 with 3B motor. The H41 that was in it is still in good working condition, was rebuilt by PO ~30K kms ago (which I have papers for) and gave me no problems the couple of years I spent driving with it. It's my opinion that this probably isn't worth...
  19. S

    Has anyone installed 1GR in early 90s 70 series?

    Has anyone installed 1GR in early 90s 70 series?
  20. Bulimba

    SOLD  70 Series Back Bench Seat

    Hi, have this extra back bench for 70 series. 200$ + Shipping from 33143
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