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  1. dcruiser666

    Wanted 70 series grey suspension seats w/bases (California)

    Looking for a set of these in decent condition within a reasonable distance. Preferably with the grey cross hatched cloth upholstery. A couple others on here had them in Canada but even using my commercial shipping account the international charges were way too high. Fingers crossed for someone...
  2. P

    Builds 1995 HZJ77 wagon build - Japan sourced

    This build is about my recently (November 2018) purchased HZJ77 70 Series Wagon and the modifications I'm working on. I bought it nearly sight unseen (other than 4-5 photos) off of Yahoo Auctions here in Japan (I'm currently located in Nagoya) for 1,100,000yen (about $9500) and had it shipped...
  3. dcruiser666

    SOLD H41 4 Speed (3B compatible) PRICE DROP - $200

    I just swapped in a new H55F into my 89 BJ70 with 3B motor. The H41 that was in it is still in good working condition, was rebuilt by PO ~30K kms ago (which I have papers for) and gave me no problems the couple of years I spent driving with it. It's my opinion that this probably isn't worth...
  4. S

    Has anyone installed 1GR in early 90s 70 series?

    Has anyone installed 1GR in early 90s 70 series?
  5. Bulimba

    SOLD 70 Series Back Bench Seat

    Hi, have this extra back bench for 70 series. 200$ + Shipping from 33143
  6. Francis A

    1kz-te oscillating power

    Need help with my 1kz-te 78. Whenever i floor it, the engine's power oscillates. It wont reach above 3000rpm. Had it dynoed and only had 56rwhp and 280nm of torque. Had the injection pump serviced thinkjng that it would fix the issue but it hasnt. New injector nozzles also. We lifted it through...
  7. fitzy

    For Sale ISO Diesel 4 door 70 series (HZJ77?)

    Hi All, I just cleared room in the garage for another car, and want to find another Land Cruiser (current DD is an FJ62). I'm look for a 4 door 70 series. The perfect find would be: Diesel Turbo 4 Door White or sand/beige color (Open to black, grey, two toned, etc...) HZJ77 seems like the...
  8. sigorama

    For Sale FJ70 Chrome Front Bumper, OEM

    I have a 70 series chrome front bumper for sale. One small ding in the front, but I'm guessing a good body guy could straighten that out. I did not remove this from the FJ70, just bought it for a project and now am switching gears. Includes the OEM yellow lights. In very good condition overall...
  9. OGBeno

    Manufacture Months/Years and Frame Numbers

    I am posting up pertinent production date information with frame numbers which 7x series owners can use as reference when you need parts since some parts supersede mid-month/mid-production. With this information you can even break it down further with actual day of the week your truck was...
  10. T

    Texas Registration issues

    Hey guys in a bit of a pickle here. I'm having issues registering my 1993 HZJ73 in Texas. First question, does anyone know where I can get my export certificate translated and notarized? I have the translation but its not official. Second question: The tax and revenue office says that I need...
  11. B

    Wanted 70 seris 24v gauge instrument cluster

    Hi! Im looking for an 70 series 24v instrument cluster to my project. I have an BJ75 and im going to swap an 12ht in it. The instrument cluster i have in my car is the simply one like in the firs pic. The instrument cluster i want is the one in the second pic. I live in Finland so shipping would...
  12. Mellim

    KZJ78 Front Brakes & Rotors (VIDEO)

    1996 Land Cruiser KJZ78 with electric hubs Replacing front brakes and rotors
  13. J

    what is this land cruiser worth?

    so i want to give an offer on this land cruiser ( there aren't a whole lot of options here i panama) and i think this would be a pretty solid car, so the post saids its a 91 2L engine with a/c and 4x4 working good has almost half a million miles, and saids he uses it all day everyday. the car...
  14. J

    Hj75 purchase opinion

    Hi, everyone i want to get my first land cruiser. So a guy is selling a hj75 (at least i think its that one) for 6500 the car is from '92 has a 2h engine and some other mods. Has 200k km. Dont knoe anything else about the car but am planning to see it today. What are you opinions and...
  15. That Finnish Gu

    First time breaking something on my BJ70

    Was doing some driving on trails in Northern Michigan and might have hit a bump a little too big in one of the many mud pits I drove through. I'm having the mount welded back and reinforced but I also noticed the shock is almost worn out. Does anybody have good brands for new shocks?
  16. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
  17. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
  18. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
  19. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
  20. BJ70


    My 1985 JDM BJ70
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