1. T

    Funky chicken EDIC issue persisting :(

    Experiencing some funky chicken in my EDIC system on my 3B and can’t seem to find what’s causing it. I’ve taken off my engine block grounds other wires that are easy access and sanded and cleaned them down, I’ve even taken apart my fuel control relay to see if there was any corrosion on it and...
  2. T

    Intermittently sputtering 3B.

    My 60 series 3B started sputtering randomly the other day while I was at the gas station. Didn’t insist for three days until now when I was driving on the highway and it started sputtering really intermittently every 2-3 minutes. feels like the fuel cuts out for a second as if there is an air...
  3. T

    Best shop for a 3b rad recore?

    My radiator is gunked up and I need to get it recored as I can’t seem to find any OEM radiators online or in the lower mainland. Looking to upgrade to a 4 core from my 3 core. Does anyone have recommendations on shops in the Vancouver area that can do so? Best option and price so far is from...
  4. T

    3B radiator question

    I just ordered a new radiator from NAPA auto parts and it seems like they’ve sent me one with the wrong configuration. My OEM radiator has the inlet and outlet ports on the same side, the new one the inlet and outlet ports are diagonal from each other. Does anyone know if it will work with my 84...
  5. T

    3B overheat on long hills. Help!

    I had the frost plugs in my N/A 3B replaced in October and since then I have had a persisting issue of temperature spikes when climbing up long highway hills. (Squamish to Brohm lake for example) Since then I have replaced my: Rad cap Fan clutch T-stat OEM 82 degrees Water pump Various...
  6. T

    3B - Where to tie in an aftermarket water temp gauge?

    Purchased an after market mechanical water temperature gauge from Napa. Just wondering as to where I can tie the probe into my 3b? I’ve heard people screw it in with an adapter to their t stat housing, but all 3 of my ports are occupied from factory from what it appears. I have a Wilson switch...
  7. M

    For Sale H55F 5 Speed Transmission W/ Transfer Case

    Rebuilt Transmission/Split Tranfer Case, like brand new with new internals and nuts and bolts. $4800 obo Alberta, Canada
  8. Sykoslug

    Wanted 3B Injection Pump Throttle Lever

    Hi Mudders, I'm switching from an IP that's equipped with an HAC, to one that's not. One difference is the throttle control arm that attached to the top of the IP and also provides the fuel control limit via a metal tab. Unfortunately the lever from the non HAC pump is missing and I need a...
  9. C

    Rectify title: high revs - injection pump rebuilt then engine overheating for Coaster 1987 3B engine

    Please see below. These were my repairs by Toyota SService: 1. The engine was brought with high revs at iddle, no overheating and no other problems; 2. This happened after putting approx 20 l diesel in the fuel tank and driving it for approx 30kms; 3. Previously the car stayed park approx 8...
  10. V

    1985 12V Alternator woahs

    Looking for some advice. I'm a mechanic with some decent Landcruiser experience but seem to be stumped on this 12V internally regulated, 3b Diesel alternator. It needs a rebuild, but I havent had any luck trying to find the regulator for it. I can find the 24V regs but not the 12V ones. Also...
  11. AlbertoSD

    SOLD H55 Input Shaft and Bearing Retainer (Early Type) - Sold

    I have an H55 input shaft and corresponding bearing retainer, 3B/13BT type for the early style H55 transmission. This is used, pulled from an H55 that was converted to the F style input shaft. No weird noises on the transmission prior to disassembly. Asking $150 plus shipping from Cincinnati.
  12. J

    Wanted Anyone have a B, 3B Exhaust manifold

    Hello, Located in Florida, looking to temporarily ditch the turbo setup on my BJ60 and want an original exhaust manifold. Thanks,
  13. TristanFF

    1982 Land Cruiser BJ42 Restoration

    Hey everyone, Been thinking about doing this for a while but would any one on here be interested in watching a Canadian dudes semi-professional documentary YouTube series on restoring a vintage Land Cruiser? I’m doing 99-100 percent of the work myself and will be uploading shortly. I’ll add a...
  14. D

    For Sale H41 4 Speed (3B compatible) PRICE DROP - $200

    I just swapped in a new H55F into my 89 BJ70 with 3B motor. The H41 that was in it is still in good working condition, was rebuilt by PO ~30K kms ago (which I have papers for) and gave me no problems the couple of years I spent driving with it. It's my opinion that this probably isn't worth...
  15. I

    3bt not starting

    I've been in Colorado for about 2 months and had some trouble starting it on cold mornings, after letting it warm up on the block heater for a couple hours, the batteries are not holding a charge when they get cold, so I've been jump starting it with my school bus and that worked fine for a few...
  16. T

    3B Freeze plug sizes

    One of my freeze plugs in my 3B has a pin hole in it, below the intake manifold, behind the injection pump. Does anyone know the size of those plugs or where I can order them from? Thanks in advance!
  17. Onur

    3B/13B-T Fan Clutch and Fan Upgrade

    I have been quite unhappy with the cooling performance of the tiny 3B/13B-T fan clutch and fan for quite some time. As such, I did some research. I picked up a 1HZ/1HD-T fan clutch as well as the appropriate fan assembly. This fan clutch is the black-base FC. As you can see, it...
  18. Crazjtk

    3B dies after sitting at idle

    The long and short: bought a BJ42 a couple years ago, it ran great when I parked it. I replaced the hand pump with the Bosch one as recommended. The fuel lines from the tank to the hand pump are new rubber. I have a return line from the engine back to the tank. Nothing seems to be visibly...
  19. AC BJ73

    BJ73 3b to 1HZ conversion

    Im getting conflicting info from different sources if this conversion would help me get up hills without slowing down. Currently with a 3B and thinking to make the upgrade. Some say definitely, some say not so much. Wondering if the extra cost will be worth it. Thoughts? The 3B has a blown out...
  20. PinkLemon

    BJ70 3B Injector Pump Leak

    I have read all the injector pump leak posts on here I could find and whilst some are very similar I couldn't find someone asking my exact question... There is diesel leaking out of the top of my 1985 BJ70 3B injector pump. I noticed it on the ground about a month ago and before I could find...
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