1. S

    For Sale  BJ60 fan shroud - Bend, OR

    Have a BJ60 fan shroud in good condition. Came off a 3b motor. Didn’t use it for my swap. $50 + shipping. Message me for more info.
  2. vinny tetravino

    Wanted  Vancouver Island 3b wanted

    Anyone out there have a old 3b core they wanna part with I need a 85 to 87 with the 5 bearing cam. Threw a rod and cracked the block, got a core for rebuilding and the machine shop took 3 Months to.tell me the block was NFG. So i have a full kit for the engine sleeves and all. Just need the engin
  3. theglobb

    3B Exhaust Manifold CAD file?

    Hey there, I'm trying to save as much money as possible on my turbo setup and was wondering if anyone had a CAD file of a 3B exhaust manifold flange as shown in the picture below. There were a lot of people posting links to them back in 2010-2012 but since that was 10 years ago all the links...
  4. theglobb

    For Sale  3B Valve Cover - JB Weld Special

    About a year ago when I was adjusting the valves on my 3B and being inexperienced etc etc, I over-torqued the valve cover which caused a fracture, which slowly leaked oil out of it (not an amount that would change your oil level, just made the valve cover look nasty in that certain area). Thus I...
  5. T

    Funky Chicken back with a vengeance

    So I’ve tried almost everything I’ve read on Mud. Still no luck. 84 3B 60 series. EDIC cycles every 10 seconds with accessories on (heater, lights, etc) doesn’t stall engine, just cuts fuel for a split second Cleaned all grounds throughly Replaced oil sender for gauge / Cleaned wire for oil...
  6. Jammo3

    For Sale  ROTARY Injector pump

    G'day everyone, I have here a rotary injector pump off a 3B up for sale. Part no. 22100-55201 Located NSW Australia. Can ship at buyers expense. Looking at $750 Aud for injector pump. Can also add fuel lines and old injectors if needed for an extra $100 Aud. Ran perfectly when it came off no...
  7. theglobb

    NA 3B EGT Temp Too Low?

    Hey there, I recently installed an EGT gauge all went well... I think, but I think like my temps are too low from everything else I've read online. It stays between 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit at all time pretty much, I was able to hit 700 for a couple of seconds when I ran it really hard from a...
  8. T

    Funky Chicken is back with a vengeance

    Alright. I had this issue once before on my 86 BJ60 - 3B, And i solved it by cleaning the ground between my frame and bell housing. However, now my EDIC keeps cycling to stop for a split second and then back to run. At idle with no accessories on, it seems to happen rarely. It persists more when...
  9. theglobb

    Best place for NA 3B EGT probe?

    Hey there, I recently got an Issopro EV2 EGT gauge for Christmas and was wondering where the best place to put it would be for accuracy and response time? The 2 places I'm deciding against I have marked in red and orange as you can see. So which would be better, or is there another better place...
  10. theglobb

    3B Glow Plug Timing Issue

    Hey there, around the start of August my glow plug timing started acting up, I could hear them go on and then back off almost immediately, yet the glow plug light would stay on for how long they would usually be on for. Then after a week, they started working normally again and would turn off...
  11. yaox0702

    BJ60 hesitates when accessories are on

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a BJ60 with 260k kilometers on it and I am a new member of the community. I posted under the 60 wagon thread already and they told me that I could get more responses here. As I drove it back from Ohio I noticed the engine hesitates on acceleration when I turn on...
  12. B

    SOLD  Package of parts/trucks 71, 78, 79 FJs and 1984 BJ60 Seattle Area

    I am at a cross roads as many people before me. Over the past few years I have accumulated parts and cruisers to build one from the ground up the way/condition I wanted one. But I severely underestimated the time needed to raise a newborn and maintain a house. I managed with kid one but now with...
  13. AlbertoSD

    For Sale  3B Power Steering Pump

    I have a power steering pump for a 3B engine. Might fit other vehicles, too. Very clean. I bought it from another MUD member a while ago. Asking $100 shipped. -Alberto
  14. Sykoslug

    Demolished 3B Piston Sleeves- what caused this?

    For all of the engine failure sleuths out there, I have a great mystery for you to help me solve. I finally got around to stripping the head off of my most recently failed 3b and can see the condition of the cylinders, bearings, gasket, etc. It's very interesting and I hope someone can tell...
  15. theglobb

    The "Red Rocket" Troopy Build

    Hello all! Around a month ago my father and I bought a LHD 1987 BJ75 Troopy, previously owned by 4btfjz80CO93 and imported by gilmorneau from France, to be my daily driver. Reading through Gilmorneau's for sale thread it seemed that people were interested in what would happen with this Troopy...
  16. Hugh Heifer

    FAQ  1988 BJ7X Radiator R&R - with pics

    There are a few threads out there about radiators for the BJ70 series and what to do or where to get them as they age. The clear solution IMO is to core your original. I recently discovered that my little '88 BJ73 was running hot and hated climbing hills. I overheated badly driving over Blowing...
  17. tannedbagel

    Toyota 3B lack of power at high speeds

    Hello people, I've got this 1984 BJ60 with a 3B that I installed a turbo on it. It's pretty hard to start but when the engine is hot it idles great! During accelerations it does pretty good until about 70kph, then it starts to feel sluggish and lacks power. I can bearly hit 85-90kph and if...
  18. theglobb

    3B Oil Filter Number

    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone had the oil filter number for a 3B motor for Autozone, Advanced Auto, NAPA. I live in the USA if that helps. Thank you!
  19. O

    Wanted  WANTED: BJ-42 Project (Massachusetts)

    Hello everyone, I’ve waited long enough and would finally like to purchase my dream car......a BJ-42!!! Please let me know what you have, and we’ll go from there. Not looking for a pristine one, but a project truck! Just as long as its not all rust 🤢. I’m located in Massachusetts but willing...
  20. O

    Wanted  WANTED: BJ-42 Project (Massachusetts)

    Hello everyone, I’ve waited long enough and would finally like to purchase my dream car......a BJ-42!!! Please let me know what you have, and we’ll go from there. Not looking for a pristine one, I dont mind doing work on it. Just as long as its not all rust 🤢. I’m located in Massachusetts but...
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