1. 04tree

    For Sale Alberta: TRD Supercharger for 2UZ

    Hi all, long time lurker parting with a complete TRD supercharger kit off my 2004 Sequoia. Charger worked fine and made boost when installed but I have not mechanically opened it up for inspection. I don't need the power, fuel consumption or complication with a new baby here so it must go! The...
  2. T

    1999 Toyota LC 2UZ-FE Knock sensor location

    I bought 99 LC this past summer. it has a check engine light on- for knock sensor. I have searched all IH8MUD site and internet for sensor's location. I looked on the driver side of the motor under the manifold and block. but didn't find it. does anyone know where exactly in the motor the...
  3. MattMurray

    Transmission fluid

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and this is my first post. My '04LC does not have a dipstick to check the transmission fluid level. How do I know if the transmission fluid level is correct and how do I check the condition of it? Currently with 137k miles. Was used normal driving not towing or...
  4. CHDAZ80

    GX470 water pump question

    Is it possible to replace the water pump without removing the timing belt and everything associated with it? I had the timing belt done 30k miles ago and should have done the water pump at the same time because now its going out. There is a ton of info and videos out there for doing both pump...
  5. K

    Anybody know where I can find a modified 2UZ-FE ECU?

    Hey guys, Anybody heard of a place that modifies ECU's for the 2UZ-FE engine that strips it down to the basic essential engine functions? I'm hoping for an ECU stripped of the immobilizer, emissions, and other uneccessary functions. Any leads? Thanks! -Kyle
  6. J

    100 series UZJ100 won't crank - . codes P0335 and P0340

    Hi all. My daily driver wouldn't crank today. Summary of vehicle: 2003 UZJ100R, V8 petrol with 5 speed auto transmission. The engine is a 2UZ-Fe 4.7ltr V8. It has 240,000kms on the clock. I've only had it since the start of this year, and I suspect the previous owner spent a lot of time on the...
  7. L

    For Sale 2UZ-FE non-vvti '02 land cruiser $900

    Selling the 2uz-fe out of my 2002 land cruiser. runs great. I've put about 3k miles on it generally got 12-13mpg around town and 15mpg hauling a small trailer, all highway to Canada twice. the LC has 330k but I was told the engine had 145k on it when I bought it. Doing a Mercedes diesel...
  8. cruiserjunktion

    Parting Out 2000 Land Cruiser N Fla

    Parting a 100. Email or pm for pics and prices. Deo
  9. 4RunninRecc

    For Sale 2004 Lexus LX470/2UZFE - Ontario,Canada

    Looking to sell my LX 470. Recently overheated, engine is done. It has almost 420,000km on it. I am really trying to avoid sending it to the scrapyard, it would be a waste. I don't want to part it out, you purchase the entire LX. Price is $4500. The good stuff: Body and interior are in...
  10. Workhorse

    For Sale 2006 100 Series drivetrain

    US spec 2006 UZJ100 complete drive train (engine w/computer, gas pedal, auto transmission, transfer case, with other pertinent bits included) Perfect turnkey opportunity for a swap or great condition low mile replacement 106,881 miles (about 9800 miles a year) video of engine running available...
  11. FZJ80 in KC

    Question about 2UZ-FE Motor

    So we are looking pretty seriously at buying a GX470 for Rachael (03-08 seem to be in the price range). They come with the 2UZ-FE, which I love, as they are pretty well known for dependability and hey, it's a Toyota, I should be able to work on it when anything goes south on it. Quick...
  12. A

    Cali frame but needs engine. Decisions, decisions….

    I'm a former owner of a FJ62, but now have my sites on a 2001 LC. I'm in the midwest so all I have been able to come up with are great running (as far as I can tell based on a test drive) rigs with an absurd amount of rust on the frame/undercarriage (not surprised). I was looking to spend $15k...
  13. sean2202

    Valve gap check on a 2uz-fe

    So pulling the valve covers off today to change leaking gaskets and checked valve gap on passenger side cyl 2 4 6 8 2000LC with 170,000. Valve Clearance per FSM cold Intake : 0.015mm - 0.025mm 0.006in - 0.010in Exhaust : 0.25mm - 0.35mm 0.010in...
  14. Matserelli

    Wanted 2UZ-FE Super Charger Kit

    Looking for a full trd super charger kit for a 99' Land Cruiser. If you got one, name your price. Thanks!
  15. mechanist

    2UZFE Swap

    A GX 470 has become available. The exterior is mostly destroyed, but the motor and tranny work fine so I'm going to swap them into my 1993 FZJ80. I've found other 2UZFE swaps, but none from a GX470. Is there a reason for this? What do I need to know going into this? How does the geometry...
  16. Hayabusa1340

    2UZ removal / Engine only or engine and trans together?

    Has anyone pulled out a 2UZ from a 100 series before ? Can I just pull the motor or is it better to take the engine and trans together? I'm thinking it might be hard to get it back on the trans later ? Also is it easier to undo it at the end of the trans rather than the bell housing ? Has...
  17. S

    For Sale US/CA TRD SuperCharger 4.7L for sale - refurbished with new MP90

    I bought this unit in early 2016 for my 2000 Land Cruiser, refurbished completely and thoroughly including new MP90 unit. Since then it has been sitting in it's packaging, waiting to be installed. But after much deliberation, I decided not to go through with the install. Will part with it for...
  18. Noel69

    Valve lash help

    I have a 2uz-fe engine which I have removed the right hand head. Unfortunately i didn't remove the lifters before turning it over and as a result all the lifters and shims fell out. i know how to do a valve lash but my question is. With all the lifters and shims out and no way of knowing which...
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