1. MrW

    Toyota 2L part search help needed!

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here on IH8MUD. I have been successfully wrenching (thanks to forums like these) on a few Toyotas ( 95 T100 5vz-fe w/ 459km on it, and more recently a 85 Hiace Pickup 2L with 92km) now for a while. I find much of the information here useful and I am hoping to...
  2. C

    2L-T glow plug operation

    i've got a 1990 hilux surf with a 2L-T in it, and i'm trying to diagnose why the glow plugs aren't heating very effectively. when i turn the key i hear the relay click, i get 10 volts to glow plug rail for about 8 seconds, then i hear the relay click off and there's no power at all. is this...
  3. Omoitsurugi

    2L-T Starter on last leg (1989 LJ73)

    So unfortunately my starter is going bad and I have to order a new one, probably the solenoid. Most days it will start fine, but on cold days when it takes that just little bit of an extra crank it will crank and then it sounds like the starter disengages from the flywheel and just spins freely...
  4. Omoitsurugi

    LJ73 - 2L-T Fuel Injectors

    Has anyone used the Fuel Injectors off this website? I mean its a difference between $300-$400 for a set to $100 for a set. Problem is it's DHL and won't ship to my FPO address (I think) but it's almsot a deal i can't pass up with a leaky injector already. Toyota 3L Diesel Injector 093500-4042...
  5. A

    For Sale LOW MILEAGE 1986 LJ71 SX5

    Hello all. Up for sale is my '86 Land Cruiser with 43k original miles. This truck is a JDM model and was imported to the States a couple years ago. Supposedly it belonged to one of Toyota's lead engineers in Japan and was purchased from his estate sale. A "major" service, which included timing...
  6. R

    1986 2L-T still a bit hot on highway - what should I do next?

    Dear all, I've tried to follow as much of the forum's advice as possible as I've made investments in my LJ70 intended to make it a reliable daily driver and expedition vehicle. It has been an expensive journey so far as I live overseas and have had to rely on other mechanics instead of my...
  7. R

    Pre-turbo EGT probe location? and fuel injector rebuild question - 2L-T

    Hi all, Coming from the VW diesel world where there is passionate debate about the merits of pre vs. post-turbo EGT probe reliability, my usual mechanic balked at a post-turbo install (he's a friend as well). Are there any easy to get to and robust locations for pre-turbo EGT probe installation...
  8. Dprio34

    Builds 2L-T vs 2L-TII LJ70 Build

    I am starting a new thread to prevent LJ70 owners from unneccessary suffering. My original 2L-T had 300,000 km on the clock and so I decided it was time to drop in a new engine. I saw a "2L-T" with R151F attached for sale in the next state over from a JDM Importer for 2K delievered to my...
  9. E

    2l-t cylinder head replacement

    hello, I will need to replace the cylinder head of my 2l-t (1988) Does anybody have experience with replacement heads of the manufacturer AMC? Many thanks for sharing yr experience
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