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  1. Beehanger

    Wanted  SoCal 1FZ/ or 4.7 2UZ or 3FE with stock trannys, parts

    Swapping my fj60 that has a tired 2F. Looking into builds options for these engines and wanting to purchase lower miles preferred and good running condition. Would purchase the right one right away. Dan
  2. Kostanay Corch

    1FZ-FE Carbon Cam Cover Turbo

    Lamination with real carbon fiber carbon. I decided to try to make the lamination of carbon fiber with my own hands, this is my first difficult detail. I build a drift korch from an old Opel Omega b with a 4.5 l inline-six engine and a manual transmission from a Toyota land cruiser 80 . The...
  3. Clunka Junk

    SOLD  Sandy, Utah 1997 LX450

    1997 Lexus LX450 (non locked). 207,700 miles total. Approximately 10-12k since engine rebuild due to spun rod bearing. Rebuilt in March of 2018 i believe? And has warranty until March of this year. I've had it since January 2020. Since I bought it, I have had the knuckles rebuilt, serviced...
  4. D


    Hi guys, I changed the valve seals in my 80 series 1FZ FE in the truck including cylinder 6 without pulling the engine or head. We have made a video on youtube showing the process of changing the seals. I hope this helps If you guys do not mind please give me a thumps up on youtube and if...
  5. K

    1995 1FZ-FE No Heat? RHD UK

    Hi, My LC is a 1995 RHD VX Model 4.5 Petrol. I have been struggling working out why my land cruiser does not have any heat, not even luke warm. The car came into my ownership January 2018 and since has had no heat at all, its as if cold AC is set to on all the time. The front water valve...
  6. D

    Fz obd 1 trouble code 12, how to fix?

    Hi guys, so I think I have finally gotten to the bottom of my no start up idle issue. I’ve gotten a code 12 after learning how to read the trouble codes. This code I believe means the engine ecm isn’t reading engine rpm. My question is, what can I do to remedy this? Where do I begin to look for...
  7. D

    Start up idle issue, troubleshooting

    Hi guys. I’ve continued to have trouble with my idle on start up from cold. It’s a 94 1fz fe. I’ll give a little background which may help a bit. It was running fine until one day my vaf meter door blew open and jammed, ever since then I’ve had idle issues. on first start up the idle the engine...
  8. P

    Parting Out  Parting Out: 1997 40th Anniversary Long Beach, CA

    In the beginning process of parting out a 40th anniversary edition, NO F/R Lockers. Front seats already gone. Dash gone. Many under hood components gone, but will sell the engine as a LONG BLOCK. About 375,000 miles on it, machined the head about 7,000 miles ago and the cylinders / pistons...
  9. S

    For Sale  Parting out '96 Fj80

    Have various parts from fj80 for sale including many interior parts (tan/dark brown) door panels, window motors, wall panels, floor heater, etc. Also selling tons of mechanical parts including 1FZ engine, transmission, transfer case, wheels, frame, and so on. If you don't see it listed, ask me...
  10. Chachi254

    FIXED!! High-pressure fuel pump circuit won't activate on it's own - installed manual high-pressure circuit switch

    — Thanks to @satchel , this has finally been fixed! Hey Mudders, Revisiting this issue a year later. I'm having an intermittent high-speed fuel pump circuit break that I need advice with. I had posted about this a while ago in another thread before I realized the issue was related to an...
  11. M

    For Sale  Pennsylvania 1996 Lifted Triple Locked Lx450

    Trades or 8k cash. Vehicle sits more than it’s driven. We don’t live near enough places to enjoy this vehicle. 182k miles. Triple locked. All the normal landcruiser maintenance stuff has been done and it just got new brakes and a brand new dobinsons flexi 3” lift. $1500 lift. No cheap stuff all...
  12. M

    For Sale  1996 Lexus Lx450 Triple Locked

    Less than 182,000 miles. Raptor liner paint job. Several maintenence things done including a brand new pen power steering pump. New spark plugs and wires new distributor and rotor new pcv valve new oil pump seal new belts new air filter and oil done less than 1000 miles ago. Tires and battery...
  13. jjdeneen918

    For Sale  Idle control valve

    removed from a 1996 Lexus LX450 with 108,000 miles. Will fit Land Cruiser 80’s too. 1FZ engine. Part # 22270-66011. $50 shipped.
  14. Q


    G'day folks, i have a bit of a dilema and i did try using the search function and google images but i cant find what im after. So i drive a 96 fzj80 a442f auto and i moved the cable for the auto throttle kick down and the cable came unhooked. Now i cant figure out for the life of me how to hook...
  15. offroadvegan

    The Math isn't lining up

    So when my oil light comes on, I am just about exactly 1 Qt. low. Oil light has not been on in a long time. Dipstick looks good (although sometimes it reads waaay over F). Just completed an oil change, and decided to measure the amount that came out of the pan. According to this pic, I only...
  16. Arabian Cruiser

    Fzj80 Front Heater Core Delete

    hi guys, have been searching this topic for a couple of days now and I'm either using the wrong terminology or there is no write up on it but I need some help. Heater hoses have started to leak and deteriorate and its time to change them. Living in the middle east don't really need the heater...
  17. My FZJ100

    My FZJ100

    With high performance N/A engine.
  18. brakasha

    Wanted  1996 1FZFE Engine Wire Harness (#82121-60343)

    if anyone has the engine wiring for 96 tlc that is still in decent shape (heat shield not warping/sloughing off, no exposed wires or cuts, etc), please let me know. i don't know how easily this harness can be repaired/spliced/patched, but i only really need the bit that runs under the intake...
  19. F

    For Sale  fzj 80 parts, Daily drivers

    Newbie to i8mud but long-time cruiser owner. Not sure where to post Sioux Falls area Time to thin the heard., I have a 97 cruiser, body totaled, mechanically all there, no lockers. runs drives and stops. 200,000 miles. no rust, t-boned on pass side, 95 cruiser white, rusty, lockers, zero...
  20. Benjamin Ebrahim

    FREE  [LA] 1FZ-FE Engine Parts

    Looking to get rid of a bunch of 1FZ-FE parts I've been sitting on. Tore down off 1996 FZJ80 parts engine with blown headgasket. I can provide more recent pictures upon request. ALL $5 - Plus shipping or local pickup Everything FREE - Local pickup preferred in New Orleans, LA Lower Oil Pan -...
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