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    For Sale  TRD Rock Warrior Wheels - Ontario, Canada

    I have 4 TRD Rock Warrior wheels that I am interested in selling. They are from 2008 so have seen some wear. One had a slight crack that needed welding and at some point they were plastidipped poorly, which resulted in a heavy clean-up. Although they have been put through their paces, I...
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    OME suspension

    Put 200kgs in the back, and a 100kg bumper on the front and it won't sit higher in the rear.
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    LX 570 street / mud

    That wouldn't turn very well...lots of rub. Probably installed for the pic then taken off. Can't see someone successfully driving around for any time with that tire and wheel combo.
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    Wire color code

    Model year?
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    Transmission Leak

    Diagnosed the problem further. Transmission oil pan gasket was fine. It seems the leak was coming from the transmission oil cooler and/or thermostat. Couldn't tell, the two are bolted into the side of the transmission together, just above the front end of the oil pan. Replaced some O rings...
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    Transmission Leak

    ...More of a sweat, but it is dripping. It appears that 55,000 miles and my transmission pan gasket is sweating. There are drips mostly from the front. Not happy. It isn't due for new oil till 60,000 miles, but I will be doing it next week with a new gasket. I'm worried, should I be, or...
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    I want this LC!

    6400 lbs and less than 300 tq and only 155 math isn't good, but from what I compute = no thanks. Maybe as a rock crawler to haul the hockey team to remote frozen mountain lakes for practice, real world...silly. I never liked the Hummer either. Silly vehicle sold to the US...
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    DT Long Tube Headers

    I had my truck in to do short DT headers for 48 hrs. They charged me $450 CDN, or like 5 hrs labour. No problem doing it, just need small hands and patience. I supplied headers, gaskets and all hardware (some stuff is not recommended by Toyota to be reused). Not sure how much long headers...
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    ARB Sahara bar OR TJM Winch bar bumper

    Gives a wee bit better departure angle too. Easy install too.
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    Front coilover comparisons

    Just googled 'Seattle 4x4 shop'...came up with 7 shops within the Everett and Tacoma area, on either side of the sound (one being ARB - not sure if that was a shop or not though). I would give any one of em a call. Tell them your rig and install. See who's interested. I'm sure one of them...
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    ARB Sahara bar OR TJM Winch bar bumper

    Great find. That is such a nice bumper and carry all for that truck! It would be great to have something like that for the LC. I think the ARB is fugly, but functional. The Kaymar bumper is a much more visually appealing option on our rigs. I wish I still had my Kaymar!
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    Front coilover comparisons

    Icon and Radflo are similar. Not sure what you mean by 'pivot', but if I guess, your Icons are fine. I believe the 'pivoting' you talk about is there for fine tune adjustment of the coil over in the shock mount. Thoughts: You have dramatically changed the rig from stock...there will always be...
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    My 2014 LC

    LOL...that's usually my first answer.
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    Dreaded Puddle of Oil!!

    Due to a lack of responses, I will add my $0.02... I think your rig is messed!!! I have only had this happen to one vehicle and owned and operated many used and new. My outcome was to eventually sell it back to the dealership I bought it from after hours and hours of repair. Their outcome was...
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    My 2014 LC

    Good to hear! Glad the issues worked out.
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