Zero Rust

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Mar 24, 2005
Anybody have experience with this stuff?
How does it compare to POR-15?
Doesn't some one on the forum sell it already tinted?
and yes I did the "search"
I'm planning on taking the 'cruiser down to bare metal via sand blasting and wanted to know the best way to prep it.
I'd like to know as well. Did you see ZR on CCOT's site?I wonder if POR-15 comes in a can too?
this has been discussed on the board a lot since i joined, so i am guessing if you search the forum there will be a lot of info on it. from what i gathered, ZR is much less labor intensive. Less prep work needed as well.
I like RustBullet
I like RustBullet

How long have you used rust bullet? I've got rust bullet and I've put it on a few pieces so far and I like it. Very easy to put on. Does the stuff work?
I love ZeroRust. It is easy to use, reasonably priced and puts down a nice finish that also can be top coated. I read somewhere that Hummer uses it as a military spec finish on the frames. It comes in colors, not sure if it could be tinted. I have used 2 qts of white and 2qts of black, plus several rattle cans of red oxide, black and white. To spray in a HVLP it needs to be thinned about 20%. In an airless it can be used without thinning. It is pretty thick. The best part is the surface doesn't have to be perfect. Just get the loose stuff. 2-4 coats depending on thickness and your good to go. I have always used the prep stuff they sell for cleaning before painting.
I've used ZR on a lot of pieces and they have turned out nicely. Easy to apply and is fairly durable. Also easy to topcoat if you want something more glossy.

I'm also thinking about giving Rustbullet a try. Lots of people swear by it, but IIRC it only comes in grey so it would have to be topcoated.

Good luck.
I have had Rust Bullet on the truck inside and under the wheel wells since last summer. I like it because preparation requirements are reasonable (POR15 on my husband's truck is coming off after two years despite extensive prep work :frown:), and it goes on smooth and dries real hard. No idea how well it will hold over time.

I used the website and ordered direct, but you can also get it through Amazon. As for the other products - ever heard of Google? :flipoff2:
1973Guppie said:
I used zerorust, like it a lot, great product. do a search, this has been discussed in length........
My mistake. Searched under "Zero Rust" (two words) got nothing.
Seems it's under zerorust as in one word.:doh:
How's one to know to search under a typo.
I've used zero rust on quite a few projects and it has held up great. You can usually find it in an automotive paint store, about $40-$50 a gallon.
I use Zero Rust quite a bit, partly becuase you can buy it in spray cans and partly becuase it seems to be less toxic to the user than a lot of other anti-rust coatings. It also requires little prep as others have mentioned.

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