Yet another Holley Thread (Sniper + Hyperspark Install Info)

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Nov 29, 2020
Wausau WI
Definitely not a how-to by any means, but did manage to finally edit the first bit of footage on the "self-assembled" Sniper install as well as a bit of a few into how the Hyperspark fits in. I do have about 1k on the setup so far (video is old), so far been pretty darn happy. There's more on the wiring cleanup, etc, once the tub goes on as well.

I'll try to do a few follow up posts on some particulars as I get time as well, so this is a bit of placeholder/home:
  • Distributor setup/mods
  • Tuning maps (timing + fuel) and nuances
  • Controlling the charcoal/evap electrically via the Holley
  • Screen mounting
Just watched the video, the quality of your work is inspiring. Which hyperspark did you end up going with?
I used their Jeep I6 distributor, but had to lightly modify it to fit the 2F gear (shaft was just a touch large) and adjust the gear height (was a touch short from block to cam)...I also used their CDI box and their coil.

Distributor (Jeep Flavor)

The hadn't yet released the distributor version for the Chevy 250...that version may be even closer to fitting, but I'm not sure offhand, as I've never had hands on one. The tang does look longer, so probably similar work to adjust that spacing..and not sure if the shaft OD is correct either. My hunch is that it probably also may need very minor tweaks, but they're super simple distributors - really just a shaft with a shutter wheel up top.
Chevy 250 Distributor

(Edited - the wrong dimension for the Jeep one was the collar height, not the tang's been almost a year since I did the mods. 🙃 )
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