Vacation Advice Needed for GNP area

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Dec 16, 2011
The wife and I are flying in to Kalispell for the first week of June. No plans. No lodging yet. This was supposed to be a fishing trip to somewhere else for me but it turned into this. We're looking for a cabin on the water somewhere, preferably with a boat. Obviously, we feel the need to hit GNP but I'm not sure how much hiking my knee is gonna let me do or if the snow will be gone yet! Yes, this was a last minute, seat of the pants purchase that I haven't yet researched much (not normal for me).

Any thoughts on lodging, weather, fishing, etc are much appreciated. Do any of you live around the area? We've gotten used to meeting Mudders everywhere we go. FYI - I do not fly fish anymore and I don't care to start again. :)
First week of June, runoff should be in full swing.

Try Flathead Lake for some fishing, might be dirty on the north side.

Glacier will still be snowed in, Going to the Sun road will more than likely still be closed.

You should be able to get to Avalanche Creek area, it would be worth it for sure.

You don't fly fish so I'm not gonna be much help, and runoff will be raging anyway.

Flathead lake is going to be your ticket, check out Big Fork also.
Thanks for the info. I know we’re screwed by the dates but there was no option.

There is still plenty to enjoy, you won't be disappointed.

Enjoy Glacier before the big crowds show up, hike some very scenic trails without 1000 other people.

Kalispell is a city, just like every other city.

@mrsleeve is local to that area, maybe he can point out some local stuff to get into.
if you wanted to travel south abit, into the Swan area or further south towards Seeley.

@Bret is in the area of Kallispell and might have more insight.
I think they did get GNP cleared to Avalanche, the drive to Polebridge can be pretty, you may be a little late for cabins on the lake, I will keep an eye out on Facebook. Assuming you are already checking the Air B&B, etc. there is a rental place just North of Lakeside on 93, not sure on accommodations. There are a couple fishing charters that run out of Somers on the North end of Flathead. If you have a canoe or kayak there are some very clear lakes on Hwy 2 towards Libby. You could also run around on Wild Bill, it is a close OHV trail system. Could rent ATV or Side by Side if you prefer that kind of recreation. There is still a bit of snow there though. There are a couple websites dedicated to "What's going on in the Flathead". If you find something in particular to rent and need more info we could check for you, just let me know. But there is generally stuff going on from Polson to Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and Bigfork. Just depends on what you want.
That makes way more sense! Was hoping someone wasn't trying to bamboozle you. 😀
The Two Medicine area is beautiful and will be open. You'll also be able to get into Many Glacier which is well worth the drive. Early June is actually my favorite time to visit the park.
Regarding fishing, you should read up on Duck lake. There’s a lodge there and the fishing is legendary.
Bring your passports and venture up into Canada.
A nice drive is the interstate that skirts the south end of GNP and then up past St. Mary's Lake and into Canada and overnight in the Crows Nest Pass or Fernie and then back Kalispell.
Or, north into Canada and over to Cranbrook and back into the states through Idaho and then back to Kalispell through the silver mine country of N. Idaho and W. MT.
Every thing is gorgeous. Your US$ has $1.35 of spending power in Canada.

Rent an SUV and wheel it like you stole it.
Sorry I am late to the party...........

HUMMMM 1st week of june... The area is not SUPPER busy yet so lodging should not be too much of an issue, but expect summer rates and no deals at any of the major hotels.

As mentioned the park is going to be slowish as the Sun road is open to Avalanche Creek, and though they have not in recent years but in the past opened up too the loop area by memorial day, though there is a bit more road maintenance being done preseason than in years past. . So you can get to Avalanche lake you will likely hit snow before you get to lake. Camas road is open so there should be some decent hiking out towards huckleberry Mt, and some wild life. If you get a decent rental (NOT little economy car) the road to Bowman lake is open though I have no idea how snowed in the tails up there are going to be, though I suspect even though we have had a bit of warmer weather snow shoes may be needed. Also there are plenty of roads free of snow out in the NF west of the North fork of the flathead river that you can go explore till you hit snow, then dismount an hike further up the fire roads. Also as mentioned many glacier is worth the drive and open but I would suspect many of the trails the start out of there are going to still be snowed in before you get to where you want to go. I have not explored much around two medicine, but again I would think there would be snow issues on the trials as they climb out of the valley. HWY 2 along the south end of the park is a fantastic drive and there are lots of places to pull off and gawk on both the park and NF sides of the road but again snow is likely going to be an issue in the Marias and Sky land areas, and likely around the essexs gate to the park as well, but I have not been home or up that way since early april and there was still a ton of snow

When I left for billings for work about a month ago, the West side of hungry horse reservoir was starting to clear of snow and you normally can get a good ways out that way by the 1st week of june, the 1st 12 or so miles are paved after you cross the damm, and from there on its rough, as is east reservoir road but IIRC the east side will get you deeper into the back country as the FS guys push the snow off that side early to get again lots of hiking opportunities as there are lots of fire roads that are gated or other wise blocked off to motorized travel but can be hiked for MILES. Down in the Swan river valley south east of big fork there should be lots of roads and trails snow free in the 6 mile creek and bear creek areas.

That should be enough to keep you busy for the month of june..... I would sugest focusing away from the park or the less travled areas of it like the NW area and west side like huckelberry Mt area out along the North Fork if you dont want to deal with throngs of people. Likely see few other tourists along the Hungry Horse, and even fewer down in the 6 mile creek area, other than a few locals looking for Moreals and a few ever increasing hippster millennials looking for the perfect instagram expierance to post and geo-tag to ruin for the rest of us, there should be much few people
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Well, we came and went. Had a blast doing the few things we did. More pics will come later once I find the SD card from the camera. Met @Bret and Dolly for dinner one night then followed them down to Missoula for a recovery class hosted by these guys...


Caught some of these on Flathead...

Ate a smaller one for dinner...

Had a great view from the house...
Hope you enjoyed your stay! If you pass back through be sure to give a yell. It was great chatting with y'all.

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