Tires: Federal Runway Enduro MT???

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Aug 7, 2009
Maui, HI
Hi forum... im in the market for some tires and debating if i want mudds or All terrains... im choosing between Falken High country all terrains or federal runway enduro Mud terrains... ive seen reviews of the A/T's but has anyone tried out those enduro mudds?? theyre really cheap and look pretty nice but i wanna fiind out how well they hold up before i even consider on purchasing them... i have a 94 FZJ80 locked that i use as a DD and mild wheeling on the weekends and thinking of running 285/75/16 on the stocky rims ... or if anyone has any advice on wut tires i should get as u can see my choices are kinda budgeted ... those falkens and enduros run under $700 new...

thanks in advance.... and by the way i love this forum!! pretty much on this everyday at work :D
I've never been a fan off brand tires. Not to say many on here haven't had good luck with them, but warranty issues can be a problem, especially if you are very far from the dealer that sold them to you. Personally, I would stick with a more well known brand that can be purchased in just about any town. That way if you ruin one, you can quickly get an exact replacement and be on your way. YMMV
I purchased the Firestone Destination M/T's simply because they are a mud tire that rides like an A/T on the pavement. They are quieter yet more durable and have great grip. On all sites that there was a review this tire consistently ranked higher than all others.

Taken from the review site:
"The Destination series tires also feature Dura-Loc construction that combines 3 full polyester body plies, 2 high tensile steel cord belts and a full nylon cap ply for amazing strength and durability. Firestone's exclusive UNI-T technology was also added to improve wet handling and braking. Interestingly enough, the Destination M/T's also come pre-pinned for studs for even more traction in icy, winter conditions."

4X4REVIEW.COM: Firestone Destination MT

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