tank fill for mark's offroad tank

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
I had local old time mechanic install the very nice Marks off road gas tank using all the parts that came with it. the tank is great, but the tank fill is a mess. The accordion fill house slows the flow to the point I can only press the handle until the flow just starts and the fill neck is vertical, so the handle has a very hard time sitting.

Anyone got suggestions on better set ups? Who do you go to to fab a new fill line that's smooth, who makes a better fill neck?

My Marks tank has a smooth hose.
I would call him and talk to him.
I have NEVER offered an auxiliary fuel tank with an accordion-type filler neck hose, and I have never HEARD of anyone else offering one either. I have never even heard of that type of hose being manufactured for fuel use. AFAIK, accordion hose is strictly for coolant. I would be VERY concerned [and I am] to hear of a fuel tank being installed with a flex hose.

I strongly recommend that you have this looked at by someone...other than the guy that installed it for you [IOW, a second opinion from someone who can LOOK at the hose and evaluate it.

As to the broader question, I have occasionally run into a filling issue, and have hand-fabricated a metal elbow in order to ease the transition from diagonal to horizontal in order to minimize the backpressure issue.


Mark A.
Thanks for the info, I will look into what happened right away.

My apologies to Mark, he is right that the installed swapped out the fill neck hose. "But the problem does not appear to be the house, but the fill neck housing. I know I saw a thread where someone replaced the one provided by Mark with a better one, now I can't find it.

I actually used the filler neck from a 40 the same vintage as mine so both the original and aux. look the same.

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