Swapping thirds. Flange question.

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Oct 23, 2011
Central Oregon
Picked up some 4.56 v6 thirds @ the u-pull-it to swap into my 1st gen pick-up. Was wondering what is the easiest way to hook up my drive shafts ? Should I unstake the pinion nuts and swap flanges with the 4 cyl. ones and hope I don't mess up the backlash? Redrill the v6 flanges, seems difficult? Or can I go back to the junkyard and get the matching v6 driveshaft flanges, pickup some new u-joints and put them on the 4cyl. drivelines? Swapping to the v6 driveshaft ends seems like my best bet, from what I can tell they use the same u-joint, and I could sell my 4cyl. thirds.
The easiest way would have been to get the driveshaft slip flange from the donor. The splines are the same and you can swap the V6 yoke onto your shaft.
if the holes don't line up (pretty sure they do.....)

just drill new holes. Just put the drive flange on the third turn it and drill. Pretty easy ... I had to drill out.my.front output flange on my tcase.to accept a 2wd yoke..

I don't recommend changing the flange if you're not familiar with how the pinions are setup. If its a.crush sleeve in there you have to be careful not to overtighten the nut.
Cool thanks for the replys. If I don't make it to the junkyard this week I'll probably redrill them. Seems like some thick metal. Can you do this with diff in the truck? I'd think the angle would be tough.
I'm pretty sure they are the same pattern.

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