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SAS #4 Color Choices

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Apr 1, 2004
Ouray KOA campground circa 78~81ish? I used to love going to Ouray and that campground. Road trip in an FJ40 softop, my sister and I sitting in the jumpseats, seatbelts whaaat? :eek: I remember there was a hill we always climbed to get to the front and we always walked over to that ditch to play in the water.

A young FJBen getting his haircut.....with a bowl.....on vacation...:oops:

My mom assures me she was pretending...I've seen my hair from then, not buying it mom!


That was our 76 or 77 FJ40 she thinks. She is going to try and find some more photo's from the trip. We did that trip every couple years. The sad part is that they repainted it that color :oops:, yep a few year old FJ40 repainted that blue. She said it was a brown or beige color.
So I'm pretty positive my parents painted a 5ish year old FJ40 in Beige 464 to baby/robins egg blue. :slap: They have previous owner syndrome. I'm sure for good measure they cut the radio hole out to install a CB from radio shack and used scotch lock connecters to do it. :frown:
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