Resetting an original odometer

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Me personally…that 3700 prob doesn’t have much reference…I’d set it back to zero, especially since you are rebuilding it.
YAZAKI Test's the new clusters for a kilometer or so ............

so my take is set it to this below :)


download (4) - Copy.jpg
It's illegal as f*** to tamper with odometers - not that that has stopped me from doing lots of things like de-smogging and etc. :)
Drive it backwards
I’d set it to 99997.5. Then, you’ll know if all your dials are functioning correctly in 2.5 miles when they all roll over to 0.
I usually set mine to last known mileage and document it. Or close to that mileage where a few driving miles will roll a few of the wheels over.
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It's a 5 digit odometer. No material difference as that could be 3700 (doubtful beyond belief) or 137k or 237k or more. I recently rebuilt my 6 digit FJ45 Troopy odometer and was particularly careful to document the restoration to the exact mileage. As a potential buyer (which must be the only reason for the question) I would much rather see what you consider to be the original mileage rather than a reset to "0". But that's just me.

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