rear window trouble...

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May 13, 2009
southeast wisconsin
i have 87 4runner, the rear window will go down sometimes with the switch, goin up is another issue... but what im tryin to figure out right now, is why the key part doesnt work... like can i roll up the window when the gate is open, so i can work on it, or would i have to sit in the back with the gate up... czu i dont know if the problem is inside the gate, or is if something thats in the harness else where thatll prevent the key from rolling down the window... im not good with the whole electrical part, but if i can get ideas on where to look and what not ill be fine!!!! so any kind of help would be great and again thanx ahead of time for the help
If you want the window extended with the tail gate open, first open the tail gate, place a table or other type stand a foot or two from the tail gate for the window to rest on when it extends so it doesn't fall onto the ground. Then take a Philips screwdriver and press into the latches so they toggle on both sides of the tail gate to simulate the tailgate is closed, then open/close the window as needed.


Jerry D.
Boy, you and me both. I can go up and down with the console switch, I can go down with the key, but I can't go up with the key. I recently replaced the key switch and it didn't resolve the issue. I suspect it's in the harness, but I haven't had time to take it apart.
alright this has helped out alot, especially that link, i found out the majority of my problems was due to that little switch, turns out i was missin the bolt to push it down, and i also didnt even know that there even was a switch... now the window opens and closes with the rocker switch, and it closes with the key... it doesnt open it, but it does close it.... im happy with that... so once again thanx for the help, greatly appreciated, and next time i have an issue i need help with, ill be back on this forum lookin for it or postin it
I am trying to figure out why my buddy's 1990 4runner rear window wont roll down it was working perfect the other day from the key and the switch. Took the panel apart on the gate from the inside because its stuck in the up position. The red wire has power when switch is in the up position, but green wire has no power when trying to go down. However... I do hear the relay clicking when trying both up and down.
What coud this be?
Has anyone had a broken wire in the loom?
not that i know of, but i have a similar issue, i think i have a broken wire in the system... i havent looked yet so i dont know... my issue is that im not getting power anymore, so im just makin a new switch that runs from the battery to switch than switch straight back to motor... granted im going to have to be careful while rolling the window up and down
Must make note of this thread and the links in it. I'm getting a '95 4runner that has rear window issues for a cooler of beef.:lol: From my brother's description I'll be looking for hardware bits rather than electrical ones. OK, so the rear window is maybe the least of it's issues. The power steering pump leaks like a sieve.:eek:

Any good links on tackling rear window hardware issues?
Thanks jerod I will try clean off the contacts with sand paper. How much are those relay boxes new from toyota? haha just curious..
if it is the little slides on the bottom of the glass, i ordered one from Toyota a few years back, i need another one now so i will be giving cdan or beno a call, once i get some funds.

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