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Apr 24, 2011
15b with 60 gearbox detroit locker front / rear with 2.5 ton rock axle / 44 inch michalin xzl in unimog wheel
Aug 18, 2014
United Arab Emirates
Hello, I'm a British Columbia Cruiser head. I own a 1980 FJ45 Long Wheel Base. I have a major problem with the 2F Motor (due to my own stupidity) and seeking advice. I believe the Block is cracked. Now, I'm wondering if it is worth looking for a 2F or would it be fairly resonable to switch it to a 3B Diesel. Or is it worth selling. It has Brand new Master brake cylinder. Any Reply would be greatly appreciated.
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I have the same car in the UAE but any idea where is can find then ? I would like to know if there is any garage work shop where i can make my car new with new from inside and outside please


Mar 31, 2005
Ft Leonard Wood MO (as of 15 Jan 14)
My work in progress..

-12AT installed, but not fully running yet.
-NV4500 installed (will work well when running)
-Shackle reversal (2.5" leafs in front, rear to be adjusted after Spring over and new axles)

*Plans include:
-- adding FJ75 front and rear axles (front is 8" high pinion with armor and ARB, rear is FF with factory cable locker).
--Custom rear, front and side fenders/armor.
FJ45 on Miramar (2011).jpg
FJ45 on Miramar (Jan12).jpg
FJ45 on Miramar rear (Jan12).jpg
FJ45 12AT view (Jan12).jpg
FJ45 axle change.jpg
Jul 30, 2015
Papua New Guinea/USA/UK
Hi from Papua New Guinea! Here's mine, recently acquired free from a friend of a friend who just wanted it moved off of his property. The data plate says it's an FJ45 made in May of 1979. It's a general export market model. It's got a 2F in it, but I'm having trouble getting it going as it has sat for so long that the guts are full of rust (somebody stole the oil filler cap off of the engine long ago). I don't think the engine is going to go without a full rebuild, so in the meantime I think I'll put in a good running F135 engine that I have. Just for now until I can resurrect the 2F properly. The bed on the back was locally produced and is what is known here as a "coffee tray" because trucks like this were (and sometimes still are) often used to haul coffee beans out of the bush and to the coffee buyers. I have since removed that tray and have plans to fabricate something else. I'm kicking around the idea maybe doing a spring over axle conversion.

Can anybody tell me where I might be able to get parabolic springs? I have parabolics under a couple of Land Rover Series IIA 88's that I have and I like them pretty well, but so far haven't found any for LC's.

I'm not sure how long it sat, but there was a 20 foot tall tree growing through the frame when these pictures were taken a few months ago. Thankfully it seems to have lived most of its life in the highlands and not down at the coast, so the rust isn't too bad.

Jul 11, 2010
1982 hj47 troopy in Arizona, US.
Originally from Australia, 2H Diesel rhd.
I just bought this. Rpm gauge doesnt work and fuel gauge either. Cant seem to move the 4wd shifter from 2h to 4h or 4l. Seems stuck.
Anyone know what books I can get for this model inorder to try to repair it. It runs and shifts well on 2H though. Thank you!


Oct 16, 2003
San Diego, CA
Hello Folks,
Here is the 1980 LHD HJ45 I just bought. It's got a 20' paint job and ready for a frame-off. I'll post the following question in the regular section, but I've searched and googled for low back seat options / sources with not much luck. Any suggestions? Many thanks, and I look forward to this journey!


May 29, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
well, not exactly and fj45...but close!
Brought this girl home on friday. took a little bit of love to get going (starter motor issues), but she's a beauty. nothing but surface rust and all the usual spots are clean, still has original paint.
just need to remove some horrid PO wiring and get it back to stock.
undercarriage looks like it's only 10 years old and everything feels smooth as.
apparently it was brought back from outback NSW and has been in storage for the last 4 years...all the diff/box/xfer case oils look like they were changed last week. pretty happy :)
came up nice with a clean!

09/84 HJ47. 464 dune beige
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