Need a heater for the shop

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Sep 27, 2004
I recently built a 40x30 with 14' walls. Concrete slab. I need a heater and am looking at these two . My main concern is safety. I saw someone mention watch out for CO2 levels when using a heater. Which one would you go with and what would be safer? If I was using it, the doors will all be closed, so the CO2 levels would need to be safe.
If you want something that you can get a lot of heat fast without too much CO2...get a good contruction site convection heater.

I have infared heaters, but it's radiant heat that takes a while to warm things. I use the propane one to get the place up to temp quick and turn it off. It will drive you out if you leave it on too long...
I agree ^^^
Ours has a woodstove, but this is the go to unit.
Look up top hat propane heater,

Lots of different models most burn propane

From a construction workers aspect these are the cleanest burners to be in the room with
Grainger carries a smaller Dayton 25,000 btu unit, works fine in my 20x50.

both of my garages are heated with used oil furnaces running off 5 gallon cans .they heat up quick and just set the stat and be done with it .this came about after being in the hospital with a torpedo heater many years ago .
If you don't open your doors too often, how about overhead radiant heaters? Radiant heaters heat the floor and it also is improved by heating the metal of the vehicles you are working on. Its what a lot of aviation hangars use. Not sure how much $,
I would think it's too late, but if I was redoing a shop floor. I'd install in floor radiant heating, from my understanding it is very inexpensive to run over the long term

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