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Nov 6, 2006
Boulder County, Colorado
I have been clearing junipers, oak and elm saplings, and brush from under and around a huge old live oak tree on our place, the oak tree must be 100-200 years old, the circumference is huge - way bigger than I could possibly reach around. When I first found it, you could barely walk around it, the underbrush was so thick. After cutting and burning a good part of the fall and winter, and pruning the big oak, it is getting nice enough to see the potential. Here is a photo of it last winter while burning a pile:

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So today, I drove my tractor down a 4-wheel-drive trail, down a steep hill, and across a small creek to get to the oak and mow all around the cleared area with the brush hog. There is grass growing already, I hope to make it spread and thicker, and keep the saplings and briars from coming back by keeping it mowed fairly short. My wife wants to have her birthday party here in August, and my youngest daughter is going to get married here in October.

I was a little worried about getting the tractor and brush hog down and up the creek banks. The creek bed here is a flat sheet of solid rock, and the water is only a few inches deep, so the only problem was the articulation of the brush hog on the three-point hitch, and traction on the somewhat muddy banks. I made it over just fine and got everything mowed, but coming back the other way I couldn't get back up the bank, even in 4WD and with the rear diff on the tractor locked. Too much mud, a small rock ledge, and not enough traction with the ag tires on the Kubota.

A 1/4-mile walk back to the house to get the 40, drive it to the top of the hill, and rigged a straight pull with the winch line of the mighty 8274:

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Started the tractor and put it in neutral, then walked back up to the Cruiser and winched it up:

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The 8274 pulled it right up without slowing down or any complaint - it's the best winch I've ever had by far.

Once I pulled it out of the creek and about half-way up the hill, I set the hydraulic brake on the tractor, rigged down the winch line, strap, and shackle, wound the line back on the drum, moved the 40, and drove the tractor the rest of the way up on its own power.
That's just good livin!

Yep....Sometimes tractors just needs a little help......My Samurai has helped to get mine up the icy hill after clearing the range.

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