May POTM- Cochon de Tere

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Oct 31, 2002
Kennett Square
Well…I call it Cochon de Tere (~Land Pig) don’t know why, but I thought it needed all the help it could get. If your squeemish, turn of your puter and run away now, because this is not a swine beauty contest winner. I wish I had more progress to report on and what I do have to say is that I am a dumbass. You’ll see why soon enough. Allright the particulars…I bought it ~ last Augustish from Wayneraintree (Jeff) who picked it up from Cineault (Richie) who parted it out pretty thoroughly and was on the verge of sending it off to the crusher. Jeff swooped in for the kick save…acquired some bits off the carcass and moved this poor piggie on to me. Me…what was I thinking…well in short, my other pig ( is far too nice to wheel (IMHO). I feel that way about the rest of the crap cept my 73 40. Although, I am thinking of cleaning it up as it is basically a good solid act. So, I said to self get something you can wheel w/o worry. Enter Cochon de Tere.

Missing were many many things…so after it was offloaded and wrestled to it’s current location (no steering column makes for added fun manuvering), I compiled a list of bits and began scrounging. That exercise took me through the cold months to get completed enough. Then late March/early April with bits-o-plenty in hands, it was go time. Steering column, instrument cluster, center dash and all related electro bits installed. The block and head for the most part were there and attached…so, the intake, exhaust, carb, dist., coil/ignitor, and all other attendant systems were installed and fiddled with. Then one afternoon in early April, I looked at it, it looked at me and well there was enough stuff hung and it and connected up (hopefully appropriately) to give it a spin. I snatch a decent battery, hook up the charger on start mode dumped some gas down the carb and turn the key. Little SOB came to life…much joy. Cut the euphoria short (after @ 1min if that) because I didn’t have the belts on and no water/antifreeze in it either. Crankcase full of oil…I’m a dumbass not an idiot. The following weekend arrives and belts are slapped on and the glycol infused. Dump some gas down the carb and turn key. She fires again and I let her idle while I fiddle with wires trying to see whats what re: the temp and oil pressure gauges…both not doing squat. So, I figure, I ran it at idle for @ 15 minutes whilst I fiddled. During the fiddling, I felt the top and bottom rad hoses and didn’t like what I was feeling (top hose hot, bottom hose nuttin) and shut it down. Turns out this was the dumbass part…although I didn’t know it at the time. I turned my affection to another area needing attention in order to make it a mobil pig. Mobility is key for me to be able to advance any real progress as work space is jammed up and musical chairs with Cruisers must be played. I went down underneath installed the drive shaft and confirmed there was nothing in the rear pumpkin except a memory of a locker. (and rear gears to need list).

The following weekend I set about to nail down and fix the oil pressure and temp gauge and apparent lack of coolant proper circulation issues. New temp sender, new thermostat installed and voltmeter in hand….I turn the key to much dismay. It sounded like someone was striking arcs with a stick welder in the engine bay and the motor…she no turn. I’m a dumbass remember. So that was like two weeks ago and I’m living in denial….but that sucker is locked up tight. I pulled the distributor, inserted my oil pump primer tool and using the drill at lowish..say idle speeds, spin the pump initially. Nothing even vaguely sounded or felt like oil was being circulated. Now I am self realizing, I am a dumbass. OK full throttle on the old drill and after about 2 minutes it all of a sudden bogs down and I begin to hear oil circulate and gurgle. Mr. dumbass is now hopeful. But this is/was too late…she locked up good and proper. So, now I am sitting here figuring on how to get the motor out of it (where she sits) then move said motor over to asphalt to where I can put it on the engine stand and begin to undo my stupidity. I have a plan…which is not necessarily a good or safe thing…but a plan none the less.

The short/long term plan for Cochon de Tere is simple and keep it simple stupid. It is to be wheeled. So, I have acquired some big fat meats (35x16 or so x15), the 225x75x15 bald dry rotted rollers that were on it just wouldn’t do. It has thereabouts a 4” inch lift that will do fine for now and into the foreseeable future. The roof will get new metal welded in. The bottom will be attacked by the cut off wheels (one in each hand ala Edward Cut off wheel hands) and sliders will be installed in lieu of rocker panels and other such lower sheet metal. The rear sill will get metal. Probably some metal in the floors so my fat ass doesn’t fall through. Some metal for the front fenders and aprons and at some point a squirt of Kawasaki Racing Green Paint. (Always wanted to put that color on something) All aformentioned steel replacement and body work will not be done to any exacting standard or quality…just needs to be structural and serviceable. I will have to keep reminding myself to back off on this piece…old habits die hard. Well enough of my drivel and whining….and on to the pics of this poor little piggie. Also feel free (besides laugh at me) to offer up suggestions, ideas of things to do to it as it returns from the dead. Besides wheeling at Rausch, it will also see time on the sand as Assateague….so chopping of the top is out as I don’t want to become skeeter and horse fly bait ! Those suckers take a big piece of your flesh !
Pics...first of it's illustrious arrival
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next some of as is where is, also showing the attempts used to roll it over...notice the engine crank, pipe wrench and birfield separater tool for added leverage..
engine bay with too little too late oil pump primer tool inserted ....:doh:
some beautiful rust porn....
whats not to love...
Well that's about it for the photo porn. I was hoping to have it at CMCC, but the little mistake with the motor will set me back....maybe ECPR :grinpimp:
This rain all weekend is not doing squat for progress :mad: However during this time of semi sober reflection, I have my plan nailed down for motor extraction where she sits. Those 8x8 posts supporting the deck go 11/12 feet in height. I'll mount a 2" sched 40 pipe to them to attach the hoist to and snatch it out. Drop it on the front deck of the Gravely Pro16 two wheel tractor and move it in side where I can snatch it and put it on the stand and undo the crime. Jeff, are you coming east for CMCC or just the ECPR ?
Need any sheet metal :) ? Maybe some rear quarters? Fenders? Rockers? Roof? Floors? Rear sill? Tailgate?

Am I missing anything?

I thought mine was bad before I started but you definitely have me beat!!
the wrecked body in my driveway is in better condition;)

good luck on your build:clap:
Finally the rain subsided here in the Philly area. But I did not get around to extracting the motor. Started feeling like crap on Friday and still a little s***ty today.

Yes it is a project for sure and I do have lots of sheet metal, air nibbler, cut off wheels, sawzall, mig, and some imagination at times. Also, have another swine across the country for parts robbing, but big bulky metal bits don't make sense to ship. Besides it will never be a beauty queen. Here is a pic of the parts pig in Portland, O (body, frame etc.. in better shape to start with than Cochon's) if anyone sees anything they need...(also have bits stashed in a container) front bumper, glass, misc stuff shoot a PM.
After a few weeks going through the 10 step process (denial, remorse, etc...) and after giving my wife and daughters ample time (IMHO) to pluck that motor, rebuild it and reistall it for me (was thinking a good fathers day present), I have faced the reality that it won't get done unless I do it. So, a few pics after spending a few hours prepping the patient and of my rub goldberg extraction set up. Probably bring the whole deck down. It'll get plucked out this weekend and well see just what carnage i was able to inflict on this poor bastid. :lol:

Todd- kudos on the progress, but you're scaring me with that engine pulling rigging.........Gary S

PS- will be at CMCC and the pig run
Motor is out, and the deck is still standing. Gary, I was also a little uncomfortable with this set up, but had to give it a try due to space/manuverability issues. For the put back, I'll be moving it inside where you recall, I have one giant I-Beam to support the weight. After a partial looksee at the bearings....#2 main bearing was the culprit....very bad. Rod bearings so far OK and pistons not seized in their bores. Not torn all the way down yet but that is what I've seen thus far. Probablty a stretch to have it together for CMCC.
Upate....well the motor went to the machine shop awhile back and ended turning the crank .010. Number 2 piston scored the cylinder wall so that bore went to.020. Other than that everything checked out pretty well and cleaned up nicely...a little honing, little resurfacing and a fair amount of $$$'s. I brought it back from the machine shop yesterday and thought I'd snap a few pics before I had it all buttoned up again. Progress is slow but it is progress no the less...
...and a quick shot of the cleaned up engine was too disgusting (even for me) to put a nice new motor in there.
After 3-4 hours of wrestling, me (and dog) vs engine install with the trans and tcase already in, know I know why people pull them all out, motor is in. Had a scare the previous night as I went to adjust the valves. From TDC, I could rotate 90 degrees in one direction ...then clunk..bring it back to TDC rotate in the other direction 270 degrees then clunk. Sounded like some big metal colliding down low...resonated some in the oil pan. Dropped the pan, the casting of the new Melling oil pump was hitting the crank by No 3 rod. Pulled the oil pump machined a little of the cassting down, reinstalled it and it's all good now. Buttoned it back up and here was we stand right now. The only thing I am waiting on to complete is the sheave for the PS pump. Should be here today or tomorrow. Ran a bunch of errands this AM and I can kill a few hours putting all the misc stuff back in and around the motor, so when the sheave will be go time.

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