LX450 "Timebelt Light"

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Jan 16, 2006
I am a owner of Lx450! Just few days back i had a problem with my lx450 ..On completing 60000Km its TimeBelt light turned on ! I heard that its Timebelt light turn on at 100000Km

Now i want to ask will it effect on engine? or will it decrease the life of engine? or nothing to worry TImebelt Light can be turned on anytime?

Iam a new user here if i choosed the wrong section to post this thread so moved accordingly

edit: i have HDJ80
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The 450 doesn't have a timing belt and I'm not aware of the truck having that light. Does the light look like an engine? If so that is the Check Engine Light and a code needs to be pulled from the trucks computer to know what is wrong.
HDJ80 questions will probably garner more responses in the int'l forum.
Sounds like a Diesel issue. The timing belt should be pretty easy to change. Check on the International section of the forum.


1FZ-FE engines have a timing chain.
Tapage said:
thanks .. so I thought no replacement needed . ?
Generally no replacement needed on the 1FZ-FE.
i have a diesel engine and abt my location iam Living in Pakistan !

i tried other forums but everyone re-directed me to this forums ..:)

soon iam gonna edit my Sig so everyone else can know abt my Location :)

thanks for replies Guyz ..appreciated;)

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