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Sep 21, 2009
Steamboat Springs, CO
Sorry to see this. I had purchased a half tub 2nd hand from another mudder a few years ago. IT had originated from LCH. IT was junk, completely useless. I sold to someone with some metal skills but even it exceeded what he could handle and I ended reimbursing him some funds to make it right.

Hopefully some character/integrity will make it right for you. That's a ton of coin.


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Sep 11, 2005
Ashburn, Va
For most on this forum, it isnt unknown that Land Cruiser Heaven is a reseller of FJ40 replacement body panels from Colombian manufacturers. When I made the initial trip to Colombia in 2015, I was approached by various members on here to find other options for 40 series panels, which we did; and because of that I have sold tons of sheet metal. And if you search you will find mixed reviews some good some bad. But you will never see a review where we have not resolved the issue. Either they got their money back, or the part was replaced. If you had dealt directly with the manufacturer good luck getting any of that. That is the difference with dealing with a US based vendor than with an international one, remember PACOL. I bet there are still people waiting to see their products or even seeing their money. In numerous situations, I have refunded or replaced parts out of my pocket with the manufacturer not doing a thing. Doing business in Colombia is very different than doing it in the US. We provide a service where we sell aftermarket sheet metal not available from Toyota or even manufactured in the states; and lets be honest if Toyota still sold it you wouldnt be buying from me or anybody for that matter. We bring parts that are normally not available anywhere else.

This sole claim on this full tub construction is the reason I will no longer be offering for sale third party constructed full tubs. It is a total pain in the ass. This is different than the individual panels we sell. They take all the panels and an original cowl and construct a full tub. The factory I used in Colombia promised quality and craftmanship and obviously this isnt the case and the end of the day its all on Land Cruiser Heaven. I stand behind the Land Cruiser Heaven name and will provide a resolution to the customer like I have always done, even if the manufacturer wont honor their end. In any international business, you will always have these type of issues. These tubs are built using all new sheet metal and the only original item is the cowl which gets refurbished. Most of these pictures are of the cowl. Constructing these full tubs takes time. The customer in this case will have a resolution like any other customer.

Since the customer has come on here I will reply here as well. I was initially contacted by the customer on Friday morning (06/14/2019) with this claim and replied I would speak to the factory with their claims and forwarded the pictures to them. We have a process set in place for these type of issues and they will get followed. On Father's Day Sunday, Customer replies demanding money verbally quoted by his body guy to resolve the issue. He didnt provide any sort of formalized quote documenting the work needed to be performed. All he said it was $3000 Euro, which is unsubstantiated. He gave me an ultimatum that if by Monday I hadnt given him the money he would move forward with lawyers. If he is looking for an agreement where we remedy the issue then he would wait for due process. I am merely a middle man in this situation and like I have always will be responsible in resolving the issue if the vendor doesnt comply. I replied to his email the same day, stating that he was free to proceed how he saw fit that if we wanted to find a resolution we needed to be patient and follow the process. That he needed to provide a quote of the work to be done and why it was $3000 Euro. I understand he isnt happy and I wouldnt be either but if we are trying to find a common ground we must be open to that. Land Cruiser Heaven isnt avoiding resolving the situation. Its passed Monday so I will wait for his lawyer to contact us.


Nov 2, 2005

Just having a bit of fun with you since most folks misspell the country name.

I understand your point. It seems to me to be far better to only sell items you already have in stock ready to ship, and to have detailed photographs of those items to show the quality or lack of it. That requires an inventory as an expense of doing business.

Why companies offer to sell items they do not have and why people put forth money just to wait unreasonable amounts of time is beyond me. I hope I never find myself in either position.
Aug 16, 2015
Not much good comes out of doing business with a vendor out of Colombia it seems. Been there, done that.

I will say I bought 70 series half doors from Frank years back and he delivered as promised so my statement above isn’t about LCH.
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