is this a good buy?

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Aug 1, 2020
Hello, I'm looking at a 1983 fj60 that has 230k miles, arb bumper, custom rear bumper, OME lift, desmogged and previously owned by a mechanic who sold it to the guy I am buying it from due to a lawsuit. The current seller is letting go because he has four vehicles and is looking at buying a house and wants to have more cash. I'm checking it out today and if i like what I see I will get it inspected by a mud recommended shop. I have some pictures and would love some input on the rig!




more pics


Said it needs the AC compressor installed, and the roof rack attached, and there is a oil leak from the engine that wasn't enough to bother him. New electronic fuel injector and carburetor too, don'tknow the brand on carb but the injector is holley.
How much?
I tend to not believe anything the seller says, it almost always bs.
Superficially it looks good to my eye. Wheel wells don't look rusted, frame (from what was shown) looks good. Paint job is personal taste but it ain't original. The arb bumper, tuffy console, aftermarket seats are all nice value adds. The roof rack is no bueno. IF this thing is in daily driver condition mechanically and you like the paint job it might be worth that to you. If you're looking to flip, don't bother.
If the frame is as clean as it looks in that one picture and if the bed liner paint job isn’t hiding a whole bunch of suspect body work it looks like it’s not a bad deal. $11k certainly isn’t unreasonable but I’d be looking it over very thoroughly. It’s full desmogged so depending on your state it could be a problem.
The one near Phoenix? I don’t know anything about it other than it’s been for sale for FOREVER. I’m not saying there’s a reason no one is buying it, but I would make sure it’s looked over really well. If I remember right, I spoke to the guy a while back about some parts, and he seemed like a nice guy.
I'll stick my neck out here and say that this is probably a good deal. A lot of work has been put into this vehicle. Looks like possibly shackle reversal on the front springs. I say this because it looks spring pins are in the front. But aftermarket bumpers are not cheap, OME is one of the best aftermarket suspensions. The seats are recovered with quality aftermarket cover...probably Specter Off road brand. The carpet looks newish. The paint job while scary to some may be just to cover up the old faded original paint or lots of "pin stripes" from four wheeling. If you're worried about the paint job covering up rust my advise would be to get under the truck and look at the floor closely where it comes close to the doors and rear wheel wells. Rust in this area corresponds with rust in quarters and doors. The steering wheel is aftermarket but original one could be picked up off a parts truck easily enough. The center console between the seats is aftermarket but superior to the plastic cracked original.

The engine bay looks cleaned up from the de-smog. Nice to not see all that spagetti vacuum lines, abv, etc. Not sure what you mean that it is carb AND fuel injected unless it has a holley sniper. Just looks like a carb to me. Anyway, drive it! If it runs well w/out overheating, goes into 4wd hi and low, I think you would have a nice truck.
I've seen a lot worse for a lot more, especially these days. Check out the rust underneath like g man says and if it looks ok, offer him $7500 cold, hard, cash in hand. I bet he takes it. Then run the piss out of it.
As with all its worth running a carfax to see the vehicle history. even if no problems pop up you can get an idea for how many times it has changed hands etc.
her's a better buy...
Denver 60

Another one to look closely at. Looks like a lot of rust bubbling on the edges and corners. Paint looks really good from a distance but I always worry about resprays and rust bubbles that seem to form under them.
As represented, the price isn't way off, but bedlinered bodies give me the creeps. I would look hard at the roofline and gutters for evidence of bedliner being used to cover up all sorts of rust and badness. I would also expect that vehicle to drive and perform very well at that price, and not need a ton of repairs.

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