Identify FJ40 Air Conditioner?

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Jul 23, 2016
Little Rock, Arkansas
Hello Detectives. Can anyone out there tell by this photo what the model/brand of air conditioner unit was in my rig? It's a 1981 model. All of the other equipment is still installed. Only the evaporator/blower is missing. I would like to locate one and reinstall it. There are no existing temp or fan control knobs in the dash, nor holes where they may have been. Also, obviously, the heater is still in. So I'm guessing the unit included the control knobs but did not operate as a heater too. Thanks for the help.
Image 7-31-16 at 10.05 PM.jpg
No ac. Looks like standard heater setup.

Prob used to have some sort of vintage system thenoj out swapped back. Or just pulled out the OEM unit.

Those hoses are definitely not OEM though.

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