Howdy, I'm new! Wanted to say hi. About to purchase a 2000 100 series and wanted some opinions (1 Viewer)

Jul 23, 2008
Some of you might take this the wrong way or possibly say Hellll yeah.....but it seems like the folks attracted to the LC and this forum have what I would simple call having a high standard for proactive maintenance. My 300k unit probably has bad CV's and flanges, rides horrible because all the bushings are shot, its rusty as hell underneath, etc, etc. It does however never fail to get me anywhere I want to go. I put good tires on it and make sure the brakes are 100%. It is the most reliable and solid vehicle I own despite not replacing things when they're not broken but only worn from normal use. My fuel economy isn't that bad in comparison to what I read because I haven't added a thousand lbs of bold on stuff.
I’d kind of agree here, but with excuses.

many of these LCs could indeed be driven for years without some of the pm many of us invest. The ride might not be what it used to be due to worn shocks or bushings, it might clunk when shifting from R to D, etc., but often you could get away with minimal work and it would just keep going and going.

IMO there are two reasons many of us obsess with pm. One, many of us use these things as off-roaders, overlanders, whatever you want to call them. Bursting a cooling hose or cracking the radiator you chose not to proactively replace 100 miles away from help is a much bigger deal than doing the same on the way home from work. Two, we’re enthusiasts about the car. We know how good they can be and probably do more than us financially justified as it’s a bit of a hobby.

Dovetailing with those, LCs are so reliable that it can change your perspective on proper maintenance. If I had a Chevy Tahoe sitting at 200k miles, I’d likely invest almost nothing in long term pm because it likely would be wasted money. With an LC at 200k miles, however, the frame, engine block, and many of the structural parts are probably good for another decade, plus because the Car is essentially a collectors car, good ones will still have value in 5+ yrs. It almost changes your perspective on “consumable” parts where radiators aren’t parts that break, they’re consumables that you replace every 175k miles as if it’s a really long life oil filter. A Tahoe I’d be maintaining to squeeze every last dime out of its miserable life where an LC I’m trying to maintain its value and reliability.

They’re just different. Paradoxically, the fact that they are so reliable makes you want to spend more maintaining them.

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