land cruiser 100 series

  1. FZJDoc

    For Sale  2002 UZJ100 Land Cruiser Charlotte, NC 182k

    Hi All Bought a 21 so need to move one. Otherwise I'd keep on trucking in this. Would save for my son but 7 years is just too long to hold onto. I believe I am the second owner. Out of Arkansas originally and now in NC. No rust issues. Frame is in great shape. No rock crawling but have taken...
  2. Anas89

    Vehicle not moving - please help me out

    I have a Land Cruiser 100 series 4.5 6 cylinder GCC specs with an A442F transmission. I purchased it from a relative eight months back and since then it has been about troubleshooting a different issue every other day. There was no maintenance history and the car was a complete mess. A while ago...
  3. MarkoTLC

    SOLD  Seattle, WA: Michelin Defender LTX 275 /60 R18, Set of 4

    Factory tire size for the 100 Series Land Cruiser (1998-2007) Top of the line all season SUV tire. Great on and off the road. 70,000 mile warranty with approximately 50% tread remaining. Next owner can purchase Replacement Certificates from Discount Tire for a small fee. Asking $200 Retail =...
  4. moe khan

    For Sale  For Sale

    Here i have my beautiful 2005 Lexus LX470 with only 149k miles! I am the second owner which i purchased from the original owner who was a well off man that took care of it like no other. I had the opportunity to take it off his hands and baby this car the way i baby all of mine. Its in...
  5. tflippi

    SOLD  Austin, TX 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Hi All, I'm putting my 1999 LC up for sale in the coming days and thought I'd start with this forum before a more public link in case any locals were interested. More interior/exterior photos to follow. Please reach out if you're interested in seeing the LC or making an offer. I'll get a...
  6. MacAttack7

    For Sale  2000 LC 100-series - Northern Virginia

    First post! Please let me know if I need to edit anything/move to a different part of the forum! 253K miles with a number of pros and cons. It will need some amount of work, but it has great bones (it's a Land Cruiser!). I haven't driven it in more than a year, other than a mile or so here and...
  7. wscully

    Howdy, I'm new! Wanted to say hi. About to purchase a 2000 100 series and wanted some opinions

    I currently live in Oregon and my fiancé and I do a whole lot of dispersed camping in our Prius. It's served us very well, but we're upgrading! We've been out too many times down a forest road and not been able to get where we wanted to go. After considering the Tacoma and 4Runner for quite...
  8. 1EB5FE8F-54EE-45F4-A5DC-DE1A49A6C88B.jpeg


    1999 Land cruiser FOR SALE . Mileage 297,000 .4x4 and rear differential locker work great .Brand new cooling system ,water pump, spark plugs and much more I’m in the Houston Texas area ,for more info go to. Thanks ...
  9. H

    Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series , Lexus LX470, Toyota Sequoia First Gen

    Hello, I'm in the market now to look for a new car since my sister will be taking the one I am currently driving (2014 kia forte) so I've been researching on something I could use and rely on for a couple years. I grew up overseas and every house had either a LX470, Land cruiser, Sequoia or...
  10. L

    SOLD  Rims & Tires for a 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser

    I am a newbie to this world and very excited. I have just procured a 2001 Toyota LC that came with shoes that are a bit too small. I am not going to be doing a lift for a while. So, I am looking for some rims and tires that will fit without rubbing or making major mods. It will be used weekdays...
  11. calebshane

    For Sale  Looking to trade my TRD Supercharged TUNDRA for/toward a 200 series

    Looking to trade my TRD Supercharged TUNDRA for/toward a 200 series (gx460, gx470 plus cash, 4th gen 4R w/4.7 plus cash, Prius plus cash, manual tacoma 4x4, plus cash). See details and contact info in craigslist post please...
  12. R

    Is this a good buy?

    I am considering breaking into the land cruiser world with a 99 LC deluxe with 144k miles. It seems clean enough on the inside and in pretty good looking condition. The catch is it comes with a rebuilt title- a quick inquiry revealed it has a new grill, radiator, fan, and headlights from...
  13. Jody Meade

    For Sale  Scranton PA-2002-LX470 Transmission

    For sale is an 02 Lexus LX470 transmission with torque converter included. Part has 130k miles on it and is in excellent working condition. Part is located in Northeast Pennsylvania right outside Scranton. $900 AND IT'S YOURS. Will ship but you pay freight.
  14. D

    SOLD  Bend, OR: WAAG Brush/Grill Guard

    I have this WAAG Brush/Grill Guard that I took off a 1999 100 Series Cruiser. It is in perfect structural shape and has a little rash on the left side (as seen in pic) that could be fixed with a little touch up rattle can paint. All original hardware and no rust. $175
  15. G

    For Sale  Mission Viejo, CA/2004/100 SERIES/LANDCRUISER/ORIGINAL OWNER

    ORIGINAL OWNER 2004 Landcruiser (100 series) - 110k miles - Great Condition - $28,500 firm/as is. Send me your email address and I will email more pictures (only 5 allowed here). Comes with all listed below (no substitutes or subtractions - please do not ask). Accessory Upgrades New ARB...
  16. GKCreighton2020

    Newbie 100 series

    I’m just starting to build my family’s 2000 LC 100 series. Has been in my family since 2002, has 264K miles, and has been well taken care of for many years. I learned how to drive in this and now I own it for real! Feel free to suggest modifications and accessories. I am looking to upgrade the...
  17. averye

    100 series oil pressure gauge not working

    My oil pressure gauge in my 2003 Land Cruiser has began to read no oil pressure or very little at all, but I have checked multiple times and my car is full of oil. How do I fix this?
  18. U

    No boost

    Hi Guys, I’ve got a 2004 Land cruiser 100 series with a 5-speed 1HD FTE engine. I had noticed the engine light come on randomly and then switch off by itself which then lead to me inspecting the oil dipstick. To my surprise the oil was very low, however the engine did have a few leaks through...
  19. S

    Help with paint number

    I am thinking of repainting my Land Cruiser and this specific light blue color got me interested, I’ve looked everywhere online, I have even contacted the dealers, non of which helped out. Turns out this color came on specific GCC models and was a unique one.
  20. MattAussie

    For Sale  Charleston SC- 2003 Land Cruiser

    Clean title 2003 Land Cruiser for sale. I purchased a 2016 LC- so the 03 needs to find a new home. $15K. NO DEALERS PLEASE- I want someone to buy this truck who will enjoy it themselves. ~180K miles. Every option available- including rare side curtain airbags (was a pricey add-on in 2003). White...
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