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Sep 28, 2016
The old start should have damage easy to spot, if you dissect. If it was truly your issue.

Typically a starter going bad, act differently in that we don't typically hear loud scratching noise. The no start "starter was quiet" what is typical.

Common signs of bad starter:
IG key turn to on. All lights of dash come on (system testing), then most off as normal. Turn IG to start, lights of dash dim, and nothing happen NO crank No sound.

I've seen starter drives falling apart, still no sound. It could make a "loud scratching noise', but not common

Here's one, that was not the typical contact and plunger failure point. The vehicle had remote start, and for years it had starting issue, before brought to me for a starter job. I suspect the remote start or operator of, engaging start, while running (many times)!
View attachment 2491394

Very often during timing belt job, crank and or cam wires, not properly routed or secured. Post some picture of front of engine down LH side (driver side), may be revealing. In this one, serpentine belt rubbed on crank sensor, oil sending unit wires that were not routed properly. Sometimes the cam sensor wire get rubbed also.View attachment 2491404

Another very common mistakes during time belt job is not properly topped coolant. Was the radiator fill to the very top?

Was intake manifold gasket install with proper orientation (white tips up and out)
View attachment 2491412

A less common issue is not torquing bolts during timing belt job. The T-belt tension can be seen and checked easily form below. Internal failure of belt jump, can be seen, by removing timing belt covers. First and easiest, is by removing the BK 2 cover.

Here's what I'd do.
1) Make sure every thing connected properly. As you've done. But giving us clear pictures to double check, can't hurt.
2) Check that throttle body butterfly operating properly.
3) Check for spark.
4) Compression test.
Thank you are pics of front, drivers & passenger sides...I have arrows in the DS pic showing I replaced 2 PVC hoses & The T joints near the firewall...the T joints crumbled they were in such bad shape. I removed and cleaned the Throttle body and confirmed the butterfly is working properly. I tried starting it today and as soon as it turns over it will die. I did not smell any gas fumes today. Thanks for your time and input...



Aug 17, 2020
likely in the salvage yard
What ever became of your problem? Did you figure it out?
Looks Kind of interesting
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